This Category is a collection of Schools, Academies, and individuals that offer training/instruction in Stage Combat. Stage Combat is simulated (or acted) violence or combat used for television, movies and the stage/theatre.

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The Academy of Theatrical Combat
Contacts, photographs and description of techniques.
Bankeside Schole of Defense
Historical stage combat school, located in Southern California, is dedicated to the study of European swordsmanship with an emphasis on Italian 16th century rapier fighting; members are involved with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California each spring.
British Academy of Dramatic Combat
The grandfather of many modern stage combat organizations. Located in the UK, its 34 year history has been devoted to raising the standards for safety and professionalism.
British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat
Workshops and other training for stage combat for dramatic and film presentations; photos, membership information, events schedule.
Fight Directors, Canada
Contacts, news of forthcoming events and the benefits of membership.
International Order of the Sword and Pen
Organization provides workshops and other training in stage combat; membership and contact information.
The Noble Blades - Stage Combat Troupe
Based in Reston, Virginia, The Noble Blades is comprised of the Reston Players, who also teach stage combat techniques.
The Ring of Steel
Provides in-house workshops, choreographs shows, and maintains an aggressive performance schedule in a wide variety of public venues.
Roberta Brown
Westside stage combat and swordmaster. Information on classes offered in stage combat and theatrical fencing at Westside Fencing Center in Los Angeles, as well as film, television, and theatre projects worked on by Roberta Brown.
Samurai Action Studio
Japanese stage combat and stunts school for movies, TV, and stage shows.
Swordplay Fencing Studio
Tim Weske's Swordplay, located in Burbank, California, provides training in theatrical combat for film and television as well as Olympic-style fencing.
Swordplay Stage Combat
Dedicated to stage combat training for actors in the New York Area.
The Sydney Stage Combat School
A school dedicated to the study, practice and development of Stage Combat in Australia. The SSCS works with the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc (SAFDi), to offer world standard, internationally recognised courses in modern Stage Combat for theatre and film.
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