Act!vated Story Theatre
Theatrical Storytellers perform at school assemblies, library reading programs and other locations across the U.S.
Amatneek, Bill
Storytelling with musical accompaniment. Program descriptions, reviews, and contact information. Mill Valley, CA.
Anderson, Lance
Performs primarily for adults. Biography, video and audio clips, event listings, and contact details. North Hollywood, CA.
Aoki, Brenda Wong
Stories of people living between worlds, whether in folklore or in Hapa/Mestizo culture. Biography, info about performances, recordings, and awards.. San Francisco, CA.
Arnold, Sheila
Storyteller and historic character interpreter. Programs, schedule, testimonials, info for teachers. Hampton, VA.
Ball, Patrick
Celtic harper and teller. Biography, reviews, performance schedule, news, and contact information. Sebastopol, CA.
Banda, Masankho
Dancer, Storyteller and Massage Therapist from Malawi. Classes, performances and workshops. Oakland, CA.
Bates, Davis
Performances and workshops for children and families. Event schedule, program information, classroom activities, reviews, and contact details. Shelburne Falls, MA.
Behling, Karl
Stories for all ages. Performances, workshops, teacher training, and residencies available. Program descriptions, and contact information. Kaysville, Utah
Binder, Mark
Performs for children. Biography, published works, event calendar, audio clips, and contact information. Providence, RI.
Black, Judith
Storytelling for children and adults. Biography, articles, newsletter, event schedule, and contact information. Marblehead, MA.
Black, Sue
Storyteller, writer, teaching artist – Sue combines her passion for telling stories with her delight in teaching students and their teachers to tell and write stories.
Blanchard, Elaine
Storyteller, Spiritual Retreat Leader and Public Speaker. Speaks on women’s issues and the process of community building.
Bonins, Glenda
Specializing in K-12 residencies and community programs. Program descriptions, performance schedule, reviews, and contact details. Tucson, AZ.
The Book Fairy
Storyteller and children's entertainer who visits schools and libraries. Based in Texas.
Born, Camille
Medieval legends, original historical stories for middle school students through adults. Mahomet, IL
Brachfeld, Renee
Performs stories and songs from the Jewish Tradition with musician Mark Novak. Biography, schedule, program descriptions, and contact information. Washington, D.C.
Brother Wolf
Storyteller Eric Wolf of Yellow Springs, Ohio, describes his storytelling projects and work.
Brown Tones Productions
Storytellers in WA State with a historical portrayal of Harriet Tubman, the most renowned conductor on the Underground Railroad. Karol Brown portrays Harriet Tubman as a 92 year old woman sharing her stories. James Brown as Brother Ely.
Buckner-Barnette, Ina
Stories with participation, movement, and music. Program info, performance calendar, reviews. Los Angeles, CA.
Bumgardner, Scott Hill
Professional speaker, storyteller, and cowboy poet. Poems, biography, reviews, story list, event calendar, and recordings. Houston, Texas.
Burch, Milbre
Teller and teacher of storytelling to adults and children. Biography, program descriptions, articles, performance schedule, and contact information. Columbia, Missouri.
Burrows, Derek
Teller, musician, and educator. Tales from the Caribbean, The Bahamas, and Africa for children. Biography, reviews, program descriptions, and audio clips. Boston, MA.
Buvala, Sean
Storytelling Coach with 25 years experience serving businesses, nonprofits, teachers, and parents. Available for keynotes, workshops and presentations. Arizona.
Carney, Kate
Offers storytelling from the lives of real historic women, in New England and the Northeast. Provides workshops in role-playing, storytelling and creative drama for adults or children.
Christensen, Patti
Programs for all ages offering songs and participation. Oceanside, California.
Chung, Alton
"Opening the Heart and Healing with Story." Asian folktales, ghost stories, and true stories of Japanese-Americans in WWII. Vancouver, WA.
Claflin, Willy
Performs with puppet Maynard Moose at schools and festivals. Calendar of events, performance descriptions, testimonials, and biography. San Francisco, CA.
Conrad, Beverley
Legends and lore of the fiddle and fiddlers, regional "true" ghost stories for all age groups. Performance schedule and biography. Snyder County, Pennsylvania.
Cox, Allison
Storyteller, editor, and educator. Biography, program and story descriptions, articles, event listings, and contact information. Vashon, WA.
Crackerbarrel Entertainment
Husband-and-wife duo of Tom Callinan and Ann Shapiro presents "Imagine Menagerie", a collage of participatory tales, told with music.
Crocker, Gary
Humorist and storyteller. Provides history, local stories, audio clips, testimonials, and contact information. West Gardiner, ME.
Daugherty, David
Costumed storytelling for children using props. Biography, event listings, photographs, and email. Marshalltown, Iowa.
Donoval, Nancy
"Good Art About Hard Stuff." Storyteller, Story Coach, Consultant. National Story Slam Champion 2010. Biography, Info about programs, keynotes, workshops. Minneapolis, MN.
Dooley, Norah
Offers storytelling for schools, libraries, festivals, keynotes and celebrations. Includes information, fees and outlines. Massachusetts.
Doty, Thomas
Performs stories from the American West. Daily journal, event listings, biography, fee listing, audio samples, images, and on-site workshops and class descriptions. Ashland, Oregon.
Dudding, Kate
Programs for children, families, and adults. Short stories, images, program descriptions, biography, and contact details. Clifton Park, NY.
Dunn, Debbie
Storytelling Performances, Storytelling Workshops, School Residencies, and Staff Development for Teachers. Mosheim, Tennessee.
Edgecomb, Diane
Storytelling, experimental and traditional theatre programs for adults and children. Biography, event listings, program descriptions, and contact information. Boston, MA.
Embodied Expressions
Sita Lewi offers public storytelling events, parties, organizational team building storytelling, school programs and motivational speaking. Based in Texas.
Eshu and Motoko - The Folktales Network
Motoko Dworkin and Eshu Bumpus, Storytellers of Asian and African folktales. Amherst, Massachusetts.
Ferguson, "Riverboat" John
Story and song performances for all ages. References, biography, program descriptions, photographs, and contact email. Blountsville, AL.
Ferlatte, Diane
Multi-cultural stories, with an emphasis on the African-American experience. Biography, program list, upcoming events, and contact information. Oakland, CA.
Fierst, Gerald
Performances and workshops for children and adults. Program descriptions, weblog, audio clip, tape order form, and contact email. Montclair, NJ.
Fowler, John Thomas
Storyteller and old time musician. Biography, programs and residencies, and contact email. South Carolina.
Freese, Thomas L.
Storyteller, author, and artist. Visual and/or Literary Arts Residencies or Workshops. Kentucky.
Geisler, Harlynne
Performances for all ages. Biography, schedule, program descriptions, newsletter, book review, and contact information. San Diego, CA.
Gere, Jeff
Jeff Gere is one of Hawaii's most popular and active storytellers. He runs the Talk Story Festival, Talk Story Radio, has toured extensively and has a bunch of recordings.
Gillard, Marni
Storyteller and author. Biography, testimonials, publications, and contact information. Schenectady, NY
Gorham, Linda
African American storyteller from Illinois tells interactive folktales. Themes include respect, common sense and caring.
Grayzel, Eva
Stories and motivational speaking for all ages. Program descriptions, performance schedule, references, and contact information. Easton, PA.
Gregory, Steven
Storytelling performances with musical accompaniment by Reiko Obata. Biography, programs, and contact information. San Diego, CA.
Hamilton, Mary
Storytelling for adults and children. Biography, performance and workshop descriptions, recordings and books, articles, and contact information. Frankfort, KY
Hannah, Martha
Medieval stories, comedy, song, and workshops. Program descriptions, reviews, pricing, biography, and contact information. Austin, TX.
Harley, Bill
Storytelling for children. Biography, radio listings, event calendar, and contact information. Seekonk, MA.
Henegar, Steven
Steven celebrates the everyday and the fantastic in vibrant original and traditional stories that call up the experiences and feelings that connect us all – Truth & Lies for all occasions. Southern California.
Holder, Chris
Songs and stories for all ages. Biography, performance descriptions, and contact information. Hammondsport, NY.
Horner, Beth
Programs for adults, school assemblies, reviews, articles, and recordings. Wilmettte, IL and Columbia, MO.
Horowitz, Muriel
Enchants listeners of all ages with tellings filled with audience involvement. She lives in the Hudson Valley of New York State.
Howe, Priscilla
Funny, scary, serious, goofy and sophisticated stories, tailored to the audience. Program descriptions, calendar, blog. Kansas City, KS.
Huddle, Rick
Biography, performances, reviews for both kid-friendly shows and adult audiences. Portland, OR
Huff, Mary Jo
Stories for all ages. Presentations, workshops, school residencies. Early Childhood teachers and kids are her speciality. Newburgh, Indiana.
Irvine, Alan
Performs for children and adults. Biography, story descriptions, articles, walking tours, and contact information.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Kasony-O'Malley, Michael R.
Stories for all ages. Program, workshop, and residency descriptions, testimonials, biography, store, and contact information. Columbus, OH.
Katz, Michael
"Teller of a Thousand Tales." Programs, workshops, recordings, and contact info. California.
Killavey, Cindy
Programs for children and adults. Biography, program descriptions, reviews, schedule, and contact information. Portsmouth, RI.
King Pruitt, Linda
Storytelling, performance, workshops, teacher training, and residencies available. A history of Aesop and a fable with curricular extensions available on site. Capistrano Beach, California.
Lann-Clark, Erica
Traditional and personal tales for adults and children. Calendar of events, biography, and contact information. Soquel, California.
Latimer, Katie
Upcoming events, biography, story descriptions, and contact information. Coventry, RI. [Flash required]
Lehrman, Betty
Tales for all ages. Biography, performance and workshop descriptions, reviews, event calendar, and contact information. Framingham, Massachusetts.
Leventhal, Rona
Storyteller, Interactive Educator, Creative Movement & Drama Specialist - provides performances, workshops, residencies and keynote addresses for children, adults, families, teachers and corporations. Participatory programs incorporate multiple learning modalities and are customized to the specific needs of the audience.
Lewis, Mark
Emmy award-winning storyteller. Biography, audio and writing samples, resume, and cotanct information. Eugene, Oregon.
Lockett, Dr. Michael
Performances for all ages. Biography, short stories, images, events, message board, and contact information. Normal, IL.
Lower, Joanne
Stories for all ages. Biography, list of recordings, event calendar, audio clip, and contact information. Rochester, MN.
Macdonald, Margaret Read
Storyteller, author, and children's librarian, offering classes, workshops, and keynote speeches. Includes ordering information, appearances, partners, and contact information. Kirkland, WA.
Macklin, Diane
Storyteller/educator telling in the African "griotic" tradition to inspire hope, peace, and justice through world folktales and personal narratives. Washington, DC.
Maichack, Mary Jo
Performs folktales, songs, and story theater. Schedule, biography, audio clips, images, news, references and contact information. Massachusetts.
Makeba, Awele
African American history, folklore, and personal tales. Reviews, audio clips, contact information, and event listings. Oakland, California.
Martin, Rafe
Storyteller and author. Biography, books, recordings, performance descriptions, articles, awards, and contact details. Rochester, New York.
McCabe, Tom
Performances primarily for children and adults. Biography, reviews, articles, program descriptions, contact information, and link to video of a live performance. Northampton, Massachusetts.
McPhie, Marilyn
Performances for adults and children. Event calendar, audio samples, and contact information. San Diego, California.
Mike Mann, Storyteller
Presentations for children and adults, workshops and keynotes. Program descriptions, references and video samples.
Miller, David Joe
Storyteller and writing consultant. Biography, program descriptions, testimonials, and contact details. Jonesborough, TN.
Miller, Mike
Business speaker and storyteller for all ages. Biography, articles, story samples, program descriptions, images, and contact information. Charleston, South Carolina.
Mnich, Ellen
Presents stories based on her Aunt Hellen's travels. Workshop descriptions, reviews, video clips, and contact information. Troy, New York.
The Moth: Urban Storytelling
Professional and amateur storytellers based in New York.
Munslow, Keith
Event calendar, biography, program descriptions, photographs, and contact form. Rhode Island. [Flash required]
Nease, Pat
Bio, repertoire, program info from an educator and storyteller who tells hairy-scary, silly-chilly, and oldie-goldie stories. Parker, Florida.
Nelson-Lucas, James
Brings the power of Story Magic to life for events large and small, to audiences young and old. Southern California.
Norfolk, Sherry
Performances for children and teachers. Biography, program descriptions, and contact information.
O'Callahan, Jay
Performances and workshops. Biography, achievements, programs, newsletter, and calendar. Marshfield, MA.
Owens, Rose
"The Story Lady." Articles, bibliography, written stories, lesson plans, and program descriptions. Livermore, California.
The Patchwork Players Story Theatre
James Nelson-Lucas and Patti Christensen combine storytelling, improv-theatre and audience participation to bring tales old and new to life. Southern California.
Payne, Sylvia
Performances for all ages. Program descriptions, testimonials and contact information. Newton, NC.
Pearmain, Elisa
Stories and workshops for all ages. Program descriptions, short stories, and contact email. Lincoln, MA.
Pearmain, Elisa
Spirituality based stories. Bibliography, testimonials, and program descriptions. Lincoln, MA.
Petrell Kallevig, Christine
Uses origami to tell stories. Performance descriptions and contact information. Cleveland, OH.
Picor, Genot
Stories of American exploration for all ages. Biography, event schedule, program highlights, testimonials, images, pricing, and contact information. Macomb Township, MI.
Pillsworth, Karen
Karen Pillsworth, Storyteller Laureate of Kingston, NY, has been enchanting audiences all over the Northeast with her stories for over 25 years.
Porcino, John
Story and song performances for all ages. Biography, books and recordings, events, reviews, and articles. Amherst, MA.
Reiser, Bob
Original and traditional tales for children and adults. Reviews, program descriptions, biography, and contact details. Tarrytown, New York.
Reneaux , J.J. (1955-2000)
Web site of the late Cajun singer and storyteller from Athens, Georgia. Biography and list of books and recordings.
Rippling Stories
Storyteller Katie Knutson is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and travels throughout the country. Residencies, workshops and performances are available.
Roseberry, Sue
Programs for school children. Biography, program outlines, event calendar, and contact details. Midland, Texas.
Ross, Arianna
Story Tapestries: weaving together the power of acrobatics, dance, music, theatre and storytelling. Germantown, MD.
Samarripa, Consuelo
Programs for general audiences in English and Spanish. Biography, performance and workshop listings, and contact information. Austin, TX.
Schimmel, Nancy
Storyteller and Songwriter. Resume and contact information. Berkeley, California.
Schoettler, Ellouise
Varied storytelling programs and storytelling workshops for adults, youth, seniors and womens studies students. Testimonials, schedule, press kit. Chevy Chase, MD.
Schuch, Steve
Music and story performances for children. Program descriptions, audio and video samples, list of publications, biography, articles, and contact information. Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
Scoles, Cheryl
Storytelling and puppeteering for children. Testimonials, performance listings, and contact information. East Brunswick, NJ.
Shepard, Mark
Storyteller and hypnotist. Biography and contact information. New Haven, CT
Singer, Sondra
Storyteller, musician, and dancer performs for children and adults. Program descriptions, event calendar, audio samples and media kit. Lakewood, CO.
Smith, Cathy Jo
Bio, program information, and events. Specializing in Irish folklore. Dublin, Ohio.
Spelman, Jon
Storyteller, collector, teacher, and writer. Program descriptions, testimonials, and contact details. Silver Spring, MD.
Spiegel, Marc
Original and traditional stories for children including "Einstein Alive." Articles, audio samples, story list, and contact details. Washington, DC
Spitzer, Linda
Biography, testimonials, photographs, performance descriptions, and contact information. Lake Worth, Florida.
Stands With Many, Joseph
Cherokee storytelling and cultural programs for all ages. Program descriptions, pricing, and booking information. Baltimore, MD.
Stearns, Carolyn
Spoken word from storyteller, public speaker, farmer, 4-H leader, community activist, letterboxer, FFA supporter, friend to youth. Storrs, Connecticut.
Storytelling and Performance Literacy
Brett Dillingham is a professional storyteller, writer and educator. He performs and teaches storytelling in the United States, Ireland, England, Canada and Africa. Based in Juneau, Alaska.
Strauss, Kevin
Folktales and nature stories for children and adults. Program descriptions, newsletter, short stories, events, and cotanctr details. Ely, Minnesota.
Strauss, Susan
Performances and workshops for children and adults. Program descriptions, books and recordings, notable past performances, and contact details. Bend, OR.
Storyteller, poet and singer, sharing the African and African American oral tradition. Delaware.
Taylor, Paul
Storytelling and didjeridoo performances for all ages. Biography, program descriptions, audio recordings, and contact information. Laramie, Wyoming.
Tolar, Debra Olson
Programs for adults, families, and children. Biography, testimonials, program and event lists, and contact information. Valencia, CA.
Tutson, Valerie
Stories from Africa and African American history. Providence, Rhode Island.
Valentine, Denise
Storyteller, folk artist, and human rights educator. African and African American history. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Walter, Jo. There and Back Again
Jo Walter is a Kitsap storyteller, combining storytelling for kids and adults with teaching and social justice work. Washington State.
Washington, Donna
Storyteller, folklorist, and author for all ages. Audio files, references, event calendar, photos, and contact information.
Watts, Cynthia
Biography, program details, news, and contact information. Atlanta, GA.
Weaver, John.
Humorous, interactive storytelling for all ages, plus group coaching in storytelling & read-aloud techniques for teachers, parents or students. California.
White Fox Stories
Storytelling by Cathy Mosely. Bio, upcoming performances, programs, contact info. Springfield, IL.
Williams, Diane
Biography, events, and links. Madison, Mississippi.
Wooden, Faye
Performances for all ages. Includes biography, testimonials, images, audio files, and booking information. Maryville, TN.
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