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This represent a wide diversity of dance that is hard to categorize except through the idea of various forms of self-development or spirituality and/or merely common association. Sacred Circle and Circle Dance is often used as a generic title as it tends to be inclusive, though movements such as International Folk Dancing, Dances of Universal Peace, Taize and Paneurhthmy are separate and distinct. A common feature is that many subscribe to the idea that the dance forms confer some form of spiritual, esoteric or therapeutic benefit rather than merely being recreational. There may be associations with aromatherapy, reiki, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and various new age beliefs and practices. While the ideas may be drawn from various religions, spiritualities, alternative health concepts, etc, it is dance and movement that is seen as the raison d'etre. This can be compared with, say, Sufi-ism where the dance is secondary to the religion. This category thus incorporates those groups who recreate dances without being dedicated followers of the movement from which they are taken. Sacred Circle Dance originally only emphasized the importance of the spiritual concepts behind traditional folk dances whilst Circle dance groups did folk dancing as a recreation. Since then both have grown closer together but have also broadened the types of dance that are encompassed and are often difficult to distinguish from each other and hence are grouped in a single Circle Dance sub-category. As a result of a loose association with the exploratory aspects of the New Age movement, particular dances (such as the 5Rhythms) established themselves as being separate. It should be noted that dance groups in this category may offer other genres as part of their repertoire, as opposed to those that concentrate on them.

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