Molly dancing originates in the East Anglian region of Britain, although it is danced in other areas too. It is characterised by men dressed in working clothes, but with one man dressed as a woman - The Molly. The dances are often performed at events associated with farm workers, such as Plough Monday. "Like an explosion in a tie dye factory" "The military wing of Morris"
Gog Magog Molly
Photos and events programme for this mixed side from Cambridge. Site also contains description of the dances and associated downloadable music files.
Hinckley Plough Bullockers
Details of the annual plough tour around the villages of Sharnford, Sapcote and Stoney Stanton in Leicestershire.
Hornbeam Molly
Profile, repertoire, programme and gallery.
Mad Molly
Describes this Bay Area team and its activities with upcoming events.
Molly Dancing FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Molly Dancing with answers by Gog Magog.
Describes this traditional East Anglian farmworkers' broom dancing with chronology and history.
The Norwich Kitwitches
Brief description of this revival side from Norwich.
Old Glory
Describes this team from East Suffolk and its activities with gallery and tours.
Ouse Washes Molly Dancers
Contact details, events programme, history of the side, photographs and descriptions of various dances from this mixed side from Norfolk in East Anglia.
Pig Dyke Molly
Mixed side from The Fens. Site contains photos, contact details and a brief history of Molly dancing in the area.
Rhubarb Tarts Molly
Describes this Wakefield, England team. Profile, calendar, gallery and videos
Vancouver Morris Men
Details of the Molly dances performed by The Vancouver Morris Men in Canada. Site also contains some photographs.
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