Salsa dance teams are dance groups whose expressed purpose is to put on salsa performances. Although salsa started as a social dance, it has also grown to be a popular popular dance as well as the dance form has evolved. The Dance Teams category is for all salsa dance troupes from around the world.
A salsa and Afro-Latin dance company led by world renowned instructor Frankie Martinez.
A performance dance team from the SF Bay Area specializing in Afro Cuban dance and body movement.
AK Dance Promotions
The website of Alaska Dance Promotions, a dance company based in Anchorage that offers salsa classes as well as a performance team.
Alma Latina Dance Company
The site of multiple World Salsa Championship title holders based in Tijuana and San Diego.
Cadence Dance Team
A performance salsa team based in Canada, with multiple dance teams for performers of different levels.
A dance company led by Jorge Geronimo's providing dance performances and salsa lessons in Huntington Beach, California.
Majesty in Motion
One of the largest salsa dance companies in San Diego, directed by David and Jennifer Stein.
Mambo Fe Dance Company
A salsa dance company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico offering salsa lessons and performances.
MamboNova Dance Company
An On2 salsa performance dance company based in Redwood City, California and directed by Hector Reyes.
MG Dance Team
A championship-winning salsa dance team based in El Monte, California.
Montuno Dance Company
An "On1" salsa dance team based in San Jose, California, directed by World Salsa Championships finalist Isidro Corona.
Nashville Rueda
A salsa dance team that specializes in teaching and performing casino rueda in Nashville, Tennessee.
Omambo Dance Project
A performance and competition salsa dance team based in Southern California, directed by Omar Muñoz.
PB&G Productions, Inc
World-renown salsa team based in the SF Bay Area and the organizers of the San Francisco Salsa Congress.
A salsa performance team with a contemporary flair based in San Francisco, California and directed by Ricardo and Tianne.
Ritmo Bello
Ritmo Bello is a salsa dance team based in San Diego that performs at congresses across the country and teaches salsa lessons.
Ritmos Latinos
Website for the Rueda de Casino club at the University of Arizona.
Ruedisima Dance Company
Street Latin dance in Sydney, Australia. Salsa, Rueda, classes and shows.
Salsa Intocable Dance Company
The website of Salsa Intocable, a dance company based in LA and directed by Laura Luu.
Salsa Rica Productions
A performance salsa team based in Calgary, Canada.
The website of Salsamania, one of the largest salsa dance teams in the SF Bay Area and winners of the 2011 World Latin Dance Cup.
Sin City Salseros
The website for a salsa dance team based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Spartan Mambo
The performance salsa team of San Jose State University.
Latin dance troupe specialized in Salsa and Samba with dances from all over the Caribbean and South America in repertoire. Upcoming events, classes and sample music.
A performance salsa team based in Toronto, Canada combining salsa dancing with a mix of Afro Cuban and contemporary dance.
Yamulee Dance Co.
A salsa dance team based in New York, directed by Osmas Perrones.
Yemayá Salsa
Dance troupe from Sacramento, California. Information on classes, workshops and upcoming events.
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