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Western Square Dancing
Internet portal presents topical directory, articles, call lists and definitions.
Animated Square Dance
Square dance animations that contain patterns from basic, thru advanced. Related square dance links.
Animated Square Dance Calls
Uses animated GIFs to illustrate modern western square dance calls through A1.
Challenge Square Dancing
Challenge lists and definitions, articles on Challenge dancing.
Crown Records
Offers records, music and/or calling services, party nights, beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons, monthly dances in Virginia, and weekend events.
Have Fun Square Dancing!!
Animations to describe the basic movements of Square Dance. [English, Japanese]
Justin's Square Dance Page
A reference for how several calls would be danced in Hexagon Squares as well as some advanced sequences for proficient dancers.
Mixed-Up Squares
Calendar of events, list of San Jose area square dance classes plus links to other resources for finding a class, call definitions.
A New Song and Dance Routine
Text and pictures from a square dancing promotional brochure published by the Callerlab Foundation.
Square and Round Dance Web Ring
Web ring with over five hundred listings all relating to square dancing.
The Square Dance Club House
Information on clubs, callers, record companies, and events, focusing on the New York area.
Square Dance Information Site
Frank Lescrinier's compendium of information related to square dancing. Includes a collection of choreography and a list of resources for finding original song lyrics.
Square Dance Magazine
An on-line magazine for square dancers world-wide featuring articles, photographs, videos, and event calendars.
The State Folk Dance Conspiracy
Article opposed to the campaign to make square dancing the national folk dance.

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