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English country dances are social dances, generally for groups of three to five couples, or for any number of couples in a longways-set or a circle. They are usually performed with either a dance-walk, or (relatively) simple steps - much of the interest deriving instead from the floor patterns and interaction between dancers. Originating in England, they spread to colonial America and mainland Europe.

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Bay Area Country Dance Society
Society promoting and teaching contra, square, ceilidh and English country dances. With dance calendar, guide to upcoming special events, and links to country dancing resources.
Central Illinois English Country Dancers
English and early American dances. Schedule of events, newsletter, fliers and links.
Charlottesville English Country Dance
Schedule of dances, callers, and musicians. Links to neighboring groups. Brief description of English Country Dancing and history.
Colin Hume's web site
Notes on teaching dance technique, as well as articles on folk dance including "Advice for Americans", offered by a country dance caller. Also offers a shareware dance organiser program.
Country Dance and Song Society
USA-based umbrella organization for English and Anglo-American folk dance and music, including contra, English country, and English ritual dance such as Morris. Contains information about membership, summer programs and products for sale.
Country Dance Society, Boston Centre
Boston, Massachusetts. Information about the organization, their English country and contra dance programs, CDs and publications.
Country Dancers of Westchester
Dances and other social events in White Plains, New York. Information about a CD of dance tunes.
Dover English Country Dancers
Group based in Delaware. Schedule of events and contact details.
Ealing Folk & Country Dancing
London, UK. Social club in a variety of styles. Includes meeting details, caller calendar, events, image gallery, sample dances, and contact details.
The English Country Dance Mailing List
How to subscribe, and list archives. Also, a brief introduction, articles on the history and differences between English country and contra dancing, and a state-by-state listing of dances in the US.
English Country
Information about a series of regular dances and balls in Riverside, California. Also includes essays on 18th century dance, music and clothing, photo galleries and links.
English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS)
Promotes English folk music and dance. Includes lists of events at Cecil Sharp House (London), their books and CDs, and Root Source - a guide to folk activities in England.
Germantown Country Dancers
Philadelphia based group. Includes a calendar of events for dancers and musicians, an introduction to the dances, information about their performance groups, and a list of dances with information about the set.
The Heather and The Rose Country Dancers
Network of groups in Oregon USA dancing English and Scottish dances. Information about activities, terminology and membership.
Heathfield Folk Dance Club
UK. Social group meeting weekly dancing the English and American traditions. Includes profile, calendar, and contact details.
Jigs 'N' Reels
Agency providing bands for barn dances and ceilidhs in the UK. Includes a list of bands, information about what a barn dance involves and tips for organizing one.
John & Hilary Turner
A series of English Country Dance Weekends for enthusiasts covering a wide variety of styles from Playford to New England Contras. The events (two per year) are held in the UK.
Kingston English Country Dance
English Country Dance group in Rhode Island, with directions, history and class schedule.
Lambertville Country Dancers
Dances in Titusville, New Jersey. Includes resources for dance musicians, and links to related sites.
The Leesburg Assembly
An English Country Dance community located in Northern Virginia. With news, events and pictures.
Lexington English Country Dancers
English Country Dance group in Lexington, Kentucky. With schedule of their weekly open dances, and basic information on English Country Dancing.
New Hampshire English County Dance Society
Information about upcoming events. Includes dance instructions for their Spring Ball.
The Round
Cambridge University English country dance club. Includes background information on Playford dances, definitions, descriptions of dances, and sheet music - as well as information about the club's events.
San Diego English Country Dancers
Club in California, USA. Includes details of classes, instructors, events, repertoire, image galleries and selected dance instructions.
Santa Barbara Country Dance Society
English and contra dances in Santa Barbara, California. Regular dances, festivals, newsletters and links.
Seattle Folk Dancing: English Country
Events for dancers and musicians. Also hosts a calendar of events on the US West Coast, with an introduction to the dances, and lists of musicians and leaders.
Set and Turn Single
UK-based magazine including listings of events and regular meetings, and club contact details.
St. Louis English Country Dancers
Monthly dances, and other events, in Missouri. Includes dance instructions for their Playford ball.
Toronto English Country Dancers
Information on English country dances and other special English dances. Schedule of upcoming dances included.
Covers English ceilidh, folk, barn, Cajun, French/Breton and morris dance. Lists of events, bands and venues in the UK, with links to other sites, and a FAQ.
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