This category contains English language sites relating to Polish folk dancing. Polish folk dance originates from the tribal dances of the Slavic people who lived in the region bounded by the river Bug in the east, the river Odra in the west, the Tatra Mountains in the south, and Baltic in the north. The dance styles vary from one region to another, even as to the manner in which a polka step is executed. This is due to the heavily forested nature of the region making travel difficult until recent times. Each of the regions developed their own related dance styles, but often influenced by those of neighboring countries (for example Germany, Scandinavia, Ukraine). An important influence were the royal marriage ties with Sweden and shifting national boundaries. In particular the mountain dances of the south and south-east are very different having similarities with Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and even Serbia. In many of them, men and woman usually dance separately, whereas couple dances are the norm elsewhere in the country. Each region has versions of polkas and waltzes of its own, some occupational dances (e.g. blacksmith, shoemaker, brick-maker), and a few have a dance type peculiar to that area alone such as the wiwats of Wielkopalska and the powolniaks of the Kurpie region. The latter employ continuous turning motifs of 3 counts danced to music in 2/4 time, a characteristic also typical of some dances in the Rzeszow region. The commonest timing in the center, west and south-west are the 3/4 and 3/8. In the south and east, 2/4 and 4/4 are more popular. However five dances have been adopted throughout the country as national dances and these depend on choreography for performance as show dances. There are the krakowiak (in 2/4 time) reputedly dating back to 1510 when Krakow was the country’s capital; the polonez (in 3/4 time) a court version of the processional folk chorodzony; the kujawiak (in 3/4 time) and the oberek and mazur (both in 3/8 time). The last three are all derived from folk ‘round dances. The polonez (polonaise) and mazur (mazurka) were at one time popular in the ball room. There are many folk dance clubs and ensembles keeping these traditions alive in Poland. Many other countries have strong Polish communities who regard folk dance as a showcase for their culture and traditions. An important focal event is the International Polish Folk Dance Festival in Rzeszow that occurs every 3 years.

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Group based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. Includes details of choir, kapela, adult and Chabry (teen's) groups, repertoire and costume information.
Federation of Polish Folklore Groups In Great Britain
Festival news and group contact details.
Harcerski Zespół Tańca i Pieśni Grześ
Brief details of this performance group in Puławy, Lubelskie, Poland. [English/Poland].
Janosik Polish Dance Ensemble
Performing troupe with choir and kapella in Montgomery County, Philadelphia, United States. Includes profile, history, details of repertoire and joining information.
Jantar - The University of Gdansk Song and Dance Ensemble
Poland. Includes profile, repertoire, audio clips, image galleries and contact details. [English/Polish].
Kalina - Ensemble Folklorique Polonais
The dancers, choirs and kapela of the Courcelles-les-Lens Association for Tradition and Culture in Nord-Pas de Calais, France. Includes details and image galleries of rehearsals, history, events and repertoire (the map leads to folkloric information and some music extracts). [French/Polish/English].
Student ensemble of the University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland. Includes details of their history, rehearsals, tours and activities with image galleries and audio clips. [Polish/English].
Ensemble from Lublin, Poland. Includes history, list of achievements, details of management and image gallery. [English/Polish].
Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston
Group based in Massachusetts, United States. Includes performance schedule, image gallery, director profile and details of history and rehearsals.
Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Ensemble
Performance group in Los Angeles, USA. Includes history, instructor biography, events, image gallery and contact details. [English/Polish].
Song and dance ensemble in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Details of their history, members and repertoire with image galleries.
Brief details of the ensemble of the Agricultural University of Poznan, Poland. [English/Polish].
Lechowia Polish-Canadian Folk Dance Company
Group based in Toronto, Ontario. Includes details of competitions and festivals, with image galleries and video clips.
Lowiczanie Polish Folk Dance Ensemble
Based in San Francisco, California, United States. Details of history, choir, events, practice sessions, merchandise (including costumes) and image galleries.
Mala Polska Folk Ensemble
Community group based in Michigan, USA. Includes profile, membership details, image galleries, calendar of events and contact details.
The folk dance company of the Polish Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), based in Ealing, London, United Kingdom. Includes details of the junior, middle and senior groups, news, image galleries and a history of the group.
Nowa Huta Song and Dance Ensemble
Youth group from Cracow, Poland. Includes profile, repertoire, image galleries of costumes, groups and management and contact details. [English/Polish].
Obertas Polish Folklore Ensemble
Group based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Includes image galleries and details of their repertoire rehearsals and artistic director.
Youth and children's school in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA. Includes instructor biography, membership information, and image gallery.
Orleta - Polish Folk Song and Dance Group
Brief details with image galleries of this amateur performance group based in London, UK. [English, Polish]
Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Includes repertoire, director's biography, history and image gallery. [Polish/English].
Polish American Folk Dance Company
Performance and cultural group based in New York, USA. Includes history, repertoire, image galleries, event calendar, and contact details.
Polish Canadian Dance Society
Performance and cultural group in the Greater Vancouver area. Includes its history, a schedule, photographs and Board of Directors list. [English/Polish]
Polish Dance in Southern California
A study of the history of the dance groups of Southern California with descriptions of selected dances including their history, music and costumes.
Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas
Aims to sponsor North American Polish folk dance festivals and serve as a central source for folklore information. Includes newsletter, resources, bye laws, and contact details.
Polonez Song and Dance Ensemble
Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Includes details of junior and teen groups (Maly and Sredni Polonez), orchestra, key member profiles, history, rehearsals, repertoire, concerts, and image galleries of recent trips.
Polonia Dance Ensemble
The dance ensemble of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA) based in Chicago. Includes history, repertoire, image galleries and contact details.
Polonia Folk Dance Ensemble
Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Details of their up-coming events, history, directors, costumes and dances with image galleries.
Brief details about the ensemble of Rzeszów University of Technology. [English/Polish].
Pomorze Polish Folkdance Ensemble
Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Includes history and rehearsal details.
Poolse Zang en Dans Vereniging Podlasie
Ensemble with adult and children's groups, choir and orchestra in Limburg, Netherlands. Includes brief details of the group, their rehearsals, events and an image gallery [English/Dutch].
Richard Schmidt
Canadian artistic director, choreographer, instructor, events director and coordinator. Includes profile, schedule, image gallery, Polish folk tour and contact details.
Student ensemble of the University of Economics, Katowice, Poland. Includes profile, history, repertoire, descriptions of foreign tours, sponsor ship offer and audio clips and tracks from their CDs. [English/Polish].
Slask Song and Dance Ensemble
Professional company based in the Koszecin palace near Lubliniec, Poland. Includes history, concert schedule, image galleries, organisation and the performances (dance troupe, choir and/or orchestra) and facilities for hire. [Polish/English].
Syrena Polish Folk Dance Ensemble
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. Includes events, image gallery, organisation information and details of the Syrenka children’s ensemble. The repertoire section has information on regional culture and costumes.
Syrena Polish Song and Dance Ensemble
Brief details and contact information for this performance group from Brunssum, the Netherlands. [Dutch/English/German/Polish].
Syrenka Polish Folkloric Ensemble
Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Brief details of history, rehearsal times and the committee with an image gallery.
Ensemble based in Adelaide, South Australia. Includes performance schedule, history and image galleries.
Tatry Polish Song and Dance Company
Based in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom. Includes events, classes, the kapela, Young Tatry and a featured dancer. Image galleries give a pictorial history.
Ensemble of Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland. Includes a short profile with image galleries and details of the children's group Mała Warszawianka. [Polish/English].
Folkloristic group from Poznan, Poland. Includes news, events, repertoire, history, audio and video clips and image galleries. [English/Polish. May not work in all browsers]
Zespołu Tańca Ludowego Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej
Brief details of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University ensemble from Lublin, Poland including image gallery and concert dates. [English/Polish].
Zespół Regionalny Jakubkowiane
Folklore group in Malopolskie, Poland. Include photographs of Lachs costumes. [English/Polish].
Ziema Polska
Song and dance troupe of the Catholic Association for Polish Youth in Paris, France. Offers details on membership, activities and rehearsals.
Song and dance group based in Ealing, London, United Kingdom. Includes image galleries and details of classes, events and membership.

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