This category contains English language sites relating to folk dancing styles from the Netherlands. It should be noted that Flemish and Dutch culture, while sharing similarities, are distinct. Flemish folk dance includes a variety of other styles (sword, May-tree, stick dances). Dutch traditional folk-dancing (or farmer's dancing) consists of the local dances overlaid with the common European heritage (i.e. polkas, waltzes, etc.). The period preserved tends to be around the 1900's and are mainly couples dances. The non-couple dances are older. Though one of the features of many Dutch dances is that they were done while wearing clogs, it should be realized that these were not universal, particularly in towns and the wealthier parts of Society. The same dance would be carried out in different styles depending on the footwear of the dancers. However the clog dances are identifiable by the style of foot placement that takes advantage of and compensates for their rigidity and percussive effects.

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Aald Hielpen
Cultural and historical group offering shows of traditional songs and dances from Hindeloopen in Friesland. Includes profile, history of the town, photograph gallery and details of their costumes and shows. [Dutch/English/German].
Blokkerder Dansgroep
Brief information on a West Frisian group from North Holland and their costumes (1880-1920) and dances. [Dutch/English/French/German].
Boalseter Skotsploech
Display group in Friesland recreating the period 1850-1860. Includes profile, details of costume and ornaments, their repertoire with audio clips, details of the International Folklore Dance Festival, and contact information. [Dutch/English/German].
Dansgroep Ralda Raalte
Performance and recreational group from the Netherlands. Includes profile, history, and repertoire. More information in Dutch. [Dutch/English/French/German].
De Pierewaaiers
Demonstration group in Nijmegen performing Dutch and Flemish folk dances. Includes profile, image, audio and poster galleries, and details of their CD and costume. [Dutch/English/French/German].
Dutch folklore Dancegroup Scaldis
Performance and recreational groups in Zeeland, Netherlands. Includes profile, meeting times, and image galleries in the Dutch section. [Dutch/English/German].
Dutch Folklore group Felue
Felue brings a program of Dutch folklore, consisting of folklore dances, old crafts and original clothing. With contact info and pictures. [English/Dutch/German]
Brief details of this performing group from Geleen, Limburg. [Dutch/English].
Folkloristic Association Markelo
Twente group dedicated to the preservation of regional traditions through dance and exhibitions. Includes history, contact details and images of and information on their performances, dance groups and costumes. [Dutch/English/French/German]
Folkloristische Dansgroep Hellendoorn
Social group in Overijssel offering weekly practices and cultural activities. Includes profiles, details of their traditions, events calendar,and contact form. [Dutch/English/Tweants]
Hava Naguila
Performance group in Zeeland, Netherlands. Includes profile, calendar, image galleries and contact details. [Dutch/English/French/German].
Hoolter Daansers
Brief details of this folkloristic group from Holten, Overijssel. [Dutch/English/French/German].
Brief information on this folkloric dance group from Twente and their children's group 'De Korenbleumkes'. [Dutch/English/French/German/Tweants].
Korf, Elsche
Dutch teacher specialising in traditional dances. Includes profile, dance descriptions with sheet music and midi files, and details of publications.
Ljouwerter Skotsploech
Brief profile and image galleries of this performing group from Leeuwarden. [Dutch/English/Frisian/French/German]
Losser Böggelrieders en Daansers
Display group from Twente also offering penny farthing bicycle displays. [Dutch/English/French/German].
Meerse Hoppers
Performance group from Haarlemmermeer, North Holland. Includes profile, history and image galleries. [Dutch/English/French].
Group offering performances and social dancing based in Utrecht. Includes history, dance list, costumes and performances with image galleries. [English/Dutch].
Platform Nederlandse Folklore
Foundation for promoting Dutch folk dance in the Netherlands. Includes English summary and contact details. [Dutch].
Brief details with photographs of this performance group from Exloo, Drenthe. [Dutch/English/German].
Schermer Dansers
Brief details of this West-Friesland performance group. [Dutch/English/French/German/Spanish].
Spierdijker Dansers
Brief details of this West Friesland cultural group. [Dutch/English/French].
Stedeker Daansers
Folklore club in Diepenheim, Overijssel. Includes their history and profile and details of the children's group (Stedeker Krummels), the traditional costumes and their 'ball shooting' team (Klootschieters). [Dutch/English/French/German/Spanish].
Volksdansvereniging Hinky Dinky
Recreational international folk dance group offering classes and traditional Dutch performances, based in Flevoland, Netherlands. [Dutch/English].
Westfriese Dansgroep Schagen
Performing group from North Holland. Includes profile with detailed descriptions of traditional women's caps and image gallery. [Dutch/English]
Wi'j eren 't Olde
Brief details of this group in Gelderland, their repertoire and costumes. [English/Dutch].

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