This category is for solo performers of Stand Up Comedy.

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Abel, Milt
Observational and anecdotal comedian with clean act. Includes biography, past appearances, contact information and schedule.
Acer, David
Stand-up comedy and close-up magic. Comedian, author, television writer. Montreal.
Alexandro, Ted
Presents his schedule, photos, opinions and contact information.
Allen, Craig
Touring performer from the Twin cities. Includes biography, tour schedule and booking information.
Allison, Rod
"Rod Of God Comedy", featuring clean comedy clips. Includes a biography, reviews and audio clips.
Alper, Bob
A Rabbi and a stand-up comic, entertainer, author. Biography, contact and booking information, books, and performance schedule included.
Alpine, Chris
Comedian, writer and actor touring Nationally. Contains biography, current projects, contact information and upcoming schedule.
Altman, Jeff
Profile at Strong in character transformation. Biography, photos, and booking information.
Ancona, Ronni
Female comedian and impressionist from the UK. Profile, pictures, and interviews.
Andrews, Todd
New England based performer providing biography, pictures, schedule and contact information.
Angry Bob
New York based performer. Site contains show dates, reviews and downloads.
Apio, Kermet
American touring comedian providing past credits, upcoming appearances, biography and contact information.
Arron, Bennett
Wales based comedian offering biography, achievements and upcoming schedule.
Arthur, Rebecca
Entertainer based in California. Includes audio files, upcoming performances, photos and links.
Aswell, Tom
Profile on Delivers homespun humor, with a motivational message. Includes reviews and photos.
Austin, John Wesley
Touring "Cowboy Comedian" providing background, biography, tour schedule, booking information, and merchandise.
Bailey, Ben
From Chatham, New Jersey providing background information, recent works and upcoming shows.
Balan, Michele
New York comedienne performing Internationally. Features sound files, schedule, biography, gallery, and the Ask Michele section.
Barnhart, Don
Schedule, video, audio, animation for the comedian, actor, writer, sketch and improv performer.
Barr, Julie
Profile at Biography and contact from booking agent.
Barry, Todd
Northeast comedian touring nationally offering biography, schedule, receipt museum, booking and contact information.
Nationally touring comedian providing biography, news, tour schedule, newsletter, audio samples and booking information.
Baskerville, Gavin
Melbourne, Australia based performer and writer. Includes a biography and performance calendar.
Baum, Bruce
Prop comedian's profile, photos, TV credits, and videos.
Berserk, Bella
The drag queen, female impersonator, and drag artist. Includes biography, gallery, show profile and contact.
Birbiglia, Mike
Comedian living in New York City known for clean, original material. Includes upcoming schedule, news, video clips, biography and booking information. Requires Flash.
Black, Lewis
Nationally touring performer based in California. Includes upcoming schedule, biography, audio samples, news and booking information.
Blakeman, Scott
American political comedian and comedy trainer, known for "Jewish humor." Class and booking information, video and audio clips, news, background.
Bliss, Chris
Features video clips, essays and writings, video press kit for clients and buyers, and publicity and promotional materials.
Blue, Josh
Includes comedy schedule, booking info, fan forum and videos.
Boosler, Elayne
Comedienne touring Nationally. Includes audio samples, biography, contact address, past credits and tour schedule.
Brogan, Jim
Includes resume, biography, reviews and a schedule.
Brown, Thomas
Tampa, Florida native and creator of "From the Stage to the Stove", a cookbook with recipes and jokes from other well known comedians. Biography, schedule and news included.
Bruhn, Lonnie
Specializes in dark and twisted approach to humor. Biography, journal, photos, RealAudio clips, pricing and hiring information.
Bublewicz, Joe
East Coast US performer. Contact form, biography, credits, scheduled shows.
Buckley, Kathy
Hearing impaired comedienne, actress and motivational speaker. Contains news, contact information, biography and schedule.
Burr, Steve
New York based touring performer provides biography, schedule, e-mail sign up, contact and booking information.
Busboom, Rob
"The Quarter Ton Comic" providing biography, pictures, audio and video files.
Butler, Mark
UK comic based in Melbourne, Australia. Includes biography, photos, upcoming gigs and contact details.
Butt, Brent
Comedian from Saskatchewan, Canada. Includes biography, news, audio clips and booking information.
Byrne, Ed
Comedian from the United Kingdom. Includes Biography, news, tour dates, and resources for press and media.
Callif, Steve
Profile at Specializes in musical parody and satire. Resume, reviews, and booking.
Cameron, Drew
Combines stand-up comedy and impressions, and also offers a Michael Caine look-alike service. Includes audio and video clips, news, reviews, photographs, availability calendar and contact details. UK based.
Camp, Lee
Based in New York City providing resume, writing samples and email address.
Cantrell, Rob
California based entertainer providing schedule, biography and email sign up.
Capri, Jeff
Observational comedian touring the United States. Contains biography, contact information, tour schedule, resume show profiles, video clips and audio samples.
Carr, Alan
Performer located in the UK providing biography, upcoming schedule, contact form and multimedia files.
Carrington, Rodney
Official site. Blue country comedian and singer. Features tour schedule, photographs, biography, merchandise, and audio and video clips.
Carter, Darren
Touring performer providing schedule, biography, audio and video files.
Casey, George
Stand-up comedy for conventions, golf outings and company parties. Includes biography, show profiles, schedule and contact information.
Cesario, Jeff
Touring performer with acting and writing credits. Biography, schedule, sample jokes and contact information included.
Chinery, Chip
Stand up comedian and actor. Includes past appearances, resume, booking and contact information. Requires Flash.
Cho, Henry
Korean with an East Tennessee drawl. Profile, photos, upcoming shows and contact information.
Choyce, Faith
Los Angeles-based stand-up comic. Includes photos, schedule, biography and weblog.
Clinton, Kate
Humorist, monologist, writer and comedienne. Includes biography, schedule, show profiles and contact information.
Cognito, Ian
UK based performer providing background information, reviews, show schedule and photo gallery.
Collins, Bobby
American comedian providing biography, tour schedule, video clips, audio samples and fan mail information.
Coppola, Vinnie
Comedian from Florida, touring Nationally. Biography, contact information and upcoming tour dates included.
Cordes, Mark
Available for corporate events and clubs. Includes news, show information and bookings information.
Cowart, Nancy
Black comedienne with a comedic timing and creativity. Profile at with booking details.
Curless, Jason
Performer and writer. Includes photo gallery, writing samples, resume, biography and contact information.
Curry, Don "DC"
Profile at Known for his on-stage charisma and strong conviction. Includes photos, tour and concert schedule.
Danylo, Roman
Comedian providing news, background, biography, photos, video clips, reviews and resume.
Davis, Tanyalee
This three and a half foot tall dynamic comedian includes interesting notes about her life, show dates and self-esteem.
Dechi, Danny
San Francisco based comedian, musician, actor and writer. A quirky combination of clean comedy and unique music with a #2 pencil.
Demetri, Martin
New York comedian. Site contains video clips and photos.
Dimino, Mary
Comedian, actress and stand-up comedy instructor based in New York, touring the USA. Includes biography, photos, video clips, reviews, booking and contact details.
DiPaolo, Nick
East Coast performer offering biography, schedule, resume, past shows and contact information.
Ditzel, Joe
Los Angeles based comedian providing calendar, writings, guestbook and forums.
Donohue, Becky
ComicShed presents illustrated profile, schedule and contact information.
Driscoll, Ed
Offers video clips and biography.
Duffy, Chris
Comedian and writer from San Francisco, California. Biography, past appearances, area comedy, contact information and photo gallery.
Dugan, Mike
Site devoted to his show "Men Fake Foreplay." Reviews, show description, biography, travelogue.
Dunn, Simon
UK based scriptwriter and comedian. Includes original audio downloads, reviews and blogs.
Durst, Will
Comedian and political satirist providing biography, contact information, writings and upcoming show schedule.
Dwoskin, Jeff
Performer and writer appearing in the Central United States. Upcoming shows, photographs, resume and contact information included.
Eli, Shaun
Based in New York City providing stand-up comedy video and audio, performance schedule, written comedic essays, biography, past credits, and weblog.
Ellingson, Jeff
Los Angeles based performer providing schedule, biography, sound clips and pictures.
Elwood, Jeremy
New Zealand performer who combines rock guitar and comedy. Includes biography, scheduled shows, general information.
Engvall, Bill
Touring performer providing biography, photos, tour, ticket and contact information.
Fairbanks, Chris
Includes schedule, news, video clips and contact information.
Fatel, Mitch
Touring performer providing biography, pictures, video clips and contact information.
Ferrara, Adam
Touring performer providing biography, upcoming schedule, multimedia downloads and contact information.
Fike, Al
Comedian, speaker and entertainer. Contact information, photos, newsletter, audio clips and schedule.
Finnegan, Christian
Performer and writer. Includes schedule, pictures, resume and contact information.
Finney, Michael
Nationally touring comedian providing biography, audio samples, video clips, show profile, contact information, and tour schedule.
Appearances list, contact information and book details.
Flanagan, Kitty
Based in London. Appearance schedule, biography, photos, credits and reviews.
Flanders, Tom
Comedian offering stand up audio and video clips, writings, observations about wrestling, car racing and live journal.
Foreman, Meshelle
Resume of the "Indie-Mom of Comedy". Includes photos, news and calendar.
Foxworthy, Jeff
Grammy award winning comedian. Includes biography, jokes, audio clips, photos, booking information and upcoming schedule.
Fragomeni, Joel
Michigan based comedian. Includes show dates, biography, stories, pictures.
Francisco, Pablo
Stand-up comedian, impressionist, off-the-wall sound effect extraordinaire. Site uses Flash and Real Video.
Friedman, Dan
Touring performer providing biography, video and audio clips and picture gallery.
Galligan, Diana
Commedienne providing video clips, upcoming schedule, contact information and photo gallery.
Gardner, Janine
Profile at Includes credits and reviews.
Garrett, John
Former CPA turned New York City based comedian performs at corporate events, colleges and comedy clubs. Includes schedule, biography, road stories as well as video and audio files.
George, Sabrina
UK based performer touring Internationally. Includes upcoming show schedule, background and contact information.
Giles, Nelson
Comedian based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Contact information, audio and video clips.
Gilmartin, Paul
Performer from Chicago, Illinois providing audio samples, biography, upcoming schedule, contact and booking information.
Glass, Todd
Los Angeles, California based comedian with numerous television appearances. Includes upcoming shows, cd, photos, contact information and current projects.
Goad, Duane
Touring performer based in Canada. Includes biography and contact information.
Gomez, Marga
Nationally touring comedienne from New York City. Includes biography, show profile, upcoming schedule and booking information.
Gonzales, Virginia
Comedienne from in Belen, New Mexico. General information, resume, contact and upcoming dates.
Gorman, Dave
London, England based comic performing around the United Kingdom. News, show schedule, contact information and past appearances included.
Gregory, James
Comedian performing throughout Southern United States. Profile, credits, reviews, audio files, tour dates, and merchandise information included.
Grose, Andrew
Touring performer based in Canada. Includes biography, credits, future shows, contact information, and video clips.
Gunn, Mike
Reviews, biography, calendar and details about his anti-drugs show for schools. Based in the UK.
Haney, Rob
Profile at Uses gentle recognition humor about parents and kids.
Hargrave, Toby
Performer from Canada appearing nationally. Includes profile, show reviews, and booking information.
Harvey, Steve
Performer based in Los Angeles, California. General information, booking, radio and television shows, pictures, as well as information about the Steve and Mary L. Harvey Foundation.
Harvie, Ian
Performs in theaters, clubs and colleges. Includes show dates, biography, video clips and gallery.
Hayes, Tom
Entertainer from New England providing biography, schedule, show profiles and contact information.
Hegley, John
Touring comedian based in the United Kingdom. Provides biography, schedule, gallery and contact information.
Henton, John
Profile at Observational and topical humor. Includes biography and pictures.
Heward, Chris
Canadian performer providing biography, schedule, pictures and contact information.
Hofstetter, Steve
Performer known as "The Thinking Man's Comic". Biography, video and audio samples, photos and details of his satellite radio show.
Holmes, Pete
Chicago, Illinois based entertainer. Includes audio clips, tour dates and biography.
Ifft, Eddie
ComicShed presents illustrated profile, schedule and contact information.
Inman, James
Touring performer. Biography, reviews, audio files included.
Irene, Christina
Touring comedienne. Includes contact information, biography, upcoming schedule and personal views.
J., Myra
Comedienne and writer. Biography, past credits and tour information provided.
Jackson, Erin
Features calendar, biography, FAQ, guestbook and links.
James, Langdon
Based in the Philadelphia Area. Includes schedule, news, pictures and video clips.
James, Ron
Performer and writer based in Canada. Includes resume, biography, appearances, reviews and contact information.
Jena, Jeffrey
Comedian and writer. Profile including biography, schedule and videos.
Jeni, Richard
Comedian/actor's resume, biography, merchandise, appearances, reviews, and booking information.
Los Angeles based comedienne. Includes biography and contact details.
Jeong, Ken
"Dr. Ken" provides biography, pictures, video files contact information and upcoming events.
Jessup, Steve
Touring entertainer providing pictures, biography, show clips and tour schedule.
Johannsen, Jake
American performer touring nationally. Includes video samples from video, specials and television, contact information and tour schedule.
Joiner, Michael
American Christian comedian and writer. Includes past performances, biography, concert pictures and contact.
Joyce, Jesse
New York City based performer and writer. Includes biography, schedule, booking information, video clips and daily thoughts.
Jubal, Malik
Profile on Demonstrates dramatic skills, combined with vocal gymnastics. Resume, photos and contact details.
Kahn, Jerry
New York City based performer. Includes profile, schedule and resume.
Kan, Raybon
New Zealand based performer providing biography, booking contact and pictures.
Keating, John
Los Angeles based comic providing biography, video clips, photo gallery and show schedule.
Kelly, Robert
New York City based performer. Includes news, schedule, message board, contact information and audio samples. Requires Flash.
Kelly, Thomas J.
Performer and writer in New York City. Contains schedule, biography, thought of the day, photo gallery and contact details.
Kennedy, Big Ben
Entertainer from Baltimore, Maryland. Featuring video clips, audio clips, pictures, show schedule, interactive message board, and biography.
Kennedy, Justin
Entertainer from Australia. Includes background and contact information, writing samples and upcoming schedule.
Keshner, Gary
Stand Up comedian from Brooklyn, New York. Contact details, availability and experience listed.
Killer Beaz
Comedian specializing in humor with a Southern view. Includes upcoming shows, booking and contact information, photos, biography and newsletter sign up.
Kilmartin, Laurie
New York City comedienne. Includes biography, news, contact, upcoming schedule and reviews.
Klassen, Leland
Canadian comedian provides tour schedule, booking information and biography.
Kosta, Michael
Official site of comedian Michael Kosta. Schedule, weblog, media, and booking information.
Ladman, Cathy
Includes her resume, performance schedule, news, photos and videos.
Lampanelli, Lisa
Actress and stand-up comedienne known for insult comedy. Provides photos, video clips, photos and schedule.
Lampert, Johnny
Entertainer performing Nationally. Biography, articles, tour dates and complete booking information included.
Lapides, Beth
California based comedienne offering information about current projects, upcoming schedule, show profile, biography, audio samples and contact details.
Larry The Cable Guy
National touring comedian. Includes commentaries, biography, jokes, audio clips, photos, booking information, upcoming schedule and Larry's Flea Market.
Laughing Cows Comedy Nite
All-female line-up of stand-up comedy gigging around England and Europe.
Lawrence, Iszi
A UK based comedian, and semi-finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards. Gig list, weblog, artwork, photos and sound clips.
Lazarus, Steve
Yankee Stadium Beer Man turned performer. Contains biography, pictures, schedule and contact information.
Leake, Brett
Virginia based comedian with numerous television appearances. Resume, credits, photos and audio clips, reviews, and contact information.
Legge, Michael
Irish comedian offering news, show schedule, links and booking information.
Leifer, Carol
Former writer for "Seinfeld", available for corporate or private events. Includes biography, books and videos.
Lenox, Darryl
West Coast stand-up specialising in humorous socio-political commentary. Biography, contact information, guestbook, news and tour dates.
Lewis, Garie
Showcase of personal comedy performances and humor in general.
Lewis, Richard
Comedian with television, movie and writing credits. Includes biography and photo gallery.
Liebman, Wendy
American comedienne touring nationally. Includes biography, upcoming schedule, and contact, publicity and booking information.
Little, Dave
Performer from Texas providing background, contact and booking information, schedule and audio files.
Little, Rob
Detroit, Michigan based comedian offers show dates, pictures, biography, road diary and fan club.
Loder, Mike
A comedian and commentator based in Auckland, New Zealand. Lists awards, seminars, appearance and booking information, rants and writings.
London, Jay
Official website includes schedule, audio and video clips and a gallery.
Lopez, George
Comedian with upcoming sitcom. Includes biography, news, tour dates, photos, audio samples, video clips and downloads.
Lord Carrett
Touring performer providing publicity photo, biography, flyers, schedule and contact information.
Lottering, Marc
Internationally touring performer from South Africa. Includes biography, schedule and ticket information.
Lubel, Al
Stand-up comic. Includes profile, dates and videos.
Lucero, Marc
London based performer. Includes news, schedule, pictures reviews and contact details.
Lundholm, Mark
Provides recovery and 12-step humor. Includes show profile, biography, upcoming schedule, contact information and references.
Lynam, Chris
Current shows and schedule, photos, video, and reviews for this British comedian.
Mann, Rick
Comedian from Hoboken, New Jersey performs in clubs in colleges in the New York Tri-state area. Includes upcoming schedule, booking information and video clips.
Marley, Bob
Touring comedian based in Los Angeles, California, with numerous television appearances. Contains biography, contact information, video clips and show schedule. Requires Flash.
Marshall, Charles
Christian comedian for corporate, civic, private and church events. Biography, show schedule, newsletter sign up and contact information.
Mason, Jackie
Touring comedian with movie and television credits. Includes biography, upcoming schedule and reviews.
Mathieson, Jamie
UK based stand-up comedian and writer offers his resume, tour dates, material, photos, and award winning animation.
McCarron, Kevin
Comedian from London, UK. Includes background, booking information, schedule and show profile.
McGillen, Tom
Profile on Renowned for quick comic observation, and cutting-edge delivery. Resume, photo, and contact information.
McGivern, John
Milwaukee, Wisconsin native providing biography, upcoming events, message board and pictures.
McIntire, Tim - The Reverend
Boston based comic and host of the Thursday Night Fights. Promotional materials, schedule, news and biography included.
McKinney, Juston
Performer from Maine. Includes biography, booking information and photographs.
McNally, Jim
Ontario, Canada comedian whose site includes reviews, resume, videos and photos.
Meaney, Kevin
Nationally touring performer. Biography, upcoming schedule, journal, video clips, audio files, pictures and contact details included.
Mencia, Carlos
Biography, news and publicity, road stories, photos, tour schedule, fan mail, and contact.
Meyer, Scott
Seattle-based comedian. Biography, audio and video and projects.
Mirman, Eugene
Performer based in New York City. Biography, news, upcoming schedule, audio samples, video files and contact information. Requires Flash.
Monteith, Kelly
American comedian based in southern California; site includes profile, video clips from US TV and BBC series, film feature trailer, contact details and blog.
Mooney, Paul
Profile, pictures and booking for this performer, from the Richard De La Font agency.
Morales, Matt
Entertainer providing information about next show, resume and video clips.
Moreno, Rudy
Nationwide US comic, actor and musician. Profile, pictures, and upcoming events.
Morrison, Susan
The host of a morning show on Talk 107, an Edinburgh radio station, provides details of her standup and after dinner speaking presentations.
Morton, Bruce
Information about performer based in Scotland. Includes news, schedule and background information.
Moss, Colin
South African comedian and TV presenter. Photos, news and contact details.
Motion, Rory
Comedian, singer/songwriter, and tree impressionist. Biography, publicity photo and contact information included.
Mullarkey, Neil
One-man comedy stage show. Pictorial tour of career in comedy improvisation, background including double-act with Mike Myers and contact.
Muratore, Mike
Contains biography, videos, performance calendar, and contact information.
Naster, David
Touring comedian offering biography, contact details, past appearances and book information.
Nelson, Bob
Nationally touring performer providing club dates, biography, news, show reviews and booking information.
Noble, Ross
Includes live dates, biography and press information about this North Eastern comedian.
Nussbaum, Alex
Entertainer from Toronto, Ontario. Includes upcoming schedule, press, pictures, biography, booking and contact information.
O'Neill, Andrew
Includes biography, schedule, gallery and original writings.
Obeidallah, Dean
Stand up comic deals with political and social issues. Biography, schedule, photos and details of the presentation, "Standup for Peace".
Oswalt, Patton
Nationally touring performer based in California. Schedule, diary, news and contact details included.
Panzeca, Michael
Comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable for over 20 years. Reviews, FAQs, and contact information.
Papa, Tom
Nationally touring entertainer providing news, photographs, show calendar and booking information.
Pardo, Jimmy
Nationally touring performer. Biography, schedule, video clips, audio files and booking information included.
Paynter, Gord
Performer from Ontario, Canada providing background information, show descriptions, contact details and testimonials.
Pendleton, Chris
Bio-chemist turned comedienne. Includes biography, reviews and photos.
Peters. Russell
Canadian based comedian. Features include biography, news, press releases, concert dates, gallery, FAQs, forum, weblog and merchandise.
Phan, Dat
Touring performer providing biography, calendar, journal and forum.
Philips, Emo
Nationally touring comedian from California. Information about upcoming schedule, news, biography and contact details included. Requires Flash.
Pitta, Mark
Biography, journal, schedule, and audio and video clips by this California based comedian.
Point, Dana
Los Angeles based performer and actress. Profile, picture and booking information, from the Richard De La Font Agency.
Poundstone, Paula
Offers diary, audio and video clips, mailing list and tour date information.
Prince, Michael
Biography and resume, video clips, joke of the week, and booking information.
Putz, Marty
Exponent of bizarre and unusual comedy. Includes profile, TV/film/commercials credits, reviews, and contact details.
Quinn, Aaron
Wisconsin based comedian. Schedule, videos, articles, and a biography.
Rabon, John
Performer based in Austin, Texas. Schedule, video and audio clips, biography, news.
Raf, Mindy
Comedienne from New York, NY. Biography, publicity photos, schedule and contact information.
Rawlings, Jennifer
Comedienne from Southern California. Includes booking and contact information, past appearances, news, biography and media articles.
Reep, Jon
Nationally touring performer based in Los Angeles, California. Includes biography, schedule, pictures, booking and contact information.
Reilly, Dave
Nationally touring performer pictures. biography, writing samples and booking information.
Reynolds, Rick
Weblog of this comedian and monologist. DVDs available for purchase.
Richard, Adam
Australian performer providing biography, news and contact information.
Robinson, Tony
Profile at Biography, photo, and booking information.
Russell, Mark
Political satirist and entertainer. Includes biography, humor samples, upcoming schedule and contact information.
Russo, Dave
Site for this comedian from Boston contains a biography, reviews, resume and a press page.
Sample, Tim
According to Mr. Sample, "All the real Mainers are from Florida." Includes schedule of his appearances at grange halls and pot luck suppers, quotes, bibliography, and a comment from Stephen King.
Schiff, Mark
Entertains an audience dealing not with gags, but stories about real life. Profile, reviews, and video.
Schilling, Jeff
Profile at Includes photos and reviews.
Schneider, Eric
Located in Arizona providing schedule, audio clips, and guest book.
Schultz, Flip
Biography, world tour dates, jokes, audio clip downloads, photos, reviews, and contact details.
Sharp, Eric
California based performer. Schedule, biography, video, reviews, current projects.
Shillue, Tom
Provides show schedule, highlights of interest, booking details and a newsletter.
Shoemaker, Craig
Biography, appearances, photo album, newsletter, merchandise, links, and contact.
Shubert, Jimmy
Touring comedian and entertainer. Includes biography, past credits, photos, links, upcoming shows and video clips.
Shydner, Ritch
Renowned for observational comedy. Profile, photos, and videos.
Singer, Emily
Boston-based comedian. Includes performance schedule, interviews and booking information.
Skoglund, Robert
Local television celebrity and Maine humorist. Includes appearances, photographs, rants, contact information and examples of dry humor.
Slagle, Tim
Touring performer providing schedule, background information, articles and promotional materials.
Slayton, Bobby
American comedian touring Nationally, provides news, upcoming calendar, biography, and booking and management information.
Smiley, Rickey
Comedian known for characters. Offers fan club news, photos, audio clips, past appearances, and video clips. Requires Flash.
Smith, Jamie
Comic available for clubs, private engagements, and corporate parties. Includes biography, photos, resume and contact information.
Smith, JoJo
Comedienne from the UK. Site offers a biography, credits and a weblog.
Smith, Margaret
Comedienne's biography, reviews, photos, merchandise, and contact details.
Sneed, Josh
Nationally touring comedian. Tour dates, pictures and booking information included.
Snyders, Tom
Performer known for using a bicycle. Includes contact information, photographs, and background information.
Spencer, Anthony
Performer based in Boston, Massachusetts providing biography, news, schedule and publicity photo.
Spikey, Dave
Comedian performing around the United Kingdom providing biography, past appearances, credits contact and upcoming schedule. Best viewed with Netscape.
Stankos, Stan
Includes biography, schedule and contact information.
Stanky, Di
Comedienne from California provides biography, resume, upcoming schedule and ticket information.
Stephens, Gavin
Canadian performer providing biography, news and schedule.
Strong, Carl
Specializes in reality humor, blended with satire. Biography, photos, and contact information.
Stuart, Jason
Schedule, press and contact information, gallery, links, and biography of this openly gay actor and comic.
Stubbs, Keith
Touring performer providing biography, resume, scrap book, tour schedule and contact information.
Swersie, Jack
Comedian and juggler performing Nationally. Schedule, biography, photo gallery, reviews, video samples and contact information.
Sykes, Wanda
Stand-up comedienne, voice and TV actress. News about her latest projects, message board, photo gallery, and recordings of her as Crank Yanker's Gladys Murphy.
Szathmari, Jacquetta
Contact information, biography and musings by this New York City based comic and writer.
Taylor, Ranee
Includes biography, tour dates, video and audio clips and merchandise.
Terranova, Kelly
Nationally touring performer providing schedule, biography and booking information.
Tingle, Jimmy
Touring performer provides biography, upcoming schedule, commentary, audio samples and booking information.
Topix: Cedric The Entertainer
News about Cedric The Entertainer, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS]
Tor, Kevin
Includes biography, performance calendar and a weblog.
Torres, Luke
Profile on - Includes a short biography and photos.
Tosh, Daniel
Nationally touring comedian providing appearance schedule, biography, photos, and contact information.
Touhy, Steve
The Fired Guy is touring the country and can be seen the movies What Women Want and Save The Last Dance.
Tran, Rosie
Los Angeles, California, comedienne. Included are a biography, pictures, comedy journal, booking information, and past and future shows.
Twiss, Jill
Weblog from comedienne. Includes biography, pictures, schedule and contact information.
Tyler, Joe
Kansas City, Missouri performer with schedule, background and contact information.
Vaccarello, Greg
East Coast based entertainer providing information about upcoming shows, reviews, biography and contact information.
Vandyke, Sheila
Provides a resume, schedule, photos and a weblog.
Vargas, David
The official website of comic David Vargas. Contains media, schedule and contact information.
Vos, Rich
New York City based performer providing biography, video clips, audio files, schedule, booking and contact information.
Walker, Matt
Los Angeles, California based performer. Biography, resume, video files, weblog and contact information included.
Walker, Rich
Specializes in corporate events and private parties. Resume, photos, video clips and schedule.
Wallace, George
Derives his comedy from everyday moments of life. Profile, upcoming events, photos and videos.
Wallan, Keith
Comedian with more than 10 years experience doing observational humor. Contains tour dates, biographical and contact information.
Ward, Aaron David
New York City based performer. Includes biography, head shot, resume and schedule.
Warzel, Matt
Actor and stand-up comedian from Cleveland, Ohio. Includes video of his routines and audio voiceover recordings.
Watts, Matt
UK comedian who specializes in humorous histories. Includes character profiles, biography. booking information and upcoming schedule.
Whang, Suzanne
Comedian and actress based in California. Biography, resume, scheduled appearances, pictures, interview.
White, Basil
Performer and cartoonist. Includes pictures, diary, and show schedule.
White, Ron
Official site of the Texas comedian. Features a biography, video clips, tour schedule, merchandise, and booking information.
White, Sonya
Performs comedy, acting, singing, voice-over work and celebrity impressions. Profile, photos, and contact information.
Wiggins, Jim
The last Hippie in America and comedian provides news, biography, upcoming schedule, booking and contact information.
Williams, Russ
Comedian available for events. Includes biography, photos, audio files, video clips and booking information.
Williams, Terry
New Zealand based comedian providing news, photos, background profile and booking information.
Williamson, Taylor
Official website of this Los Angeles based comedian. Site includes tour dates, pictures, and biography.
Wilson Jamie
Canada. Stand up comedian, comic juggling and improvisational performer. Includes show profiles, schedule, biography and contact information.
Wilson, Tim
Country oriented comedian and musician. Features biography, show schedule, fan club, forum, products, and booking information.
Yeoman, Zoe
Bi-coastal comedienne providing biography, agent information, resume, interview, photo gallery, news and upcoming appearances.
York, Dwight
Nationally touring comedian and author. Audio files, writing samples, photo album, biography, upcoming schedule, booking and contact information included.
Zany, Bob
Performing for over 20 years, provides news, schedule, biography, audio samples and contact information.
Zedlacher, Pete
Video clips, jokes, biography, contact, and news for this Toronto, Canada based comedian. Requires Flash.
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