This category is a repository for acting education resources by a single teacher and/or coach that works with actors or actresses on an individual basis.

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The Actor's Scene
Atlanta, GA. Coaching staff offers acting, modeling, and singing training for all ages and types. Certified representative offering preparation and training for Millie Lewis' annual "Actors, Models, and Talent Competition."
Barbara Kite
Portland, OR. Training in film, television, theatre and commercials. Offers teen and adult acting classes and public speaking workshops.
Bill Smith
Denver, CO. Actor, director, and producer for three decades offers coaching and directing in scenes, improvs, cold copy, script analysis, commercials, voice-overs, industrials, film, and stage. Weekly workshops are limited to insure performance on-camera. Also, offers video and audio facilities.
Churcher, Mel
Teaches dialogue, theatre, TV and film. Provides biography, information about her book, tuition fees, and links.
Elisa Eliot
Los Angeles, CA. Acting coach with a Yale degree in drama provides private acting lessons and industry coaching.
Offers professional audition, on-camera, voice over and acting training through private coaching, workshops and webinars. Career development services include reels, showcases, headshots and resumes. New York City.
Jeffrey Marcus
Los Angeles, CA. Private coaching and primarily scene study classes using methods gleaned from Stanislavsky to Tantric Yoga.
Michael Unger
New York, NY. Offers private coaching and on-going classes for auditioning, musical theatre auditioning, and scene study. Includes portfolio and resume for the theatre director.
Robert Beecher
Sun Valley, CA. Commercial and film/TV classes, private coaching for drama, comedy, and specific roles, career advice, and video instruction courses.
Sande Shurin
New York, NY. Teaches The Shurin Technique, a method developed over 25 years of acting, coaching and directing experience and outlined in her book, "Transformational Acting".
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