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Sites related to African-American photojournalist, novelist, and filmmaker Gordon Parks. Parks was born in Fort Scott, Kansas, in 1912.

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Ella Watson, U.S. Government Charwoman
A baker's dozen of photographs from Gordon Parks' series for the Farm Security Administration. Includes one of his most famous pictures, "American Gothic." Accompanying text sheds light on how Roy Stryker helped Parks become a better artist.
The Films & Photography of Gordon Parks, Sr.
Was part of a film series put on by New York State Writers Institute, at SUNY Albany. How he got his big break, and his work in photography and films. Links to film notes and to two articles.
The Gordon Parks Collection
Description of still photos from the movie "The Learning Tree," at Leonard H. Axe Library, Pittsburg State University. Links.
IMDb: Gordon Parks
Filmography, brief biography, trivia.
A Kansas Portrait: Gordon Parks
Biographical essay on the photographer, writer, and filmmaker.
Legends Online: Gordon Parks
Biography, and a photo gallery.
Spartacus Educational: Gordon Parks
Short biography of the American photographer, for schoolchildren.
Wikipedia: Gordon Parks
Encyclopedia-style entry on the African American photographer, pianist, film director, and novelist.
Gordon Parks: Appreciation of an artist's life work
A photography instructor outlines the career of the groundbreaking black movie director and photographer. Includes several photographs. [Online Art Magazine] (January 01, 2004)
A Great Day for Gordon Parks
Feature story on the legendary photographer's 90th birthday. RealAudio. Includes links to earlier stories on Parks. Requires JavaScript. [All Things Considered] (December 08, 2002)
Half Past Autumn
An interview of photographer Gordon Parks on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery. RealAudio and a transcript. Transcript uses some Windows-only characters. [NewsHour] (January 06, 1998)
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