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Reviews, articles and interviews regarding actor Clive Owen.
Clive Owen on Closer, James Bond, and Sin City
Interview with Clive Owen about the movie Closer, the James Bond rumors and Sin City.
Clive Owen: Beyond the Pale
The actor discusses his role as a refugee doctor in the film "Beyond Borders", his love for making movies and the importance of being successful.
Guardian Unlimited Film | Interview: Clive Owen
Detailed interview affirming the actor's secret key for success, unsentimental relationships with audiences, his working-class Midlands family and ardent devotion to his daughters.
This is London: Owen Voted Best Dressed
Actor Clive Owen has been voted the 'Best Dressed' man of 2006.
Times Online: Clive Owen's Orgy of Violence
Owen shot to fame as the gambling guru in the 1998 thriller Croupier, and has more recently aced a string of heavy-hitting roles, some Oscar-nominated, that have included the screen adaptation Closer,the dystopian sci-fi Children of Men, and the impeccable heist movie Inside Man. By Kevin Maher. (September 08, 2007)
New York Magazine: We Would Give Anything to Fug Clive Owen
Demi Moore temporarily swapped her man-candy husband for the company of none other than devastating British hottie Clive Owen. (September 06, 2007) Clive Owen on Shoot 'Em Up
Interview with the action star includes photos. By Edward Douglas. (September 05, 2007)
Clive Owen's Family Problems
The British actor and wife Sarah-Jane have two daughters, ten-year-old Hannah and eight-year-old Eve, and they hate it when he has to shoot his movies abroad. (September 03, 2007)
Frank Miller to Adapt Trouble Is My Business
The film, set up as a starring role for Clive Owen, will give the actor a chance to marry a compelling voice-over to the hard boiled private eye Philip Marlowe. (June 19, 2007)
After Lizzie and Uma, the New Face of Lancome is...Clive Owen?
He's the epitome of firm-jawed ruggedness, an actor as renowned for his smouldering looks as his tough-guy roles. (May 21, 2006)
icWales - Owen on Track
In this interview with Rob Driscoll, the actor reveals how he keeps a handle on fame and what it was like working with Jennifer Aniston in his latest movie. (February 02, 2006)
BBC Radio 4 - The Film Programme - Clive Owen
In this audio interview, the actor talks about his role in "Sin City", depictions of violence, script adaptation and the film noir genre. Requires RealPlayer or Windows Media. (May 28, 2005)
NPR : Clive Owen, 'Inside Man'
In this 13 minute audio interview with Terry Gross, the actor talks about attending casino school, the anatomy of his voice overs, his action shorts for BMW and seeing his face for the first time on screen. Includes audio movie clips from 'Inside Man' and 'Croupier'. (July 12, 2004)
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