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Jeff Lewis, born in 1970 in Orange County California, is a real-estate speculator and reality television personality. His show, "Flipping Out" airs on BravoTV.

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Jeff Lewis
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The Big Idea Blog: Jeff Lewis
Features video clip. (July 24, 2008) Jeff Lewis Gets Real on Flipping Real Estate
With the housing market such a mess, we hit up neat-freak real-estate guru Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out for his top tips on how to sell your home without, well, flipping out. By Damian Holbrook. (July 22, 2008)
NYDailyNews: 'Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis has a Topsy-Turvy Life
"Flipping Out's" Jeff Lewis is about to have the tables flipped on him. The man who's become infamous for micromanaging his employees now has to relinquish his power as boss and work for clients who may be even more demanding then he is. By Cristina Kinon. (June 17, 2008)
The Real Estalker: Jeff Lewis Rides Again
Includes commentary and photos. (May 17, 2008)
OrganizingLA Blog: Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out
Jeff Lewis of Bravo TVs Flipping Out, is just so much fun. He's crazy, and obsessively compulsive, and just the kind of person we love to hate. (September 17, 2007)
ABC News: Jeff Lewis Is 'Flipping Out'
It's his knack for the little things that scored Jeff Lewis his own reality show on Bravo called "Flipping Out," all about the reality of realty. By Mary Fulginiti and Steven Baker. (September 06, 2007)
The Backlot: Interview With Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out
We recently had the chance to chat with Jeff about the show, living with OCD, and pet integrators. By Josh Aterovis. (August 20, 2007) Life - When He's Not Flipping Houses, He's Flipping Out
"You can have people tell you how you are, but until you see yourself on a 40-inch plasma TV, you really can't know," says Lewis, 37, who grew up in Orange County. By P. Larsen. (August 12, 2007)
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