This is a showcase for poetry published independently on the web by the author. Poetry ranges from wacky to morose, depending on the mood of the web page programmer.

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Alcoholic Poet
Often updated collection of dark and sad poetry.
Amateur Poets Society
Showcases poetry from around the world.
The America Library of Poetry
Dedicated to the expression of creativity through poetry.
Members can post their poems and leave comments for other writers.
Arcanum Cafe
Where poets and writers can showcase their works and visitors can read writing in a wide variety of styles.
Art Arena
Featuring poets from around the world. Poets submit up to three poems to be judged.
Beautiful Poetry Pages
Poetry featuring various authors. Includes spiritual, love, inspirational and friendship.
Best Poems encyclopedia
A resource for poems and biographies of well known poets, as well as a community and writing platform for new poets and writers.
Between These Shores
Poetry and writing of A. C. Geraghty paired with photography of Dr. Phil C. Sidebottom.
Birthday Poems for Free
Collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
Black Rose Poetry
A selection of online poetry.
Bowlbrushes Are Our Friends
Pieces crossing elements of poetry and prose as well as collaborative email efforts touching on subjects such as Dennis Rodman and boredom, mesmerism, and the traditions left by avant garde writer Juan Serio Landers.
Dark Poetry
A community for writers to share their works of poetry.
Deep in My Heart
Poetry written by Alka Narula.
Full-text classical poetry, work by unknown authors, poetry discussions for critical review, links engine for published and obscure poets through the ages and haiku generator.
Garden Of Life's Emotions
Poetry about life's emotions by Francine Pucillo. Includes midis and graphics suited to the poems, and free greeting pages which the user can send.
Left for Dead
Small collection of words by a few poets, and some artworks.
Levitation, or How to Float
A ten-page web bookette about how a kid floats. It's about hubris, wonder and will.
Poetry and personal memoirs from selected writers.
Love is Lonely
Poems from members, sorted by month and by title. Free registration.
Community of poets with posted work and comments by others.
A virtual poetry workshop and community where members can submit poetry, swap critiques, and enter a monthly contest.
A Passage Through August
Illustrated poetry anthology presents philosophic views of our "journey" through adulthood and maturity. Contains works by selected contemporary and classical poets.
The Pinevergreen Forest
Modern, personal poems of inspiration, love, angels, sci-fi, mystery and soul searching. Also includes artwork, web links, and song lyrics.
Poems by well-known poets and members, lyrics and forum. Free registration.
Poetry Aloud
A poetry site for Suffolk (UK), associated with a monthly poetry group in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK. It provides local poets with a sympathetic platform from which to showcase their work. Forum and events calendar.
Poetry Challenge
For poets who wish to be challenged. Submit or read poetry about the monthly chosen subject.
Poetry From The Heart
Poetry portraying love, romance, desired love, long distance affairs, cyber love, dark poetry as well as some erotic poems. Sound and images accompany the poems.
The Poetry Haven
If you like to read or write poetry, this is the place for you. Submissions welcome.
Poetry Haven
Submitted poetry by a variety of authors.
Poetry in Motion
Seasonal poetry with animations
Poetry Now's Fruit Juice Online
This is the online version of the Poetry Now publication called Fruit Juice. Poetry, author profiles, outside contributors, site news.
Poetry Pages
Poetry and haiku, forums, classifieds, free web pages and email.
Poetry Place
A place for poets to show their work and read others' poetry.
A community for amateur poets. After registration, members may post their poetry, and review other posts.
Poetry: A Stroll Through
Read quotes, lyrics, and original poetry.
The Poets Club of Stuyvesant High School
A large collection of poems by various student poets.
Poets Online
A site of poetry inspiration with a monthly writing prompt, poems, and the opportunity to submit your response for possible posting in the poetry archives.
The Poets' Corner
Submit your original poems, prose and rhymes to share online. Also try your hand at interactive poetry: add a line to a poem in progress and watch poetic license in action.
Random Randomness
Original poetry of random genre.
Romantic Serenity
Thoughts and feelings from the heart and a special section dedicated to children of abuse.
The Sentence Structure
Collection of poetry and prose.
Starving Poetess Society
Features original poetry written by a group of friends.
StellaLuna-Poetry Circle
A place where you can share your poetry, read that written by the sites creators and discuss your favorite poems or poets. In English and Spanish.
Teen Creativities
Poetry by teens. Created for teenagers to easily share and read each others work.
Self-expression and of poetry. [English, French]
Mostly dark poetry, song lyrics and general ramblings.
United World Poets
A community of poets, where users can publish poems, upload pictures, create famous poet pages, create forum topics.
The Unofficial Soup Kitchen
Collections of poetry from Chicago and around the world, listings of poetry events, venue profiles, and resources. Join the poets in USK's interactive conversation forum.
Up Country Creations
A potpourri of poetry, thoughts, feelings, humor, country jargon, travel pictures, and links.
An anthology of poems by various poets.
Various writings by different authors. Specializes in poetry. Accepts submissions.
Waiting For Liberty
An eclectic site for visual and mental stimulus.
Welcome to the Poetry Cafe
Contains submitted literary work and links to various literary sites.
Whispering Amongst the Wings
Poetry preaching equality, spirituality, and love.
Whispers in the Dark
Dedicated to the expression of emotion through poetry. Includes art, poetry, and guest poetry.
Wild Fire
A pamphlet for discussion by three writers and a webmaster. Submissions accepted.
Wintersoulstice : The Realm
Especially for women. Poetry, links, and shopping.
The Witching Hour
Poetry, and ramblings by the webmaster.
Your Poetry Dot Com
Poetry from all corners of the world by multiple authors. Invites submissions.

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