This category is for personal poetry pages whereby: 1. The author's surname begins with S, or 2. If surname is unknown/unacknowledged, the first name begins with S.
Poetry and photography from British artist Christopher Sanderson.
S., Trish - Trish's Poetry
The first poems the author wrote, followed by several pages of poems that span many years.
Sadie's Homepage and Poems
A collection of original poetry by Sadie.
Salyer, Joseph - In The Beat
Strange beatnik style poetry mixed with love and despair and computer generated art.
Samantha's Poetic Caverns
Original poetry by a group of friends.
Sanes, Ken
Poems and short stories about the basics of life.
Sanyal, Siddharth - The Poet Tree Shade
A collection of poems by Siddharth Sanyal.
Sarah's Poetry
Poetry influenced by circumstances and emotions throughout life.
Sauer, Jim - A Year of Poetry
Twelve poems for the twelve months. Poetry and art for winter, spring, summer and fall.
Schaible, René - Actionliterature
Presents poems and ballads in three languages. Includes a guestbook and biography for this German author.
Schoneman, LaVonne - Just Smoked Salmon
Features product topic-related poems by this noted Post Polio Syndrome author.
Schram, Munda - Munda's Poetic Moments
A collection of poetry and prose.
Scott's Poetry Place
Features many original poems and selected favourites by other authors.
Sears, Naomi - Sugarcane's Abode
Personal poetry, quotes, pictures, and the poetry of others.
Selendy, Bela - Bela's Burbles
Collection organized chronologically and by form.
Shadian, Geraldine
Personal impressions of life expressed in poetry.
Shari, Donna - HideAway
World of poetry, gardening and fun.
Sharon's Pages of Poetry & Thought
A collection of poetry reflecting feelings, experiences and family. "Inspiration should never be questioned, it should be whorshiped, and treasured, and shared".
Shaumyan, Alexander
Lyrical poetry and satire on the corruption in American political and social life. Includes translations, artwork and books.
Shaw, Beth - Over the Rainbow
Mostly love poems and sad poems, by the site owner, by famous poets, or submitted by readers. Also has love facts and quotations.
Shaw, Valeri - Real Woman Poetry
Showcasing the poetry of this Bangor, Maine poet.
Sheftel, Beatrice - Beauty on the Weeds
Examples of original poetry and links to markets for writers of poetry, fiction and nonfiction.
Shella - Soulflesh
A collection of original poetry and lyrics.
Shelquist, Richard - Rendezvous with the Beloved
Sufi poetry of longing, surrender and joy.
Shoeless's Walk Your Own Path Poetry
A collection of Shoeless Boy Wonder's poems.
SickDawgs Philosophy & Poetry Page
A page dedicated to poetry from famous to up and coming poets. Lots of quotes from sources like Buddha, Confucius, The FA, Latin Sayings, Chinese Proverbs.
Sienna's Poetry Suite
"Sense stirring poetry". Submissions invited. Includes challenges, articles, teen area, chats and audio.
Silent Moon Song - Dark Side of the Moon
From the ever changing, insane mind of the author. Mostly depressing, but there are a few semi-happy poems.
Simmons, Robert M. - A Poetry Sampler
Selected poems on such topics as the passage of time, small town life, popular culture, and global warming.
Simmons, Shawn - Question of...
Searching personal poetry detailing a life of struggle. Includes samples, influences, and updates.
Songer, Melissa - States of Being
Poetry and prose about the vagaries of existence.
Sorensen, Kenneth
A small collection of personal poetry.
Spears, André - Xo: A Tale for the New Atlantis
Web-published 60-page long poem. Offers brief background on the author.
Sprague, Dale J. - Phoenix
Selected soliloquies, tone poems, rhapsodies, variations of a theme.
Stacey's Poetry Page
Original and submitted poetry.
Stanley, J.L. - Labyrinth Poems
An anthology of poems, a record of the author's journey. Includes images of ancient places, earth, life, and universe.
Stanton, Jackie
Poetry written between 1999-2001.
Stars Little Corner of the Web
Features drawings and poetry compiled by Star.
Staryln - Words from the Heart
Music to enjoy and links to other poetry pages, paint pages, or fun sites to surf on the net.
Steenbergen, Michael Lee - Space Rocker
Songs, lyrics and serialization of the rock opera SpaceRocker. Space oriented human survival theme about colonizing the universe.
Sterling, Tova
Samples of poetry about love, social issues, joy and people.
Stoney's Poetry Page
A compendium of poems, many with a nautical flavour.
Summer - Diamond Amaryllis: The Ravings of a Madwoman
A collection of original poems and also a collection of poetry submitted by site viewers. Includes photos and a bio.
Sutherland, Jamie
The author's favorite poetic works.
Sutton, D. N. - SoulSite
Poems on romantic love, death, grieving, and miracles.
Sward, Robert - Writer / Editor / eZines
Includes resources and links for writers, poets, researchers, and librarians.
Syd's Poetry Corner
Original and favourite poetry and related links.
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