This category is for personal poetry pages whereby: 1. The author's surname begins with M, or 2. If surname is unknown/unacknowledged, the first name begins with M.
Macwilliam, Richard
A wide-ranging selection of poetry.
Majikblu - Journal of Rambling Madness
Personal collection of poetry and explanatory journal entries.
Malac's Home
An index of poems, a selection of picture galleries of friends and family, a bio, and a Sailormoon image gallery.
Malachite, Angel - Attempts at Poetry
Published and unpublished works about angels, love, and life.
Mallarme, Stephane - The Afternoon of the Faun
The English version of the poem translated by Roger Fry and illustrated with Rebecca A. Barrington paintings. This correlates to the DeBussy work of the same name.
Malone, Jae - Jaeworld
Includes original poetry that changes three times per week. Also illustrated with art, links, tips on writing poetry, editorial services, quotes, and other quirky stuff.
Mané, Cyllene - Shepherding The Random
Features original poetry about life experiences.
Maralyn - Mers Poems
A few selected poems, author bio, and guestbook.
MarChar Connections
Poetry from various authors with optimism toward healing from abuse, society, traumas and pain of the heart.
Marie, Anna - Anna's Poems
Poems dedicated to lovers, family, and friends.
Mars, Michael - The God Poems of Michael Mars
The poetic work of the author, a self-described indentured servant to any and all gods who see divine inspiration as an annoying waste of their best material.
Marsha, Chantaclair Rose - The Sitting Room
Poem slideshow and online chapbook ordering.
Martinez, Laura - Visions of a Warrior Soul
Original poetry written in English and Spanish about emotional personal experiences.
Marx, Kathie Raye - Black Mesa Poetry
Poetic writings by the author, a survivor of physical, sexual, psychological and substance abuse.
Mathew, Roxy - Poems by RockSea
Poems on love, nostalgia, rock and sea, school, college and hostel life at girideepam bethany, St. Antony's Public School, CMS College, Cochin University, Sanathana Hostel, and Hokkaido University.
Maud, Eleanor - A Character Insight
Contains original, previously unpublished poetry and stories.
Max's Poetry Pages
Features poetry of romance and inspiration.
McConnell, Angie - Angie's Poems
A small personal collection.
McDonald, Reverend Bill - The Vietnam Experience
Poetry, literature, and veteran support network by a Vietnam combat veteran.
McDonald, Rogers - Poetic Emotions
Personal collection and news.
McGahan, Ogden - Ogden's Prose Poetry
A collection of prose and many writer resources.
McGuire, Mary
Writer of humorous poetry and novels.
McHugh, Heather
Includes a scrollable e-poem, vita, and some salty quotes.
McInturff, Erika Ratcliff
Poetry, pictures, and links.
McLean, Sally - Flare with Flair
Work by this Australian poet and chosen featured poets.
McNeely, David D. - Night Rains Domain
Poetry inspired by life, with accompanying graphics and music.
Mead, Johanna - Rough Cut
Small but growing collection of personal poetry. Sometimes it's reluctant revelation, sometimes it's just munge.
Mercado, Petia - An Honest Breath of a Dreamer
Samples from an upcoming book of poetry.
Metzger, Brice A. - Stray Strands of Sifted Thoughts
Traditional rhyme and meter poetry covering many subjects. Serious, humorous and the sublime.
Meyer, Eric - Each Wasted Night is an Ear on the Devil's Belt
A collection of irreverent poetry about life, love, spirit and exploration. Bukowski/Beat influenced.
Michael - The Ghostlight
Poetry,prose, haiku and miscellaneous writes on the views of life, love, love lost.
Michelle Poet's Waves of Emotions
Poems inspired by family, pets, and being a young woman alone in a big city.
Mikey's Sanctuary Of Heartfelt Compositions
A personal site of poetry, as well as works from other aspiring poets and authors.
Miller, Angela - Poetic Utopia's Place
Thoughts and emotions, includes lyrics to love songs.
Miller, Cristina - BreathingMoon
Inspirational poetry with Christian, contemporary, and fun themes.
Mistress Wynter - The World of the Darkmistress
Dark and seductive poetry and pictures.
Misty's Poetry Site
Poetic expression of feelings.
Mittag, James
A small collection.
Mlynarek, Deanna
Poems, lyrics, photos, links, and bio.
Moe - Brothers Thought of the Past
A brother deals with life written into poems. From love to the struggle for the black man in life.
Monnar, Ana - Readers are Leaders
Different types of poetry online plus a synopsis of the book, "Half Full, or Half Empty?"
Montford, Sandra-Leigh
New Zealander Sandra-Leigh Montford was born with cerebral palsy. At the age of ten she decided to be a poet. Includes biographical note and poems.
Montgomery, Deb - Vision Impressions
A collection of poems and music dealing with friendship, love, family and awakening to discover self. Also includes graphics and psychic information.
Moon Goddess Poetry
Personal poetry by Jessika, and that dedicated to poets like Rod McKuen and Dorothy Parker.
Moore, J.S. - Searchers
A tribute to Jim Morrison of the Doors by this Tennessee writer.
Moreschi, Opus -
Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, non-non-non-fiction, and other weirdness.
Morgan, Addie - Infinity Rising
A showcase of poetry.
Morris, F.W. - Poetica
Featuring personal and classic erotic poetry, complimented by black and white photography. Includes an author bio.
Morris, Steve - Reinforced Steel
A personal collection.
Morris, Will - Wordstorm
An archive of his poetry.
Mortis - The Library
Poems and stories, including an Achaean page.
Mourning Grave
Poetry, prose and songs written by teens. Also includes role play characters and artwork.
Murphy, Robert - Lingering Daffodils
A small collection of poetry.
Happy, sad and witty poetry by a self acclaimed wannabe.
My Land of Dreams
Asian-style poetry and stories.
My Little World
Contains personal poetry by Justin.
My Poetry Archive
"Look into the depths of our imaginations...". A collection of poems by friends.
My Private Hell
A collection of poetry varying from the dark and suicidal, to the happy and love found.
My Subliminal Guide To Insanity
Poetry by Laura about love, depression, suicide and drugs.
My World of Narrative Poetry
A collection of poems in response to world events, occurrences and happenings.
Mysterious Labrys
Thoughts, creations and inspiration.
Mystical Raiders
A place for the souls of heartbreak. Come in to read, relax, and feel.
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