For personal poetry pages in which the author name is not acknowledged.
Alternative Poems
Collection of the author's dreams, views, artwork, and fantasies through poetry. Also includes mp3s from the band Lonely Fish Mountain.
Amethyst Journey
An exploration into the human mind and heart through poetry, includes regularly updated discussion of women's issues and book recommendations.
Canary Is Singing
Featuring original poetry and music by the author as well as her friends.
A Collection of Poetry and Prose
Collection of poetry in various topics.
Colors of Trust
A tasteful collection of poetry set to music with appropriate graphics. Also a selection of RealAudio files.
The Confessions and Obsessions
Poetry about beauty and self loathing, silence and screams, vanity and envy, poetry and art, organized into online e-zines.
Dancing Under The Stars
A tour of life from birth to death and beyond.
The Darker Poet's Lair
Intended for the sole purpose of relieving distress. Poetry about angst, alienation, and even suicide. Also about problems with the outer world.
Deep Verses from the Soul
Poetry, personal page and webring.
Dragon Tears
A small collection of original poetry.
Dragon's Cave
Feelings put into words from the heart.
Droplets of Poetry
Personal poetry about friends, love, relationships, and life.
Dyan's Poetry
Collection of poems, mostly based around relationships.
East of Nowhere
A collection of mostly melancholy poetry by two authors: staind and battered angel.
Fairy-inspired and personal poetry and music.
The Fiery Circle
Poetry, links and resources for writers.
Fire Dance
Quotes, lyrics and poetry. [Poems in Microsoft Word format]
Fragments of a Possum
Classical and original poetry.
Freedom is Box
Dedicated to helping me express understand the folly of truth, through poetry and graphics.
In My Love
The words, hopes, dreams, fantasies, and inner feelings of a woman.
In This Water
Collection of poems written by a young girl in New England.
Insightful Expressions of a Shattered Heart
Personal poetry, favourite poems and quotes.
Kiss the Corpses
Dark and morose thoughts.
The Labyrinth
Personal poetry. The themes of the poems range from Gothic and love, to nature and life contemplation. A little of everything thrown at you, just like in life.
The Lonely Shell's Pages
Complete collection of the poems and paintings. A virtual gallery that's worth every second spent here.
Masked Maidens Main Room and Poetry Parlor
Poetry straight from the veins of a depressive poetess. Beautifully accented with music and graphics.
Poetry, links, forums, and collections ranging from Shakespeare to Billy Collins.
Writing dealing with love and loss, including some random thoughts.
Poetry Begins In Delight
Romantic and classic poetry with user submissions.
Poetry Ones Own Expression
Poems by a young person who has experimented with drugs.
Poets on the Edge
Poetry and art from Deborah Kay.
The Primrose Portfolio
Fiction and lyrics of a xeno-crypto-post-apocalyptic nature.
Psychotic Dragon
Includes poetry and pictures.
Quotations Poetry
Personal poetry on people, love and experiences.
Refried Soap
Life and experiences through poetry.
Search Light On
Poetry of truth, inspiration, and transformation, promoting the Oneness of the universe.
Shadow Godess's Lair
Poetry by a 17-year old girl about angst and growing up. Includes a guestbook, personal and collected poetry, and a bio.
Sinister Designs
Poetry in the categories of metaphysics, mythology, natural history, history, and politics.
Links to the many pages created by Stolen Tear.
The Temple of Bloomchild
Poetry by the site owner.
Thoughts in the wind
A creative space for expression. A collection of poems, thoughts and design.
Three A.M.
Inspired by night time feedings, a young boy's mother wrote this poem.
Extensive personal collection including webring affiliations and news about updates.
A View From The Inside
A sample of poems, writings and assorted ramblings.
Wish Upon a Star
Poetry and thoughts. "A little hope in a sorrowful world".
WordPoet's Poetry
Poems on various subjects by both the author and guest submissions.
Words and Meaning
Samples of the author's poetry and short stories.
The World of a Poet, Musician, Dreamer, and Oddball
A virtual secret garden that covers an array of subjects from art to trumpet playing to poetry to Medieval cookery.
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