Poetry about love and romance available to view online.

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Ashi's Poetry Collection
Poetry written by Ashi Shadow which includes several with a romantic theme.
Boulevards of the Heart
Features original romantic poetry. By Steve Soskin.
Den the Pen
A journey of poems, paintings, and memorable media about love.
Devotion to Emotion and Artistic Expression
A few poems about love and romance, plus a couple about personal losses, by Poppy Hullings.
Dreams of Poetry
Poetry on love, loss, beginnings, and joys.
HTxRose's Place
Love, romantic and sensual poetry.
Poetry, quotes and tips about love.
Poetry and other writings about love by Sharon Angleman-Goodson and Alan W. Goodson and submitted poets. Registration required.
Ktwilight's Crystal Dawn Poetry Page
Love poetry by Ralph Ball, a teenager who believes himself to be permanently in love.
Laura's Love Notes
Poetry about mature love and its journey.
Laura's Prose & Poetry
Written by two lovers who met online before meeting in the real world and falling in love.
The Love & Romance Home Page
Read love poems sent in by individual contributors, or submit one yourself for consideration.
Love Citadel
Happy and sad love poems written in English and Spanish.
Love of Eternity
Romantic poetry by Sherrie Davis, based on mythological characters.
Love Poems
Original poetry by Bob Lavoie and Amy Mendoza.
Love Poems By Ron
Mostly love poetry by the site owner, Ron Marcus, but readers can also submit their poems.
Love Poems for Free
A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
Love Poems Queen
Short love poems by Sara Apples, a woman writing for women. Also has some narratives and a free newsletter. Readers' poetry accepted, including works by men.
Lovers Cove
Romantic Prose by Francine Rexford.
Mariola's Poems
Love poems by Mariola. Polish version available.
My Love Poems
Featuring over 70 original love poems.
Poems for a Loving Word
Poetry and short stories by 'Sir Eros'.
Poems Only
Love poems both by famous poets and by site users. Poems can be submitted by email.
Unhappy prose on difficult or failed relationships.
Poetry and Prose of the Soul
Poems about loved ones, with a strong hint of sadness.
The Poetry of Linda L. Martin
A woman's view of romance, and the effects of world affairs on interpersonal relationships.
Poetry of Linda Marie Van Tassell
Romantic poems of love, lost love and erotica.
Pricked by a Rose
Personal poetry by Timothy Paul Keller
A Reflection of Daze Gone By
Tragic love poetry by Ray Bundok.
Romantic love poems written by poetess Sonji Rush.
Scent of A Woman
Romantic poetry and prose, love letters and love songs with lyrics.
Sean's Page
Original love poems by Sean for someone special.
Sensual Moments
Romantic prose of Jacqueline Luzette, illustrated by works by the artist Ty Wilson.
Love poems and quotes, plus kissing techniques, romantic recipes and wedding tips.
Short Love Poems
Submitted and classical poems about romance, friendship, marriage and lost love.
A poem about idealist love in a beautiful world.
Soulwebs: A Collection of Poems
Original poems influenced by the poet's own changing experiences of love.
Struck By Cupid's Arrow
Love poetry by an anonymous teenager.
Timeless Treasures
Poems by C. T. Cornwall about love, romance, betrayal and life.
Verse of Life
Verses about love, dating, and life, by Jerry.
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