For those sites that are mostly poetry. These sites may contain additional elements as long as the primary focus is on gothic poetry.

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Fantasy and modern genre, dark poetry and short stories by Matthew Siadak.
Dark Land
Dark Lands is a website displaying the dark and Gothic poetry of AcidBathSadie.
The Dark Realm
A collection of dark poetry and short stories written by members of a small group of people from different countries.
Dark Visions
Web published poetry of a dark and Gothic nature.
The Darkest Way Home
Poetry by Luci Fer. Usually dark, morbid and depressing.
Darkside Poems
Darker poetry, by and for teenagers.
Elfwood: Erica Martin
Poetry and short stories of vampires and wiccan themes.
Feed Your Ego
Dark, melancholy poems by Katie. "If you are superficial and oblivious to emotions, this site is not for you."
Gothic Poetry of Demonrobber
A collection of Gothic poetry inspired by the various Gothic websites I have visited.
Kay Irvin: Writing, Dark Poetry, Gothic Poetry, Lyrics
Writing and lyrics style works. Dark and gothic poetry included.
Lesser Devil Headquarters
The realm of twisted poetry and literature.
Living a Dream of Being Dead
Morbid poetry and stories.
The Lost Library
Dark and depressing poetry by Caitlin Carlson.
Lyrics by Wiccanguy
A site containing dark, Gothic lyrics and poems.
The Mind's Ass
For those who have loved and lost and wallow in a decrepid realm of pain and regret.
NightUnfolding's Poetry
NightUnfolding's poems of despair, depression and loss.
On The Chilly Side of Midnight
Yvonne's site of poetry provides a Gothic outlook on the external world. She also creates a combination of Gothic music and graphics to emphasize her work.
Peering Into Darkness
Poetry of a different nature by Eric Ellison. Upfront and to the point. Other poets may submit poetry.
Perfection Through Silence
The description of horror, in expanded form...dark poetry, art, and reflective passages.
Pit of the Harvester
Dark Poetry written submitted by numerous authors.
The Rant and Rage Page
For people who just can't take it anymore.
Raven's Rants
A collection of Gothic poetry and other Gothic works.
Screaming Silence
Original dark poetry by Sorrow Nightshade and other lost souls. Some of a very graphic nature.
The Tragic Page
Gothic poetry by "tradgichik".
Welcome to the Darker Half
Original poems of a dark, gloomy, vindictive nature. Also a humorous story about a rough-neck monitor.
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