For sites which offer free space to anyone wanting to keep up an online diary/ journal. To be listed here, the site should offer at least some sort of Free account to its users. If there is no free option, locate under paid hosts.

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Blurty Journals
Community site designed for adults, based on livejournal source code. Future plans are to add paid accounts with additional features in addition to the free accounts currently offered.
Dear Diary
Customizable diaries updateable via web browser including pictures. Plus accounts include additional features.
Create your own online diary. Secure, free and without advertising.
Diaries with customizable look and feel and login capabilities from any web browser. Extra features including image hosting available with paid accounts.
Digital Expressions
Community oriented diary site that offers public and private diaries.
Set up your journal and build a following.
Dream Journal
Create and customize your own dream journal. Keep track of your dreams and share them with others.
Forever Dita
Create your online diary for free or read other member diaries from around the world.
Free Online Personal Diary
A site offering free online personal diaries with photo-upload and invitations to friends using different security levels to restrict who can see which pages.
Create your private, personal journal or choose to share with the community. Also offers pen pal letter exchanges.
I Love My Journal
Members can search, categorize, and update their own free online journal. Public and private entries are accepted. All public entries are family-friendly.
i Net Self
Free service to capture and share the memories, feelings, hopes, and accomplishments of individuals with their social circles.
Inbox Journal
Allows users to post entries through daily, weekly, or monthly email journal reminders.
Journal Home
Provides hosting space for creating, editing, managing, and authoring a weblog. Free accounts and customizable with premade templates.
Free online journals. Color and template styles choices, reader comments, private and public journal entries without ads.
Write journal entries and collect posts from social media sites. Organize entries by subject and date. Keep private or share with others on an item by item basis.
Open source project. A service for creating and customizing a journal on the web. Download an executable tool to update your journal without being connected to the site. Additional features with paid account.
Living Alpha
An online journaling site. Share memories, write your autobiography, and create online dream boards.
Living File
A simple way to keep a personal, online journal that can either be kept private or be shared with friends.
Secure and private journaling in the cloud. Create your own personal diary - safely backed up online, accessible from anywhere.
My Personal Diary
Hosts diaries which are text only. Gives users the ability to send feedback, notification when selected journals are updated and they can be designated as private or public.
Free, personal online journal host.
Up to the Sky
Secured, reliable and protected personal diary.
Write Diary
Keep all your secret notes and ideas, securely accessible from Web and Android device.
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