The Short Stories category in Online Writing/Fiction is for single fictional short stories.

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Alfie Dog Fiction
A web site that collects short stories by authors around the world.
American Literature
Online library with short stories, classic literature, children's stories, poems, speeches and essays.
Classic Short Stories
This web site dedicated to the short story and to those interested in reading light prose.
Every Day Fiction
A magazine that specializes in fiction stories in bite-sized doses.
Farmhouse Fables
Stories for children about the creatures living in a meadow next to a farmhouse. Adult story based on events in west Africa, in weekly installments. All are free of charge.
Tiny fictional snippets that tell a short story. Each author adds to the larger narrative.
Give the Readers What They Want!
Short stories generated by suggestions from readers.
Introducing Unbound Fiction
Series of Web-only short stories from The Atlantic Monthly.
Lifew in 64 Square Feet - Mitch Lavender
A site by published author, Mitch Lavender. Site focuses on writing projects, fiction and non-fiction.
Marriage Romance
A website dedicated to marriage and romance stories, love letters and poems.
My Morning Story
A place to read, write and socialize. Offers creative writing workshops via Skype, editing, art and design services.
Odd Day
A short story by Jeff Chapman. "Unusual circumstances and weather in Boston, and a bit of lost teenage soul-searching".
The Old Wife's Tales of Mystery, Murder and the Macabre
Original short stories by Goody Winters.
Romantic Shorts
Online publication featuring romantic shorts stories, about one-half hour in length, by varying authors.
Short Stories
Tales, folklore, fables, classics and literature shorts.
Short Stories 101
A web site with short stories of various genres.
Short story lovers
A project for authors and writers to read and submit short love, romantic and real life stories.
Online collection of short stories in several genres.
Talking Silence
A collection of short stories and poems. Including serialized fiction.
The Tell Tale Pen
A free, public reading site devoted to the literary works of writer Dixie Wells. Novels, stories, poems and song lyrics are available.
The Tree
A short story by Marie Huston.
Ugly the Cat
A story by unknown author. First time appeared at CompuServe then reproduced many times in the Web.
The Vibration of the U.S.S. Chickasaw Nation
An award-winning short story from novelist James Colbert.
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