Web-based entertainment series. They usually feature continuing storylines and audience interaction, and are often patterened after television soap operas.

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About Schuyler Falls
Award-winning soap opera focusing on mystery and romance in New York. Interactive features include character profiles, maps, polls, mailing lists and surveys.
All That Glitters
Based in a fictional mid-sized New England town.
As the Mouse Moves
Daily soap opera depicting the NYC-based lives of a single woman, a party planner, and an international spa owner. Part of a New York City photo e-zine.
The Company Therapist
Enter a psychiatrist's world as he sees patients from a large computer company. Complex interactive drama lets readers snoop in on client records, phone transcripts, and the fictional shrink's own notes.
Dear Diary Dee
An on-going fictional story of the character, "Dee", paired with unique hand drawn illustrations, about a creative, spunky, young woman's adventures in bustling New York city.
Denver Cereal
A serial fiction rooted in Uptown Denver, Colorado.
Dusk To Dawn
Text-intensive series set in an Eighties-themed bar in fictional Hollywood Beach.
Dyes Of Our Lives
Life in the big city, from catering companies to fashion designers, all portrayed by hair dye boxes.
Flight Patterns
Written by Brooklyn therapists Gretta Keene, LCSW, and Bill Murray, PhD, a monthly serial drama about a family whose problems lead them to treatment.
Friends and Foes
Melodramatic series about teenagers and their exciting lives.
Graphical User Interface Opera
A story about a story being written, told on every continent, from now until the year 2020.
Grecian Hills
Mock television soap opera. Extensive biographies of its fictional cast and description of storylines, though there are no actual episodes.
The Legacy
Follow the operatives of The Legacy as they find danger at every turn.
A twice weekly serial which follows the lives of those that live in a small English village.
Mrs A and Mrs Nemesis
Mrs A desperately fights against the alpha moms of the neighborhood. From Scandinavia.
Ocean Drive
A dramatic web series about the powerful Lanford family and their interactions with others.
Follow the lives of those living in Presence, Calif. Character guides, weekly episodes, spoilers and maps.
Romantic Interlude
Romantic comedy-drama told in photos and text. Features an all-Asian cast.
Scragg Man
Fictional blog about a small-time criminal's last chance at redemption.
Stoney Grove
A couples win the lottery and buys a historic estate in Great Britain. Uncover the many stories that inhabit this virtual home.
Tangled Web
An on-going story about people dealing with difficult situations. Episodes are visible in Word or WordPad.
Wild Thangs
Enter the world of the Andrews, Taylors, Lincolns and Moraleses in Southern California.
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