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Series stories are a collection of stories about a fictional group of characters. Each story should be a stand alone story, forming a series in a particular universal story-line. This category is not for a novel in progress. If your stories form a continuing story, with no foreseeable ending, you may want to add your page to the Internet Soap Opera category instead.

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A Bay and A Barge
An illustrated serial novel by Lynetta Rasmussen set along the Pacific Northwest coast of British Columbia.
Black Hat Magick
by Kyt Dotson. A serial about computer geek and occult detective Elaine Mercer, a student at Arizona State University, majoring in computer science and programming wizardry.
Dragomir's Diary
by Matt Bird. The daily account of a guard, working in a castle that's not nearly as normal as he would prefer.
False Memoir
by Katherine Luck. A serialized fictional memoir. Everything about the author and the setting are true. The characters and the plot are fictional.
Fortuna Favors the Bold
A minute-a-day soap opera.
A series story based on despair and lingering hope.
Finished Gothic set in Melbourne, Australia.
Kibo : Kibo's Fiction Library
Online serial fiction by James "kibo" Parry.
Many Words
Several ongoing science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and mystery stories by Jay "Fishbreath" Slater.
Orphic Phantasia
Ongoing mystic utopia story.
Penny Potboiler
A potboiler serial about the misadventures of an ex-graphic designer.
Rat Rhyme
A serial story with the theme of missing out on artistic success because life got in the way.
Storyteller Art
A series of short stories about growing up in the Mississippi Delta illustrated with contemporary art.
A story of an Earth devoid of humankind. Man and his ancestors have simply never been, but in his absence, mammal species have become sentient.
You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet
Four young men and women, who run away from home to escape their traumatic past and start a semi-normal future. Little were they aware of the dangers that come with running away.
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