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Brothers of the Milky Way
by Tim Adams. The saga of a car-crazed supermarket cashier, his environmentalist drifter friend, and their pursuit of the fabled Cuauhtémoc cup, said to be charged with fearsome supernatural power.
County Road
by Parker Pruett. A thriller on beach time set along County Road 30-A in northwest Florida.
by Carl Frederick. The reader can click to read a multiple viewpoint novel, or choose to read the same general story from a particular character's point of view. Each of the views is a complete story.
Drawn To The Deep End
By Martin Pond. A blog-novel in installments, chronicling the descent of one man as his life unravels in the aftermath of grief and guilt.
Dump Miner
by J.V. Errichetti. A futuristic fable of treachery and deceit in a world not to far from our own.
Excited Delirium
by Liam Young. A fictional account of a corporate spy who doesn't do his job very well. He stumbles into a new contract that involves a corporate executive who is determined to alter the economic and political face of the planet.
The Germaine Truth
A multi-weblog fiction about a small Central Oregon town, which is part mystery, part rural utopia, and part postmodern serial-in-progress.
The Glorious Sound
Action and suspense Netnovelet about two boys growing up in the 1910's and Roaring 20's.
Guardians of the Secret
by Cary Shulman. An online novel of ideas. A political thriller about secrets.
A Half Life Of One
by Bill Liversidge. When his business fails Nick Dowty resorts to desperate measures to save his family from ruin.
Hansen, Peter - The Black Book
A serial novel in tribute to John D. MacDonald and his main character, Travis McGee. Attempts to complete MacDonald's Travis McGee series.
Humbug Bistro
by Heather Spoonheim. Chronicles her efforts to bring culinary innovation to a small town.
A fantasy serial in which a family is asked to produce a biography of an enigmatic wealthy professor.
It Happened in Plainfield
by Michael Latshaw. Follows the quirky adventures of an NYC graphic designer who moves to New Jersey after receiving an unusual offer from a mysterious benefactress.
Kliff's Edge
by Illise Montoya. May Kliff, a freelancer who solves unusual cases together with her brother Max.
The Knights of the Cross
A translation of a historical novel Krzyzacy (translated as: "The Knights of the Cross" or "The Teutonic Knights") written by Henryk Sienkiewicz and published in 1900.
Last Mage
by Andrew Eckhart. Mage Elijah Valentine has seen it all before—well, most all of it. He stands between growing, supernatural chaos and the world.
Letters to My Mother
by Rebecca Heath. A May-December romance between a gifted coed and a biochemistry professor set in 1950's Seattle.
Mortal Happiness
by Hamid Z Hansssen. The story of a British-American photojournalist, Michael Jones embedded with a group of Russian peacekeepers in the volatile Caucasus region, and a Russian-Georgian doctor, Enna Serpukhova, who works for an NGO.
Music Chain
About six best friends who share a passion for music and for each other.
Notes From the Upper West Side
by Dan Roentsch. A modern fable of sex, betrayal, and a tobacco that tastes like a lady.
Returns the adult reader to the world of childhood imagination; a world populated by the fantastic, the fabulous and the thoroughly improbable.
Queen of Heaven
by Richard Kellie. Fictional biography of Mary Magdalene.
by Suman Kumar. A novel about growing up in middle-class South India.
by Geddy Gibson. A bleakly comic tale of taking on a McJob while searching for a "real" one.
What is Hindu Zombie Fever?
A web novel about a mysterious illness infecting a series of hapless people.
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