Internet Cartoons are on-line stories featuring special character sets. (Note: They are NOT comic books, comic strips, or animations.) An IC is more than just a series of stories. Along with short stories or an on-going series, ICs feature scrapbooks of their characters, personal pages, pictures, inter activities, message boards to talk with other fans, contests, and much more. Every IC is different in what it offers. Readers of all ages will enjoy ICs. Some are more suited towards younger readers. Some appeal specially to teens. Several have regular visitors ranging in age from 4 to 50+.

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Aka-chan in Nihon
The adventures of Kazuyo, Miyoko, Ayame, and Chloe, three Japanese girls and their friend from America. Follow the saga of the foursome as Chloe's new friends show her around her new homeland-away-from-home.
Marine Life
How will a girl, her brother and their father deal with the death of a loved one?
The Official Carlson Septuplets Page
What's it like to be part of the world's only set of septuplets? The seven look-alike Carlson kids know. Stories about everything from hurricanes to hockey games, as well as pictures, newspaper articles, and activities.
The Ravenstone Tower Chronicles
Fictional online journal of 13-year-old Jamie Robson who lives in an old tower on the Scottish Borders with his grandfather and a crow. Follow and interact with his daily adventures.
The Realm of the Missing Children
Online novel that is updated every Sunday.
Twilight Star
When her mother remarries, Celeste Selkey finds herself in the middle of a huge conflict. Along with an incredibly mixed-up group of allies -- including crazy friend Mikaela, Cozoqui the Mikumi, Ben and his one real and one "imaginary" friend, and the mysterious Alethea-- Celeste sets off to find a little lost girl, to escape those who are trying to find her, and to discover exactly why she's so important to all that will happen.
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