Original short stories, poems, and essays that include ficitonal science or futuristic qualities.
A short piece of Science Fiction, less than 500 words (Flash Fiction), published to the web every day since August 1st, 2005.
The Adventures of Hassan
A series of short adventure stories, set in the future about a young man born on the rather desolate planet of Lam.
Aqua X 3
Stories about a different world. Accepts submissions.
Artistic Visionz
Short stories, comics, fan fiction and original art.
Attack On Cellius
Metaphysical science fiction stories that offer engineering definitions of ideas, thinking and consciousness.
Beer for the Soul
Beer for the Soul a/k/a Cosmic Short Stories is designed to expand the mind with cosmic stories that make us question our own perceptions and how we fit into the universe.
Cordula's Web
A short story about a trapped girl in a darwinistic society, by Michael G. Coney.
The Elves Attic
The poetry, short stories, essays and art of John Scott Ridgway, publisher of five books, had two tv shows and a The Elves Attic Radio Show.
Katherine Barley, Temporal Adventuress
Mistress of the Chronotheric Flux, damselfly of the time steams, Miss Katherine Barley’s adventures are chronicled herein.
The Palace of My Stuff
A collection of short stories and poems. Includes a message board and chat room, along with MIDIs for background music.
The Red Comets
A league of heroes called The Red Comets try to save the world.
Reed de Buch
A collection of short stories and extracts from books by the author, Reed de Buch.
Short story about biochemical genetics and greys.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction
Short stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction from Scot Noel, as well as a occasional guest writers.
Silver Samurai and Sparow
Stories about the characters Silver Samurai and Sparow, who do not appear to be the comic-book characters from Marvel.
Free stories available here or subscribe and pay for others.
A Strange Journey
Free copy serial e-book "A Strange Journey".
Strange Tales
Strange short stories added every month by Nevill Strange.
A Talespinner's Web
Short stories and novellas, samples of published books, 70 pages and 300,000 words of science fiction. Over 50 works by various composers/performers on the net.
Thank you for reading my words
The intimate writings of a secretive mind. Flash fiction, short stories, songs, poems and more by budding writer Arthur McMahon.
Short stories and novellas set in the Doctor Who universe, presented in both text and audio formats.
Tom Thumb
Modern myths and spiritual stories in the Sufi tradition with dragons, magic, and whirling dervishes. A site for grown-up kids.
The Transformation Story Archive
Stories that have a bodily (or in some cases mental) transformation into another being as a central theme.
Welcome to my Worlds
A personal page which includes science fiction short stories.
Worlds of Wonder
Online stories by Robert Stanley.
Zandi's Musings
Short stories, sci-fi, ramblings and poetry by Zandi.
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