Novels that have several chronicles, sequels or continuing serial adventures. Sites must have several novels, short stories, or novellas pertaining to the same character or same group of characters.
The Adventures of Kurtis Star
Online novel which follows the Adventures of Kurtis Star and his crew aboard the Shootingstar.
A post-apocalyptic survival story, in serial format. Completed.
Agents Provocateurs
The Agency works against the shadowy cabal of corporations that control our dark new world.
The Book of Rhuines
A developing online series of short related science-fiction fantasy stories.
Cheeseburger Brown
Illustrated storybooks and pulp scifi novels about robots and spaceships, with aspirations to one day write something even pretentious people could like.
Chronicles of a Twin World, Star, and Solar System Under Siege
Retro Star's seven volumes track a twin Earth attacked and destroyed by unknown aliens, until humanity fights back, aided by a genius's Cray and wargame.
Distant Storms
Free, regularly updated episodes of an ongoing character-driven, science-fiction/adventure series.
In 2195, cyberspace flatlines. This epic cyberpunk serial follows Aran, Phoenix and (2)syl through their struggles in a dead and dying world. Survival isn't easy, but it's the only option.
A time-warp victim falls in love with his Earth ancestor and risks changing history, disrupting his timeline and jeopardizing his own existence.
Epi World
You have entered a world where technology is outlawed. Nations have slipped into the dark ages of medieval warfare and only ruins and relics of their once advanced civilization remain shrouded in mystery. Those who enjoyed the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars will enjoy this series.
Drafted into the militia, young Eli travels to the top of the world to stand guard over Evermist, an ancient and dangerous island locked away for all time.
The Flying Cloud, R-505
Set in an alternate 1920's, this is a tale of airships, adventure, gallant gentlemen, and sultry island maidens.
Galactic Customs
Saving the Earth from the galaxy, and the galaxy from starbucks.
An experimental fantasy short-story, told in poetry and prose through the medium of hypertext.
Incursion - The Official Site
A work in progress by David Barrett.
Kat and Mouse: Guns For Hire
The weekly adventures of Kat and Mouse. Mercenaries. Guns for hire. With new installments every Monday.
Klystar - The Twin Universe
A journey of discovery to find the true nature of our existence and the universe.
m a c h i n e
Workers are genetically manufactured to love "THE MACHINE", a technological force manipulating mankind. "MARROW" and his identical brother "BARROW" brother are imperfectly adapted for this destiny and seek freedom.
Open Source Science Fiction allowing readers to contribute to the site's content with stories set in the neoXeno galaxy.
The Origin
The Origin is a science fiction series of episode writings on the origin of the human race.
Shattered Remnants of a Dream
Blood, battles, love, loss, and the destruction of the universe.
The Space Saga
An original series, involving science fiction.
Waking Up Jesus
Tells the tale of an agnostic who is brainwashed into thinking he is Jesus by a shadowy organization... the thing is, he just may be Jesus..
Welcome to Crescent Isle
Bringing writers and lurkers from all over together in a shared universe in order to create communal stories.
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