For those sites that offer both completed novels and novels-in-progress (serialized novels) for reading. These sites may not contain excerpts or sample chapters.
Teen offenders are uploaded into computers for rehabilitation—a form of virtual wilderness therapy. Part odyssey, part tragedy, part riff on the nature of consciousness.
The Final Battle
A story about human potential, meditation and the power of the human mind, hallucinogenic drugs, psychic phenomena, and armageddon, with some practical advice on surviving in the 21st century.
Institute for Parallel Studies
Home to Bromfkidor, an alternate history science fiction novel in Antarctica.
The Me Clone / La Mi-Klono
Did you really want to see yourself as others see you? (Or share a girlfriend with your clone?) English and Esperanto versions side by side.
A world in panic, an extremist group, and a cause unstoppable. Only one woman can end it all.
Milky Way Boulevard
A free, online science fiction / cyberpunk novel.
Mindjacker and Other Stories
Collection of dystopian-style futuristic short stories and ongoing online novel Mindjacker.
Newtons Sleep
War on Earth presages War in Heaven, and denizens of 17th Century England are caught up in a struggle between fallen angels.
Terrorists have unleashed a terrible virus in a small desert town. Oasis is the ongoing story of one man’s struggle against the chaos that blankets the city.
Oblivion's Children
In the late 21st century two great events collide—the introduction of the first truly thinking humanoid robot, and the apparent end of human fertility.
Rate Me Red
A comic novel of a future where everyone and anyone can have a reality show and people are rated.
A Season in Methven
An illustrated science fiction novel written in journal format.
A ship's log, as told by the ship.
Tales of the Brass Griffin
In a 19th-century that never was, steam and clockwork science, harnessed nature. Myths became real, and airships crossed the skies. This is the story of one of those airships.
The Thormar Saga
News and updates about a new sci-fi / fantasy series
Under the Amoral Bridge
Cyberpunk novel by Gary Ballard about Artemis Bridge, a fixer who finds himself enmeshed in a complex plot involving the 2028 Los Angeles mayoral election.
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