Devoted to writing in the science fiction genre presented online, whether as traditional writing converted into web-fiction or fiction designed to take advantage of the unique qualities of the web. Science fiction can be futuristic, deal with life outside our planet or time period, or include fictional scientific advances.

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Original fiction, mostly sci-fi, includeing on going series, completed works, and some interactive fiction.
Teen offenders are uploaded into computers for rehabilitation—a form of virtual wilderness therapy. Part odyssey, part tragedy, part riff on the nature of consciousness.
Galaxiki, a fictional galaxy that anyone can edit
A wiki based science fiction writing project. Site members can edit solar systems in an online galaxy and create a new virtual world.
The Grayhound Chronicles
A comic tale of super-heroes told in the style of a newspaper.
Laser and Sword Magazine
Pulp fiction magazine that believes in heroes, in high quality work, and in telling the great stories that demand to be told.
Museum of Dust
Providing sanctuary for the misplaced, the forgotten and the misbegotten since 2006.
Online Speculative Fiction
Fantasy and science fiction novels for young adults - and older ones too
Rymellan Stories
Rymellan Stories follows the lives of two women who live in an alternate society.
Space Time Stories
Time travel and science fiction stories along with commentary published online.
Unknown Transmission
A blog-fiction site about a communications specialist in the year 2185 who is marooned outside the horizon of a supermassive black hole by his ship's assistant (a transgenic fish/humanoid). Companion to Station151.
We, The Watched by Adam Bender
A dystopian eBook novel about surveillance and propaganda. First few chapters are free.

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