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Ancient Tales
A story of romance between a God and a mortal girl. Sad at times, with a bit of goofy humour thrown in.
Angie's After Thoughts
Short stories and poems.
Cecil's Author Page
Featuring romantic stories, romantic poems, sci-fi.
The Cursed Living Doll
A story about a Prince under curse and becomes a doll. The only way to release the spell is to get a girl to love him, and yet...
Happily Ever Afters
Interactive inspirational novels. You make the choices, follow the consequences, like a game for readers. Create your own books.
Him & Her: Love Stories
Intimacy, Romance, heartache, told from his and her point of view. Poetic and symbolic
A Japanese Dream in Seventy-Nine Letters
This is the story of Namiko, a young Japanese woman who travels to Oxford, where she meets Hubert, a German student.
Judith Bronte
Free online romance stories about true love, with the option to download in PDF format.
Online to Bangkok by Peter Davey
Short story about an online romance to Bangkok started in a chat room and concluded with a trip to Thailand
Romance at a Glance.. Dare to Dream
Site offers online "tidbits" of what the reader might look forward to in purchasing the current novelette. Also, interesting links, romance and writing advice.
Romance on the Ice
Preview chapters of a completed novel and glimpses of the magic that makes figure skating one of today's top sports.
The RomanzWriter..
Original on-line romance stories by Kim Comeaux.
She goes on
Featuring women fiction, interviews, and issues.
Tears Cry No More
A website containing a selection of fictional romance stories.
The Whispering Hollows Of The Heart
Fiction novel- The story of beautiful Amanda Barnes and her true love Tom Richards. They must overcome many obstacles in order to find happiness. The many twists and turns keep the readers guessing at the outcome.
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