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Above Ground by A. M. Harte
Life above ground is something Lilith has never experienced. When she gets the chance to visit the outside world, she’s understandably ecstatic.
Bridge at War
The second in the "New Bridge to Lyndesfarne" series of fantasy novels by Trevor Hopkins. [PDF]
The Centre Vale Trilogy
Book 1 of a fantasy trilogy - humans encounter beings of planetary proportions.
Edgar Rice Burroughs - At the Earth's Core
A classic tale of adventure to the mythical world within the Earth ...
Enter Three Witches
Fantasy web novel. Destiny deals three sisters an unusual hand.
Faith & Fairies
Three orphan boys lost in the woods, an enchanted cottage, a giant tree, five beautiful dryads, a race of fairies, an evil castle, an army of satyrs and a dragon.
Fantasy Audio Book
The Helena and the orchestra of the world of mist blog - a Musical Fantasy Audio Book.
Foretold Princess
by Crys Bay. A complete fantasy fiction, the first entry in the Forbidden Island Chronicles series.
The Hidden Kitchen
A Young Audience novel that combines Steampunk, Harry Potter, and Julia Child.
A young shaman on another planet is tempted to unleash dark forces to defend a woman from evil magicians.
Follows the increasingly grim life of a dead child as he becomes entangled in the brutal war of angels and finds he can only rely on faith to survive.
New Bridge to Lyndesfarne - Trevor Hopkins
Set in the magical world of Lyndesfarne, reached by the Old Bridge from modern-day England.
Novice Novel Saga
A young mage's life in the battlefield. Document download is available.
Online Literature Library
The Marvelous Land Of Oz - L Frank Baum - A classic
RKP Hunt's Speculative Fiction
Features works completed and in progress, forum and blog.
The Salvaged Autobiographical Accounts Of Clyde P. Hipwing
A humorous fantasy about a manic-depressive author and his accidental destiny in the White House. Is it all in his mind?
The Sea Hag by David Drake - Baen Books
An adventure with dragons, magic and wizards.
Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
by Veronica Purcell. An online fantasy series focused on the self discovery of a young girl and her involvement with dark magic, ancient legends and myths.
Sleuths of Sorcery: Part One in the adventures of Terjal and Aiya
When a creature from another plane wreaks havoc, the headmaster of a wizards' school and his former pupil seek out its creator and find more than they bargained for.
The Song of the Ocean Gypsy
High fantasy series dealing with the last years of a world of magic and adventure.
An epic story of gods, demons, angels and mortals. A timeless romance that transcends all realms.
The Tyrant by Eric Flint & David Drake - Baen Books
On the planet Hafardine, civilization must rediscover progress or collapse.
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