For fantasy stories, poetry or novels wholly or in part published on the web. Fantasy fiction usually is set in alternate worlds, in which magic often plays an important role. In medieval fantasy, technology is usually undeveloped, and societies often have a structure similar to Earth's Middle Ages. In contemporary fantasy, the world may be very similar to our own, but with a fantastic element that sets it apart.

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Novels in progress set in the world of Arsinuae, with timeline.
Bronze and Blood
A screenplay suggesting an alternative mythology for classical europe in which Farie-Folk and men co-existed.
Descent Into Magery
A fantasy book being posted on the web as it is being written, chapter by chapter, with frequent chapter updates. Also available some short stories, and art
Elven Lovers
The story of two elves who fall in love with one another through battles against enemies who'll do anything to possess their secret.
InkDrop X 3
Harry Potter fan fiction, Invader Zim fan fiction, kodocha fan fiction, original stories, and poems.
A Knights Tale
About a post-apocalyptic Earth involving good and evil, love, knights, fairies and gnomes, magicians and wizards.
The Land of Maychoria
Enter the world of Madra, where war with the Witch Ryoo is about to interrupted by the arrival of four strange warriors from the alternate dimension known as Terra.
The Legend of Aleyna
A Fable or Fairy Tale?
Of Khromats and Kings
Story of the F'Staa Universe by Lisa Jennings.
Tehuti's Writing
Egyptian mythology and graphics resources, as well as original online fantasy fiction based on Egyptian myth.
Uncharted Territory: Novella
A story of humans and a cat-like people called Arrallins crash-landing on a planet inhabited by gryphons.
Worlds Apart: Tales Of Fantasy, Heroism, and Romance
Original fantasy novels and short stories.
Worlds Away
Features excerpts from two fantasy works by J. E. MacMillan: the romantic Mistress of Calistar and the Native American-based Jovai.

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