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This category is for female musical artists and bands. For a band to qualify for this category, at least the lead vocalist should be female.
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Abrams, Deborah
Jazz and Blues vocalist based in San Diego. Includes biography, photos, MP3 samples, and reviews.
Includes biography, discography, and pictures.
Adam, Margie
Pop, jazz and folk singer/songwriter. Concert schedule, discography, song samples, and lyrics.
Adams, Jenn
Singer/Songwriter and guitarist. MP3 clips, CD-ROM information, images, schedule, and links.
Albano, Michelle
New York based singer, songwriter, and pianist. Includes biography, gallery, audio and video, appearance dates, and message board.
Alden, Nichole
Singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Audio samples, lyrics, biography, and CD-ROM information.
Alexander, Wynne
International singer-songwriter and pianist performs 'Cosmopolitan Rock'. Includes biography, audio samples, performance dates, reviews, photos, and contact information.
Alice in Dixieland
All-female dixieland band. Site offers background and booking information, member profiles, and pictures.
Andrews, Lori
An electronic jazz harpist. MP3 song samples, order information, and performance schedule.
Singer/songwriter also known as Annette Ducharme. Includes biography, discography, photos, discography, lyrics, tour dates, audio, video, message board, and reviews.
Official site includes message board, pictures, biography, lyrics, fan club, interviews, sound and video clips, performance dates, and street team.
Arbo, Rani
Folk singer/songwriter and fiddler from Middletown, CT. Biography, band information, and images.
Archer, Katherine
Singer/songwriter from New York. Biography, quotes, album information, and song clips.
Arsenault, Jeanette
Canadian singer/songwriter. MP3 clips, lyrics, career information, biography, and news.
Ashburn, Aubrey
Recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Biography, audio and video clips, and images.
Atherton, Paula
Singer, saxophone player, and composer. Biography, images, reviews, audio clips, and gig dates.
Atkinson, Sandy
Independent blues singer/songwriter from Florida. Audio clips, reviews, and schedule.
Atlas, Nancy
East coast indie singer/songwriter. Site offers news, pictures, CD, gig and order information, and reviews.
Avalon, Jennifer
Official site with album and song information, essays, quotes, interviews, and a free newsletter.
B, Lori
Singer/songwriter from the Bay Area. Biography, song samples, quotes and reviews, and show dates.
Barnard, Kara
Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Biography, song samples, lyrics, and gig dates.
Bass, Kimberly
Singer and songwriter based in Northern California. Site has Real Audio samples, show dates, and photos.
Beat Divas, The
A trio of female jazz vocalists. Biographies, performance dates, reviews, and audio clips.
Bergeron, Debbie
Canadian country music artist. Biography, picture gallery, schedule, and song samples.
Bernard, Mary Ellen
Official site for the singer/songwriter. Includes biography, discography, MP3 samples, reviews and tour/contact information.
Berry, Robin Lee
Singer, songwriter, and recording artist from northern Michigan. Includes biography, discography, MP3 downloads, reviews, and contact information.
Berryhill, Cindy Lee
Singer/songwriter from San Diego. Site has news, chat, photos, discography, interviews, and tour dates.
Bishop, Bonnie
A big band vocalist who also sings swing, rock, and oldies. Site has photos, links, and an MP3 audio sample.
Black, Kthulah
Gothic-hip-hop-Asian hybrid music, composed by a housewife. Includes poetry, biography, journal, and forum.
Blaze, Niccole
Folk-rock singer/songwriter and guitarist. Biography, MP3 clips, and album information.
Blue Mountain Myst
Mixes gospel, blue grass, country, and pop. Includes member biographies, contact information, tour dates, an audio sample, and pictures.
Bonet, Deni
Singer/songwriter and violinist. Biography, news, gig dates, music clips, and pictures.
Bramlett, Bekka
Singer who worked with Fleetwood Mac, Faith Hill, and others. Site has biography, audio clips, and pictures.
Branche, Stacye
Alternative soul artist. Biography, image gallery, audio clips, and merchandise.
Brigantino, Lisa
Singer/songwriter from New York City. Offers tour dates, CD information, pictures, and sound bytes.
Brisebois, Danielle
All Music Guide includes biography, discography, and reviews.
Brody, Lane
Country and jazz vocalist. Site has biography, audio samples, photos, recipes, and fan club information.
Brown, Kofy
Singer from Northern California. Biography, discography, images, audio clips, and reviews.
Brown, Natalie
Rhythm and blues singer/songwriter. Images, ordering information, audio clips, and biography.
Bruce, Jennifer
Country singer from Nashville. Album information, MP3 clips, pictures, and biography.
Bryant, Molly
Includes biography, resume, news, show dates, audio samples, diary, and gallery. [Flash required]
Bunyan, Vashti
Singer/songwriter from the 1960s. Timeline, CD-ROM information, lyrics, and pictures.
Burns, Shelley
Website for the "Shelley Burns Trio", "Shelley and Bill", and other projects. Includes a concert schedule.
Bushwhackers, The
All girl country band from Pittsburgh, PA. Page includes an image, contact information, and show dates.
Carpenter, Kate
Motivational folk singer, songwriter, and storyteller. Includes biography, photos, discography, concert and promotional information, and merchandise.
Catholic Girls
An all female pop-rock band with a modernized 80's feel. All Girls, All Original, All Rock.
Sound clips, pictures, biography, press and club dates for the Florida-based singer.
Cesán, Francesca
Singer from Spain. Pictures and album information as well as RA and MP3 song samples.
Chacin, Rosa Virginia
Venezuelan romantic music singer. Information about her music, career, and upcoming presentations. [English and Spanish.]
Charles, Benita
Singer from News York City. Biography, Real Audio clips, and appearance schedule.
Chester, Katrina
Official fan site includes biography, show dates, news, show dates, interviews, pictures, and discography.
Chmiel, Dawn Marie
Singer, pianist, and organist from Rochester, New York. Includes biography, CD information, MP3 downloads, and contact information.
Christine Moll Band
Acoustic rock band from Philadelphia. Site has photos, show schedule, biography, and audio samples.
Clarke, Jennifer
Prairie Canadian Celtic singer. Includes biography, discography, lyrics, performance dates, photos, and reviews.
Claxton, Christy
Singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. Photos, biography, music clips, and booking information.
Cleveland, Kitty
A singer of liturgical music, musical theater, and opera. Includes a biography and song clips.
A punk/metal/rockabilly trio from New York City. Background information, lyrics, and press quotes.
Conway, Deborah
Australian singer and actress. Site has biography, discography, reviews, chords, interviews, and photos.
Cook, Christin
Official site of the guitar playing singer songwriter. Includes biography, news, audio and video, message board, tour dates, reviews, and photos. [Flash required]
Coppin, Mary
Pop-rock singer/songwriter from California. Gig schedule, lyrics, MP3 clips, and pictures.
Coppola, Lisa
Pop/rock vocalist and songwriter. Biography, music clips, pictures, news, and links.
Costa, Leslie
Modern folk rock singer/songwriter. Biography, gig dates, video clips, news, and reviews.
Courtney, Chandrakantha
A vocalist who performs North Indian classical music. Site has biography, interview, and samples.
Coyle, Laura
Singer/songwriter currently living in Los Angeles. Biography, sound files, and gig schedule.
Crowe, Allison
Rock and jazz pianist/vocalist from Nanaimo, Canada. Biography, lyrics, images, and MP3 clips.
Crystals, The
Oldies girl group from the 60s. Background information, audio clips, images, and their schedule.
Curtis, Jayme Kelly
Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Northern California. Site has biography, discography, lyrics, and photos.
Dalton, Lacy J.
A Pennsylvania country musician. Site offers biography, discography, fan club information, lyrics, and photos.
Dane, Barbara
Folk, blues and jazz singer/songwriter. Site has biography, discography, concert photos, and interview.
Danie Cortese and the Dejablues
A vocalist and songwriter. Biography, photos, news and events.
Daniels, Jill
Singer and entertainer from the UK. Photos, MP3 clips, lyrics, CD-ROM information, and links.
Dark Nebula
Five high-school girls from Clarks Summit, PA. Profiles, band journal, pictures, and lyrics.
Darling, Tanya
Pop singer/songwriter and pianist from Boston, Massachusetts, and Manchester, New Hampshire. Includes profile, discography, audio samples, merchandise, and booking information.
David, Brenda
A pop, rock, folk and urban country singer/songwriter. News, order information, and clips.
Desmarais, Lorraine
Jazz pianist and composer from Montréal. Includes biography, discography, concert dates, and reviews. [English and French]
Official site of Denver, Colorado industrial band. Includes news, photos, audio, show dates, merchandise, and forum. [May not work in older browsers]
Donatelli, Denise
Los Angeles based jazz improvisation singer who sings jazz standards and ballads incorporating bebop and scat. Includes news, biography, performance information, photos, audio samples, and reviews.
Drach, Tracy
A Pittsburgh based singer/songwriter. Site has her show schedule, contact information, and audio clips.
Drost, Frances
Singer/songwriter and pianist from Cumberland County. Biography, audio clips, and reviews.
Drown, Charlie
Industrial-metal-goth singer/songwriter and musician. Pictures, lyrics, and audio clips.
Dunn, Robyne
Singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Site has gig information, a CD shop, song samples, and artwork.
Easton, Amanda
Guitar pop/rock musician and actress from Australia. Site offers photos, biography, and MP3 files.
Echo Janes
A rock, pop, folk, and blues band from Connecticut. Band history, profiles, gig dates, and reviews.
Edge, Mandy
British singer-songwriter's site features biography, MP3s and merchandise.
Elaine K
Writer and performer living in New York City. Biography, album information, news, and images.
Ella Blame
Official site offers biography, news, image gallery, wallpapers, audio samples, reviews, and lyrics.
Ellis, Karyn
Official site of acoustic folk-pop singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Contains biography, lyrics, MP3 downloads, photo album, tour dates, reviews, and merchandise.
England, Kyler
Official site includes news, profile, discography, tour dates, online journal, and gallery.
Rhythm-and-blues/pop trio from Canada. Group history, member profiles, audio clips, and images.
Escalante, Mireya
Cuban singer/songwriter and the band Latin Street sing a blend of Latin rhythms, jazz and blues. Includes biography, discography, photos, and contact information
Espresso Jazz
Sandi Russell's classic jazz combo. Biography, event calendar, CD-ROM information, and audio clips.
Fabulous Disaster
All female punk/pop band from San Francisco. Site has biography, photos, audio clips, and a mailing list.
Falcon, Pamela
Rock and soul vocalist/songwriter from New York. Site has biography, photos, CD information, and lyrics.
Fisher, Rebekka
Official site of Minneapolis, Minnesota-based independent songwriter. Includes profile, audio samples, photos, show dates, and news.
Fleming, Ellyn
Female fronted melodic pop/rock band. Site offers biography, photos, gig dates, lyrics, and sound clips.
Flower and McLaren
Robin Flower and Libby McLaren perform original songs influenced by country, Cajun, and bluegrass.
Fraser, Norma
Reggae artist from Jamaica. Biography, career highlights, MP3 clips, and album information.
Gardner, Soressa
Folk pop singer/songwriter from Vancouver. CD-ROM information, audio clips, lyrics, and photos.
Garrett, Jan
Singer/songwriter and workshop leader from Colorado. Biography, career information, and reviews.
Geller, Marci
Official site of New York singer songwriter. Includes biography, calendar, photo gallery, MP3 samples, lyrics, reviews, contact information, and merchandise.
Germain, Jane
Independent artist from Australia. Picture, background and album information, and track lists.
Gerson, Ruth
Independent singer/songwriter. Site has reviews, multimedia clips, pictures, and CD/tour/booking information.
Punk band from London, UK. Band profiles, discography, articles, MP3 clips, and gig dates.
Getz, Susan
Site of San Francisco vocalist includes biography, performance schedule, photos, MP3 downloads, press kit, and mailing list.
Giroux, Julie Ann
Personal home page of Julie Giroux, a composer and accomplished performer on piano and horn.
Female cyberrock band. Site has CD information, biographies, lyrics, show dates, photos, and sound clips.
Glenn-Copeland, Beverly
Singer, songwriter, and composer. Includes news, CD-ROM information, song clips, and links.
Grace, Janice
Singer/songwriter and producer from New York. Site has pictures, biography, song clips, lyrics, and remixes.
Grant, Alicia
Alternative pop/rock musician. Offers music downloads, fan club and CD-ROM information, and show dates.
Grasmere, Louise
Jazz and blues vocalist. Real Audio clips, biography, gig dates, reviews, and links.
Grayson, Donna
Independent pop singer/songwriter. Site offers background information, lyrics, music bites, and photos.
Hampton, Debra
South Florida performer, songwriter, and vocalist. Includes biography, pictures, audio samples, and contact information.
Harmetz, Elizabeth
Singer/soprano living in Orlando, Florida. Biography, sound clips, images, and contact information.
Harrison, Wendy
Steel drum player, working solo or with band. Site has sound samples, biography, gig calendar, and photos.
Hart, Kristin
Texas country music singer and songwriter. Profile, photos, schedule, and links.
Hart, Sue
Official site of California jazz singer. Includes biography, song samples, photos, reviews, merchandise, and contact information.
Hatch, Monica
Professional jazz and classical vocalist. Site offers biography, reviews, schedule, and sound clips.
Heaven's Burning
All-girl alternative rock band from Pasadena, CA. Site has brief biographies, lyrics, reviews, and sound clips.
Heavy Merge
New York native Latinos playing funk and jazz. Performance information, profiles, and discography.
Franco-American fusion music trio. Member profiles, lyrics, and audio samples. [English and French]
Hitchcock, Nicola
London-based artist. Includes news, biography, discography, audio samples, lyrics, and message board.
Hjartardottir, Hera
Includes news, discography, tour dates, image gallery, interviews and articles, and audio samples.
Holiday, Juanita
Philadelphia vocalist. Includes biography, photos, MP3 downloads, and merchandise.
Houston, Tracey K.
A traditional country artist. News, biography, discography, reviews, photos, and dates.
Hurley, Joyce
Pianist, vocalist, and composer. Biography, MP3 clips, performance schedule, and links.
Includes biography, discography, photos, news, and lyrics.
Incidental Swing
Female vocal group from Australia. Background information, song list, and a newsletter.
It's Me, Margaret
Female-fronted, duet-style band from Los Angeles. Site has biography, photos, shows schedule, and lyrics.
It's My Party
A teen girl group. News, show dates, group history, discography, newsletter, and pictures.
Jabour, Lenni and The Third Floor
Fan site for this Toronto "cabaret pop" group. Hosts a biography, discussion forum, images, discography, lyrics, music samples, articles, show dates, and links.
A Boise, Idaho-based female rock duo. With show dates, mailing list sign-up, and booking/contact information.
Canadian pop singer. News, MP3 clips, image gallery, lyrics, and contact information.
Dallas, Texas jazz singer-composer-musician. Includes biography, news, photos, events calendar, and merchandise.
Jezebel Moon
An all female rock band from Connecticut. Biographies, pictures, lyrics, and show dates.
Jones, Cara
Singer/songwriter living and working in Japan. Biography, album information, song clips, and photos.
Jones, Deidra
Home page of the Soul diva. Includes biography, references, song files, booking and contact information.
Jones, E'lissa
Official site of Hudson Valley, New York singer/songwriter includes news, biography, discography, MP3 samples, photos, tour schedule, and contact information.
Jones, Kacey
A musical humorist and serious vocalist. Biography, photos, reviews, and calendar.
Jordan, Lynne
Chicago based entertainer/singer. Photos, biography, booking information, and a sound clip.
Joy Wilson Band, The
Alternative rock band from Portland, Oregon. CD-ROM information, band history, and schedule.
Katzen-Guthrie, Joy
Writer, performer, and recording artist. Site has biography, schedule, song clips, and booking information.
Kavtaradze, Nina
Russian-born concert pianist living in Denmark. Biography, album and booking information.
Keating, Vyktoria Pratt
Virginia and Arizona based singer songwriter and guitarist whose musical stylings lean toward acoustic progressive rock with a folky new age slant. Includes biography, news, images, reviews, performance dates, discography, lyrics, audio samples, and links.
Keineg, Katell
Singer/songwriter from Ireland. Mini biography, images, concert dates, articles, and links.
Kelly, Kaye
A Boston-based singer/songwriter. Pictures, news, biography, CD-ROM information, and gig dates.
Kelman, Kristina
Official site of Australian jazz singer and educator includes biography, photos, and MP3 samples.
Kerry Ford, Anne
Cabaret singer and actress. Site has biography, photos, reviews, show schedule, and contact information.
Band from New York City featuring lead singer Raiana. Image gallery, audio and video clips.
Kid Wezel
Canadian singer/songwriter in the blues and jazz styles. Includes biography, news, performance dates, merchandise, and booking information.
Home of the female rap duo out of Mt. Vernon, NY and home to Noriq Records. Includes biography, photos, audio and video.
King, Jessica
Singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Song clips, a picture, contact information, and links.
Kit McClure Band
All-girl jazz band in New York City. Includes biography, discography, audio samples, tour dates, video clips, and contact information.
Krimsky, Katrina
Official site of American/Swiss composer and pianist. Includes biography, photos, discography, compositions, and press reviews.
Kristi Jo
Official site of Los Alamitos, California singer/songwriter. Includes biography, photos, audio, video, lyrics, news, show dates, and contact information.
Lambert, Miranda
Official site of singer/songwriter includes biography, lyrics, picture, performance dates, and merchandise.
Lamond, Mary Jane
Combines Gaelic songs with contemporary pop sounds. Site has biography, reviews, and multimedia clips.
Lamura, Vima
Chanter, vocalist, poet, composer, performing and recording artist using languages of Sanskrit, Arabic, Aramaic, Latin, Farsi, Spanish and English. Includes reviews, photos, biography, merchandise, and performance information.
Lane, Terri
Official site of blues/rock singer/songwriter. Includes news, biography, MP3 samples, lyrics, and photos.
LaRoche, Kaleah
Singer/songwriter from Bellingham, Washington. Site has biography, song clips, CD information, and lyrics.
Laurie Z.
Female keyboardist and composer. Site features biography, album information, audio clips, and event calendar.
Lauzon, Jani
Native contemporary artist. Album information, song clips, gig dates, and news.
Lawson, Heather
Rock and blues singer from Nashville. Site has biography, audio clips, lyrics, schedule, and order information.
Female vocalist form the UK. Biographical information, images, audio clips, and gig dates.
LeBlanc, Michelle
Jazz vocalist. Background information, pictures, concert dates, and an interview.
Multilingual artist/songwriter from Canada. Biography, lyrics, audio and video clips, and photos.
Leis, Rhonda
Chicago-based blues and jazz saxophonist. Site has booking information, photos, and performance schedule.
Lemanski, Mary
Singer/songwriter and pianist from Springfield, IL. Biography, reviews, images, and MP3 clips.
Lev, Heather
Folk singer/songwriter. Includes biography, reviews, show dates, photos, lyrics, paintings, and contact information.
Lewis, Barbara
New age, world, folk, and jazz singer/songwriter. Biography, discography, audio and video clips.
Lewis, Laurie
Singer/songwriter, fiddler, and guitarist from Berkeley. Biography, discography, and audio clips.
Lewis, Lilli
A jazz, pop, folk, and funk musician. Audio clips, lyrics, biography, and links.
Pop and rhythm and blues artist. News, a biography, song clips, lyrics, and a picture gallery.
Lian, Carol
Classical pianist and recording artist, performing improvisational and repertoire, and the Language of Music program. Includes biography, reviews, and merchandise.
Researches and performs women's traditional and contemporary music. CD-ROM information.
Liddell, Lise
Female singer/songwriter. Biography, lyrics, MP3 clips, show dates, and reviews.
Liu Fang
Chinese pipa soloist. Reviews, concert schedule, booking information, audio clips, and discography.
Lloyd, Karen
Singer/songwriter based in New York City. Includes biography, song samples, photos, and gig dates.
Locke, Martine
Urban acoustic folk-rock-grunge duo from Australia. Biography, news, gig guide, and photos.
Female ambient electronic artist. Images, audio clips, background and contact information.
Taiko and electric guitar trio from Vancouver, Canada. Site has CD and contact information, biographies, and photos.
Lucid Fly
Female fronted rock band from Orlando. MP3 samples, images, lyrics, and background information.
Lucinda & Michael
Acoustic folk musicians, Lucinda Rowe and Michael Connolly, from Connecticut. Biography, discography, and performance schedule.
Lutrell, Dawn
Independent artist from Des Moines, Iowa. Site has news, biography, facts, show schedule, and samples.
Lux, Christina
German singer and guitarist: biography, audio samples, tour dates, and news.
MacLean, Linda
South Florida vocalist performing in various styles. Includes biography, photos, audio and video clips, and contact information.
Mad Housewives, The
Site of Toronto duet includes biography, discography, performance dates, and audio samples.
Singer and pianist from the Netherlands. Biography, photos, audio clips, and schedule.
Malone, Michelle
Official site of multi-genre singer/songwriter and guitarist. Includes biography, discography, lyrics, news, photos, reviews, MP3 downloads, and tour dates.
Manley, Della
Folk/alternative singer from Jamaica. Biography, album information, pictures, and song clips.
Martin, Jodi
Folk singer/songwriter from South Australia. Biography, images, media releases, and gig dates.
Marvel, Jan
Singer/songwriter and guitarist from New England. Site has biography, song samples, reviews, and photos.
Mary Mary
A gospel singer/songwriter duo from California. Biography, tour dates, audio and video clips.
Scottish singer/songwriter and actress. Site has biography, writings, sound clips, and several photo galleries.
May, Corrinne
Singer-songwriter from Singapore. Includes news, reviews, photos, performance dates, and wallpaper.
McCafferty, Jo
Singer and songwriter based in Aberdeen, Scotland. News, biography, gig dates, discography, photos, lyrics, and audio samples.
McCarthy, Christie
Bay Area based folk-rock singer/songwriter. Biography, concert dates, photos, and samples.
McCormick Palmer, Jill
A pianist who supports Locks of Love. Biography, music samples, reviews, and pictures.
McDonald, Kathi
A veteran performer, has sung on dozens of gold LPs. Site has information, discography, and audio clips.
McIntosh, Beth
Singer/songwriter and guitarist. Discography, song lists, audio clips, and order information.
McKee, Danielle
Rock singer/songwriter. Includes biography, news, show dates, audio samples, lyrics, photo gallery, and message board.
McKinley, Cassandre
Jazz vocalist from the Boston area. Biography, discography, schedule, news, and pictures.
McNight, Sharon
A musical performer. Biography, performance schedule, discography, photos, and song clips.
An all girl band from Australia. Biographies, news, reviews, gig dates, images, and MP3 clips.
Miller, Angie
Annapolis singer-songwriter's official website features a calendar, press kit, and photographs.
Miller, Maci
Official site of jazz singer/songwriter includes biography, audio samples, lyrics, press and reviews, photos, performance dates, merchandise
Mills, Cidney and Thriffshop
Atlanta, Georgia funk/pop band. Includes profile, audio samples, news, and booking information.
Minasian, Ani
Official site of southern California singer/songwriter includes biography, audio samples, and lyrics.
Minogue, Annie
Former lead vocalist for 'Ghost Of A God'. Biography, album information, audio and video clips.
Miss Moneypenny
A guitar pop trio from Australia. Band information, pictures, and music clips.
Missing, The
A female fronted metal band from New York City. Biography, photos, audio and video clips.
Moon, Gilli
Australian singer/songwriter. Album information, audio samples, biography, and pictures.
Moon, Zola
Blues Rock artist from San Francisco. Biography, reviews, pictures, audio and video clips.
Moraes, Kátia
Brazilian singer, songwriter and dancer. Biography, reviews, audio clips, images, and calendar.
Moran, Kitt
Official site of the jazz recording artist. Includes biography, audio clips, appearance dates, and photo gallery. [Flash required]
Morgan, Pamela
Performer from the Celtic music scene. Site with biography, discography, audio clips, and order information.
Toronto-based singer songwriter and pianist. Includes news, profile, performance dates, discography, pictures, press, and merchandise.
Murray, Pat
Toronto Jazz vocalist. Contains audio samples, gig dates, pictures, and biography.
Nalley, Kim
Site of Jazz and Blues vocalist includes biography, news, performance dates, photos, discography, audio samples, videos, and reviews.
Atlanta, Georgia funk rock band. Audio files, news, pictures, and member profiles.
Naughton, Laurie
Vocalist from Atlanta, Georgia. Mini biography, pictures, lyrics, and audio clips.
Nelson, Nicole
Blues and jazz singer from Boston. News, biography, reviews, and club dates.
Newland-Ulloa, Juanita
Performs romantic songs by Mexican women composers. Site has audio clips and show schedule.
Newmark, Mary Lou
Electric violinist, composer, and poet. Music clips, reviews, events, biography, and images.
Nicolet, Kathie
Classical and contemporary pianist performs for corporate events and weddings in the Chicago area.
Noel, Cecilia and The Wild Clams
Official site of salsa/soul vocalist. Includes biography, audio and video, lyrics, image gallery, wallpaper, news, show dates, reviews, and merchandise.
Noon, Jamie Lynn
The official website of California songwriter and artist includes news, press, and music.
Nova, Nancy
Singer/songwriter in Devon, England. Includes biography, sound files, discography, track listings, pictures, and contact information.
Novak, Jeannie
Musician and founder of MP3 clips, images, album information, and biography.
Nurse and Soldier
A coed garage pop band from Brooklyn, NYC. MP3 files, gig dates, photos, and band history.
Nussey, Angie
Official site of Toronto-based singer/songwriter. Includes biography, news, tour dates, photos, discography, lyrics, audio samples, and journal.
Californian-based singer-songwriter-producer. Includes biography, audio, video, photos, lyrics, shows, and poetry.
Oswald, Kate
Folk and alternative rock singer/songwriter. Song clips, pictures, lyrics, and links.
Palmer, Sue
San Diego-based boogie woogie piano player. Biography, album information, schedule, and photos.
Pamela G
Blues singer/songwriter from Southern California. Includes biography, photos, news, recordings, performance dates, and merchandise.
Paola and Chiara
Italian sister duet. Biography, discography, lyrics, audio and video clips. [Italian and English]
Parisi, Matina
Singer/songwriter from New York. News, biography, audio clips, images, games, and links.
Parlato, Gretchen
LA-based jazz vocalist. Biography, performance dates, music clips, and contact information.
Pasternak, Deb
Official site of New England-based folk/jazz/blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Includes biography, news, tour dates, MP3 samples, discography, reviews, and press kit.
Pauley, Mieka
Singer/songwriter from Cambridge. Site contains biography, audio clips, CD information, images, and gig dates.
Pi Jacobs
San Francisco based singer/songwriter and musician. Biography, gig dates, and song samples.
Pitts, Cindy
Austin, Texas singer/songwriter blending folk, jazz, country, rock, pop and other styles. Site contains biography, music clips, lyrics, photos, and performance schedule.
Poletti, Elena
Jazz singer from Italy. Vocal samples, profile of her trio, and press reviews.
Postell, Diane
Singer-songwriter performing rock, jazz, rhythm and blues and soul. Includes biography, schedule, sound samples, photos, CDs and contact/booking information.
Poston, Francesca
Singer and actress from New York. Biographical information, a photo gallery, and links.
Powers, Heather
Hard rock and metal musician. Biography, pictures, audio files, lyrics, and CD-ROM information.
Pruitt, Kristina
Vocalist, composer and arranger from the United States. Biography, images, MP3 clips, and lyrics.
Pullus, Penny Jo
The Austin rocker's official site with album information, audio clips, show dates, and a bulletin board.
Canadian country and folk group. Member profiles, discographies, song clips, and reviews.
Qynn, Selia
Folk and jazz singer/songwriter from Houston. Biography, lyrics, discography, and schedule.
Rae, Cheryl
A soft rock musician from Maui, Hawaii. Site has biography, CD information, MP3 files, pictures, and articles.
Songstress from Los Angeles. Album information, letters, lyrics, audio clips, and images.
Red to Violet
Rock and roll duo with guitar and female voice. Biography, pictures, audio and video clips.
Redbone, Martha
Neo-soul singer/songwriter. Includes biography, news, audio samples, lyrics, image gallery, and merchandise.
Redd Hot Mamas
Country music trio of singer/songwriter sisters. Official site includes biography, news, photos, audio sample, merchandise, and contact information.
Redding, JoAnne
Blues-infused roots rock and country music songwriter. Biography, MP3 clips, and gig dates.
Regev, Reut
New York trombone and flugabone player. Contains press quotes, performance schedule, discography, and audio samples.
Teenage pop/rock artist from Minnesota. Lyrics, pictures, profile, biography, and news.
Reider, Katie
Singer/songwriter from Cincinnati. Biography, photo gallery, audio clips, and an interview.
Reiter, Rose
Canadian singer/songwriter. Audio and video clips, an image gallery, trivia, and merchandise.
Renée, Robin
Alternative rock singer/songwriter. Biography, news, show dates, discography, and pictures.
A quintet of female percussionists. Group history, biographies, images, quotes, and MP3 clips.
Richards, Heather
Country singer/songwriter from upstate New York. Biography, music clips, photos, and schedule.
Ridener, Lindsey
Country music artist from Indiana. Biography, music clips, images, and event schedule.
Robinson, Ellen
Jazz vocalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Biography, event calendar, and CD-ROM information.
Rock of Ages
A German rock band with a female singer. Site has band information, pictures, video stills, and MP3 files. [English and German]
Rogers, Alli
Official site of singer/songwriter from Cedar Falls, Iowa. Contains news, biography, journal, music and lyric downloads, photos, show dates, and fan club mailing list.
Rosier, Denise
Pop artist from Southern California. Biography, MP3 song samples, and pictures.
Rosowlowsky, Lori
Folk pop vocalist and pianist from the Philadelphia area. Includes biography, performance calendar, and contact/CD information.
Roth, Daniela
Alternative pop/rock singer/songwriter. Biography, news, photos, audio and video clips.
Rugg, Emma
Includes biography, discography, reviews, diary, photos, videos, audio samples, news, and gig dates.
Sandell, Lisa
Slide guitar player and songwriter Lisa Sandell. Contact information, schedule, photos, and audio files.
Sara K
Singer/songwriter. Biography, album information, song samples, and links to other artists.
Schonfeld, Rosemary
Singer/songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, and poet. Site offers song clips and background information.
Seamone, Joyce
News, biography, discography, photographs, and CD ordering information for the country singer.
Seides, Jan
Folk, pop, and jazz singer/songwriter. Profile, a venue list, lyrics, and song clips.
Severson, Sarah
Songwriter, musician Sarah Severson. Biography, schedule, sound clips and contact information.
Sexton, Colleen
Songwriter and musician Colleen Sexton. Schedule, photos, audio files and contact information.
Shaber, Sam
Songwriter and musician Sam Shaber. Tour schedule, lyrics, biography, photos and contact information.
Shannon, Jackie de
Site of the Jackie de Shannon Appreciation Society. With magazine, discography, and picture gallery.
Shanti, Nadine
A jazz vocalist from Seattle. News, biography, schedule, reviews, CD-ROM and contact information.
Sharpe, Jill
Los Angeles blues guitarist/vocalist. Includes biography, gig dates, pictures, reviews, and contact information.
She Wolves
New York City Punk-metal trio. Includes news, tour dates, MP3 and video downloads, and photo gallery.
Shoemaker, Lee Ellen
"Tunnel Singer", a San Francisco performance artist and vocalist. Site has audio clips, and photos.
Singer/songwriter from New York. Site contains biography, pictures, lyrics, and information about upcoming shows.
Sisson, Kelly
Modern folk singer, composer, and guitarist. Gig dates, CD-ROM information, photos, and links.
Sister Funk
Five piece all female funk band. Gig schedule, biography, pictures, MP3 clips, and links.
Female singer/songwriters from Australia/NZ. News, biography, reviews, lyrics, and photos.
Sisters with Voices
Rhythm and blues girl group. News, biography, image gallery, lyrics, member profiles, and links.
Skaugen, Noush
Los Angeles, California based singer / songwriter. Photos, songs, video and tour information.
Skinner, Lynn
Vocalist from Denver, Colorado. News, biography, discography, career information, and images.
Smokin' Lizzies
Hard rock band in Kent, Ohio. Includes biography, message board, photos, show dates, MP3 downloads, play list, and lyrics.
Solomon, Di
Sydney, Australia based vocalist, pianist, guitarist and composer. Includes biography, photos, lyrics, merchandise, and contact information.
Southern Breeze
Mature female dance band playing the various mobile home parks in Zephyrhills, Florida. Includes member profiles and performance dates.
Spanish Fly
Latin soul group from New York City. Biography, profiles, audio clips, and pictures.
Spuehler, Tracy
Singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Biography, images, news, show dates, and audio clips.
St. George, Elaine
Cabaret singer from New York. Audio clips, biography, pictures, CD-ROM information, and links.
Stakey, Renée
Singer, composer, and lyricist from New York. Biography, audio clips, images, and show dates.
Star, Whitney
Official site of unsigned singer/songwriter/dancer from New Jersey. Includes biography, audio samples, pictures, news, and contact information.
Stark, Lani
Lani performs original and cover pop, blues, and jazz songs. Includes performance dates and MP3 samples.
Italian punk rock band fronted by singer/guitarist Eva Milan. Audio clips, lyrics, and poetry.
Street, Nicolette
Singer, composer, guitarist, and pianist. Biography, pictures, sound clips, and gig dates.
Sweeten, Ann
Pianist, composer and recording artist. Biography, CD-ROM information, concert dates, and contact form.
Sweetland, Kristin
Canadian singer/songwriter and guitarist. Biography, schedule, photos, journal, and MP3s.
Swift, Ember
Artist and composer from Toronto, Ontario. Show dates, photos, band and album information.
A performer, singer and songwriter from Central Florida. Audio and video clips, and lyrics.
Taylor, Angela
Alternative singer/songwriter from Baltimore. Biography, schedule, audio clips, and images.
Taylor, Jane
Bristol based singer/songwriter. Includes biography, gig dates, audio samples, and reviews.
Taylor, Joani
Canadian jazz vocalist. Includes biography, photos, discography, and performance dates.
Teper, Ronley
Singer/songwriter. Band information, news, photos, concert dates, and audio clips.
Theodore, Laura
Cabaret artist and actress. Biography, CD-ROM information, clips, photos, articles, and dates.
Thorne, Lucie
Singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. Gig dates, biography, and album information.
Thornley, Beth
Modern rock singer/songwriter. Includes biography, news, lyrics, audio samples, show dates, photos, and reviews.
Trottiers, Kelli
Canadian fiddle player and vocalist. Biography, photo album, and tour dates.
Turner, Juliet
Official site of Irish singer includes biography, audio samples, gig dates, and discography.
Tzuke, Judie
Includes biography, discography, reviews, interviews, photos, and audio samples.
Ulbrich, Carla
Singer/songwriter and guitarist. Includes background and album information, news, calendar, and lyrics.
Vaillant, Monsegur
Soprano and concert pianist. Site has interview, biography, contact information and several audio samples.
Valente, Caterina
European vocalist. Biography, discography, news, image galleries, and contact information.
All-female rock band based out of Topsham, Maine. Includes biography, photos, gig dates, news, and MP3 downloads.
Vatican of Sorrows
Official site of female-fronted Gothic metal band. Includes artist profile, news, audio clips, lyrics, photos, forum, and contact info.
Vox, Vykki
Singer and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. Biographies, audio and video clips, pictures and event calendar.
Waifs, The
Australian folk, blues, rhythm and blues music. Band history, member profiles, samples, photos, and reviews.
Wakefield, Dahlia
Canadian pop and rock singer/songwriter. Biography, song clips, lyrics, and links.
Walker, Nancy
Female songwriter and acoustic musician. Biography, lyrics, song samples, and news.
Weeden, J.
A self taught pianist and singer/songwriter from Montreal, Canada. Site with audio samples, and artwork.
Whitlow, Michele
Official site for Detroit-based singer/songwriter. Includes news, biography, discography, audio clips, gallery, tour dates, reviews, and merchandise.
Wickenhagen, Colette
Dutch jazz vocalist. Includes biography, gig dates, MP3 downloads, photos, discography, and reviews. [Dutch and English]
Wiggin, Sean
Includes biography, news, reviews, discography, lyrics, photos, and gig dates.
A female singer/songwriter based in Seattle, WA. Biography, news, show schedule, and audio clips.
Winne, Lise
Saratoga Springs, New York soprano singer, songwriter, classical guitarist, and visual artist. Includes photos, concert schedule, and merchandise.
Worldwide Love
A female rock trio from Fukushima, Japan. Background information, pictures, and links.
Yarrow, Bethany
Brooklyn singer-songwriter. Includes audio samples, gig dates, news, photos, video, biography, and links.
Yates, Charlotte
Singer/songwriter from New Zealand. Site contains biography, discography, reviews, audio and video clips.
Young, Astrid
Neil Young's half sister. The site covers her career including music, film, wine, and writing.
Yu, Lingling
Contemporary and traditional pipa player from China. Biography, MP3 clips, and concert dates.
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