Amos, Jeffrey
The Toronto Whistler. Jeffrey Amos of Toronto is a professional palate whistler who combines classical music with musical favourites and contemporary songs. Jeffrey won Second Place Grand Championship at the 40th International Whistlers Convention competition in Louisburg, North Carolina. Includes photos, sound/video samples, and palate whistling lesson.
Bird, Andrew
Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and whistler. Includes biography, news, schedule, and sound and video samples.
Bonifazi, Francesco
Jazz musician and whistler won first place in the 2003 International Whistling Convention's popular music category. Includes information about his whistling, awards, musical compositions, performances, collaborations, and CDs.
Briggs, Milt
International champion whistler and family folk entertainer. Includes biography, sound samples, photos, and press information.
Brown, Hylton "The Whistler"
Jamaica reggae whistler/entertainer in a conscious roots reggae mix style. Includes biography and streaming links to his bi-monthly television series and reggae radio show based in Europe/Germany.
Bryant, Tom
Performing whistler from St. Petersburg, Florida. Whistling Entertainer of the Year, 2007, who was featured in the featured in the documentary, "Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling." Includes biography, samples, CDs, and whistle-gram services.
Chatrou, Geert
International whistling champion, 2004, 2005, and 2008 and featured in the documentary, "Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling." Includes agenda, biography, photos, samples, and CDs. Site requires Flash.
Frierson, Cartter
The Chattanooga Whistler whistles popular and classical music and bluegrass gospel songs. Includes biography, sound samples, and CD information.
Hacki, Tamas
Whistling virtuoso and the Ex Antiquis ensemble have performed more than 3000 full night programs, concerts, festivals and TV-shows in three decades. Includes biography, sound samples, video, press, discography, and concert listings.
Halsey, Martyn
London whistler has played and recorded with numerous artists and performed in gala performances for Elton John and Diana, Princess of Wales. Includes biography, CDs, and sound and video samples.
Hamilton, Linda Parker
International Whistlers Hall of Fame winner and 2011 Whistling Entertainer of the Year, the Northern Nightingale is a Canadian whistler who accompanies herself on celtic harp and autoharp. Owner/moderator of the Orawhistle Global Whistling Forum. Site includes biography, sound samples and whistling lessons.
Heil, Phyllis
"The Whistling Woman" - Six-time International Whistling Entertainer of the Year with a repertoire of gospel, patriotic, big band, classical, love songs, and "oldies." Available to perform for church services, conferences, banquets, and other events.
Herbst, Steve
Award winning whistler and member of the Whistlers' Hall of Fame. Includes biography, samples and sales of recordings.
Jageman, George
Biography, sound samples, photos, fan letters, press releases, and schedule.
Kaufman, Carole Anne
California-based champion whistler, singer, and hair stylist. Includes sound and video samples, photos, event calendar, and biography.
Li, Lizhong
WhistlerLi has a performing license for whistling music issued by the Culture Department of The Peoples Republic Of China. Includes contact information and video and sound samples.
Lomax, Sean Alan
2012 international whistling grand champion who works with Cirque du Soleil as "The Loyal Whistler" in their show "Corteo" which is currently touring South America. Biography, sound samples, photos, styles, venues and credits.
Lowery, Fred
Biography and discography of the late famous whistler.
Marcellino, Muzzy
Biography and discography of the late whistler and bandleader.
Morris, David
Professional whistling artist and international whistling champion performs as a soloist with orchestra, concert and brass band. Includes biography, news, sound and video samples, and CD information.
Neufeld, Dan
Instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and whistler who has enjoyed a career as a violist in the Hollywood studios. Includes biography, samples, photos, and CD information.
Prasad, K. Siva
Carnatic and Hindustanic whistler. Includes sound samples, photos, achievements, and recording information.
Rappold, Terry
Champion whistler from New Orleans. He and his jazz group are available to entertain at festivals, concerts, weddings and other events. Includes biography, sound samples, and booking and CD information.
Ronalde, Ronnie
Almost 70 years of whistling, singing, and yodeling performances around the world. Site includes information on autobiography, Around The World On A Whistle, biography, sound samples, and CDs.
Savoy, Curro (Kurt)
Whistler, singer, and guitarist whose whistling is heard on Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone soundtracks. Includes biography, sound samples, movie information, and CDs.
Serinus, Jason Victor
The whistling "Voice of Woodstock" with photo, credits and bio.
Stemmons, Robert
Oklahoma-based whistler who worked with Cirque du Soleil as "The Loyal Whistler" in their show "Corteo" touring the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia and Europe. Includes biography, samples, regular whistling CDs and bird-training CDs.
Thielemans, Toots
Harmonica and whistling soloist and winner of the NEA 2009 Jazz Master Award. Includes biography, photos, news, and CD information.
Ulman, Chris
Four-time national and international whistling champion who has appeared with major symphony orchestras and serenaded President Bush in the Oval Office. Includes sound and video samples, biography, and CD.
Zwit-Frantzen, Sue
Florida-based "Byrdie Sue" uses her teeth to whistle and has performed on local radio and TV, at many Folk Festivals, and other functions. Includes biography, photos, and links.
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