The countertenor voice is a high male voice usually sung falsetto. In addition to singing parts written for this voice, countertenors frequently sing parts written for castrati.

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Clapton, Nicholas
English countertenor. Well-known for his performance of contemporary and early music.
Deller, Alfred
English countertenor. Pioneer in countertenor singing and authentic early music performance.
Dumaux, Christophe
French countertenor. Focuses on classical and baroque music. [English, French and German]
Gall, Jeffrey
American countertenor. Particularly known for solo roles in baroque and contemporary opera. In 1988, he was the first countertenor to sing a major role at the Metropolitan Opera. He's a founding member of the Italian vocal ensemble Il Terzo Suono.
Manzotti, Angelo
Italian sopranist. He has dedicated himself to the rediscovery of the historic repertoire of castrati. Known for his special vocal technique where only the front parts of the vocal chords vibrate.
Oberlin, Russell
American haute-contre. Sang music of various types but emphasized early music. He was a founding member of Greenberg's New York Pro Musica. Operatic roles include appearances at the Royal Opera House and Convent Garden.
Ogden, Robert
English countertenor. Sings classical and baroque operas and oratorios. He was awarded the Curtis Gold Medal for singing. He studies with Michael Chance and Dinah Harris.
Raunig, Arno
Austrian sopranist. Specializes in baroque opera but has also sung in romantic and contemporary operas. He has sung in various opera houses throughout Europe including the Paris Opera de la Bastille. [English and German]
Scholl, Andreas
German countertenor. Specializes in baroque music but is also a pop composer and singer. He was the first countertenor and German to sing at The Last Night of the Proms.
Waschinski, Jörg
German sopranist. Specializes in baroque works written for castrati but has also sung romantic and contemporary work. [English and German]
Yatsenko, Yevgen
Ukrainian countertenor. Sang classical music and variety of other music as well.

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