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Sites which deal with tuning systems (historical and modern), just intonation, and theories of tuning, temperament, and harmelodics. In Baroque times the primary musical "experiments" were not really in melody, rhythm, or harmony, but in instrument building and tuning systems. Likewise, today the things which separate ambient music artists such as Tricky from experimental artists such as the Deep Listening Band or Harry Partch are in the depth to which experimental artists test new tuning systems.

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2.500 Years of Musical Temperaments
An essay by José Rodríguez Alvira, describes tuning systems since Bronze Age.
Alternate Temperaments: Theory and Philosophy
Introduction to tuning systems, based on the Western cents system. Written by Terry Blackburn.
A Beginner's Guide To Temperament
Written for the electronic mailing list Piporg-l by Stephen Bicknell.
The Circle of Fifths
An introduction to equal temperament for guitarists who have problems tuning their guitars.
The Development of Musical Tuning Systems
The historical development of musical tuning systems from ancient Greek origins to the development of equal temperament.
Historical Tuning
Includes information on the differences between equal temperament and well temperament and why Bach rejected equal temperament and celebrated well temperament.
Historical Tunings on the Modern Concert Grand
Traditional tunings of the grand piano and Beethoven's specific tunings.
An Introduction to Historical Tunings
Discusses the development of tuning systems in Medieval Europe.
Johann Sebastian Bach's tuning
Previously unknown temperament found on the autograph title page of the "Well-Tempered Clavier"; published 2005. Includes explanations and links to scholarly articles.
Mean-tone Temperament for Lute
An article by David van Ooijen about equal and mean-tone temperaments on stringed instruments.
Pitch and Scale of the Great Highland Bagpipe
Describes proper tunings and scale construction for the Great Highland Bagpipe.
Understanding Temperaments
Temperaments and tunings used on harpsichord and organ.
World Scale Depository
Construction of a reference center of scale measurements throughout the world.
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