Sites about amplification technology, speaker cabinets, heads, and electric guitar electronics.

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Aguilar Amplifiers
Makers of handmade bass amps.
Aiken Amplification
Manufacturer of tube guitar amps and attenuaters. In-depth technical database.
Amp Tone
Information about distortion voicing, effects placement, and cranked-tube-amp tone at any volume.
Cornford Amplification
UK maker of valve guitar amplifiers. Includes sound samples [requires Flash 5].
Crate Amps
Company background information and product overviews, as well as a dealer list, and a support section containing FAQs, and downloadable manuals. Also features a list of users and the gear they selected.
Demeter Amplification
Products listed by category and includes: pro audio, guitar, bass, and accessories sections with detailed specifications and cabinet descriptions. Company history and contact information are also available as well as an artist list.
Dr Z Amplifiers
Professional quality amps with sound clips and reviews.
Eden Electronics
Bass amplification products.
Electric Amp Innovations
Green Amps: tube amplifiers and speaker cabs for guitar and bass.
Euphonic Audio
High end bass cabinets and combo amps.
Bass cabinets, heads, combos, and accessories.
Garnet Guitar Amplifiers
Facts, photos, specifications and details of Garnet amps, as well as a serial number registry.
Gerhart Amplification
Handmade tube guitar amps and kits.
Hiwatt Amplification
Model and tech information, catalog, and dealers.
Hoffman Amplifiers
Tube amp parts, tube amplifier building supplies, books/videos about tube amps.
Hughes and Kettner
Product specifications and detailed descriptions, as well as an image gallery. Also features an artist list, dealer information, and downloadable user manuals. Available in English and Dutch.
Juke Amplification
Hand-built vacuum tube amps. Models, specifications, purchase information.
Kendrick Amplifiers
Manufacturer of tube amps, guitars, and related accessories. Parts, repairs and restoration of vintage tube amps. Site features a demo room with MP3 clips, a company history section, and ordering information.
Guitar and bass amplifiers, as well as P.A. systems, stage monitors, microphones, and speakers.
L.R. Baggs
Manufacturer of advanced pickups and electronics for guitar and other stringed instruments. Includes product details, manuals, and reviews.
UK manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers.
Line 6
Digital guitar amps and equipment.
Marshall Amplification
Product images and specifications, information on 'rock kits' as well as free instructional material and desktop themes. Also includes a player feedback section, handbooks for download, and an archive of past products.
Mesa Boogie
Manufacturers located in Petaluma, California. Features a tour through the construction process, a dealer list, and a new product release section.
Metaltronix Amplifiers
Information on Metaltronix amplifiers including manuals, settings, schematics, history, ads, and message board.
Naylor Amps
Product features and details pertaining to tone and response. Also contains speakers and padded covers, a distributor list, and contact information.
Plexi Palace
Vintage guitar amplifier sales and service. Apple Valley, California.
Parts, schematics, and technical information for Rick-Tone and other vacuum tube guitar amplifiers by Rick Campbell.
Roccaforte Amps
Custom, hand-built tube guitar amplifiers. EL34 tubes, English transformes, turret board construction. Amp prototypes, repairs and modifications.
Manufacturer of amplification and effects technology; includes product details, dealer listing and technical support.
Savage Audio, Inc.
High-end guitar amplifiers handmade in Savage, Minnesota. Includes photo gallery and audio clips.
A library of do-it-yourself projects to modify stompboxes and effects, amps and guitars; includes a components shop.
Soldano Custom Amplification
Information regarding reverbs, heads, preamps, and special effect equipment as well as a list of retails and famous users. Also features a FAQ section and contact information.
Steve's Amp Revamps
Amplifier repairer and modifier's site based in Surrey, UK. Includes amp modification faq.
Tone King Amplifier Company
Manufacturer of vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers.
Trance Audio, Inc.
Amplification systems for acoustic guitar. Product information; downloadable .pdf manuals.
Victoria Amp Company
Detailed descriptions of the various models offered as well as the components used. Also includes a dealers list by state and links to parts suppliers and reference material.
Vox Amplification
Manufacturers of Vox Guitar Amplifiers and Effects Pedals. Valve state and digital guitar amps, online product registration, spare parts and official merchandise.
Z.Vex Effects
Manufacturer of amplifiers and effects pedals; includes product details, manuals, sound samples and ordering instructions.
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