Punk rock. The name says it all. Energetic and usually with an active dislike for established forms of music, politics and fashion. Most fans of Punk Rock or some of its many offshoots (hardcore, straight-edge, emo, grindcore, etc) are devoted to their music and lifestyle. The driving force that keeps punk rock fresh is it's individuality and the ability to "Do It Yourself" (also known as the D.I.Y. ethic).

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Absolute Punk
Includes tour dates, news, and information.
Art of the State Archive
Punk rock resource with lyrics, photographs, flyers, profiles on Icons of Filth and Subhumans as well as links.
Break My Face
An archive site dedicated to early punk rock bands (like Bad Brains, AK-47, The Huns, Really Red and The Weirdos) and music.
Created to guide you through the murky waters of punk reissue compilations. With a searchable and continually-updated database of old and rare punk reissues.
Hammer Productions
Owned by Terry Hammer, who specializes in working with hardcore punk and reggae bands. A longtime member of the punk community, this site has some historical perspective.
The International Discography of the American New Wave by Henry Weld
From the introduction, "The aim of this project is to compile concise, correct information about punk records from America in the years 1976 to 1983."
Old School Punk
Features "Screams from the Gutter" punk radio, old flyers, and hard to find live and demo tapes.
Punk Island
A punk site with biographies, pictures, links, news and downloads. Showcasing a lot of bands such as Anti-Flag, Green Day, MXPX, Mr. T Experience, The Living End, Rancid, Homegrown, Blink-182 and The Ataris.
Punk Rock 007
Pages on some old school bands like Black Flag, The Exploited, Subhumans (UK) and Dead Kennedys. Site has MP3s, discographies, sound clips and links.
Punk Rock Finder
Source to find bands, labels, MP3s, discographies and other punk information.
Punk, Ska and Hardcore
This site provides pictures, tabs and MP3s of Pennywise, Dead Kennedys and Ataris.
News, reviews and album release dates.
Offers information on punk bands, fans, show listings, lyrics and related blogs.
Free video and MP3 downloads of: Weirdos, Vandals, Adolescents, Screamers, Ramones, Dickies, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Germs, Minor Threat and Monster X. Also features a flyer gallery and a guestbook.
Punk rock reviews, interviews and tour dates for both the UK and US.

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