This category features sites with information about Middle Eastern music. These sites might include instructions on how to play Middle Eastern instruments, historical information about great recording artists, or sound clips of Middle Eastern music. The Middle East is a large region, encompassing the countries of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. There are many peoples who live in the Middle East, including Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Israeli Jews, Mezrahi, Armenians, Circassians, Laz, Lor, Druse, Gypsy, and Berber peoples. In addition to music of these peoples, this category also contains new music, written in the Middle East and abroad, that is either performed on the instruments, based on the melodies, rhythms, and modes, or about subjects of the Middle East. Middle Eastern music sites are organized as follows: the top level contains general sites about music Arts/Music/Styles/World/Middle_Eastern/Bands_and_Artists contains individual artist pages. Arts/Music/Styles/World/Middle_Eastern/Labels_and_Distributors contains record labels and distributors of Middle Eastern music. Arts/Music/Styles/World/Middle_Eastern/Sound_Files contains sites with streamable or downloadable MP3s, RealAudio, MIDI, and other popular audio and video formats.

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Al Mashriq - the Levant - Lebanon and the Middle East
Extensive information about the culture of Lebanon and the Middle East, including a section on Arabic music.
Arabic Maqam World
Includes information, notation, and RealAudio samples of a couple dozen Arabic musical modes.
The Arabic Music Page
This was formerly known as the FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the newsgroup. Good introductory information to Arabic music.
The Egyptian Castle
A site focused on Egyptian culture. The music area offers MIDI and RealAudio files, and information about leading artists. Also business, travel, live radio, live TV, shopping, and history.
Jas's-- Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ
ASCII text renditions of Arab-style doumbek rhythms with MIDI examples of some.
Middle Eastern Music: Translated Song Lyrics
English translations of the lyrics of 40 popular Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, and Hebrew songs. Some are accompanied by RealAudio clips.
Turkish Progressive Music Musicians
Directory of progressive Turkish rock bands in the 1970s.

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