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All About Jazz
Offers monthly columns, active chat forum, and browsable archive including artists' profiles, photos, gigs, festivals, news, reviews, and interviews.
The Atlantic Monthly's Jazz Archives
Articles from 1922 forward, viewable by paid subscribers.
Chicago Jazz Magazine
Online edition offers links to Chicagoland musicians, clubs, and CD sales.
E-zine offering news, reviews, scheduled release dates, charts, chat forum and link to online CD sales.
Jazz and Blues Report
Search for information on current artists.
Jazz Improv Magazine
Magazine with music and ideas for all jazz enthusiasts. Includes a companion CD with each issue.
Jazz News
Features news, reviews of recordings and books, interviews, articles, a message board and archives.
Jazz Weekly
Interviews, reviews, CD picks, and concert picks.
Online zine of the Jazz Journalists Association. Articles, photos, reviews, discussions on all aspects of jazz contributed by members of the JJA - the largest worldwide organization of working jazz scribes and photographers.
Online and print versions offer reviews, articles, and recording compilations by subscription.
Features, interviews and photos of major jazz musicians, CD reviews, European club dates and commentary by Mike Zwerin of the International Herald Tribune in Paris.
Features daily news, CD reviews, discussion forums, festival listings, merchandise, and contests.
Focused on San Francisco Bay area, and featuring club and concert listings, articles, CD reviews, free tickets, and a directory of Bay Area jazz musicians, jazz clubs, record labels, and jazz-related groups.
Jerry Jazz Musician
E-zine featuring sketches of jazz greats, album art and liner notes, feature articles and sound files.
Jazz weblog with articles and images.
National Jazz Archive: Jazz Stories
Large collection of interviews, articles and musician profiles maintained by UK big band trumpet player Ron Simmonds, with composing and arranging tips, photo galleries, and events.
The Sharper Sound
Irish online magazine featuring news, interviews, and links.
Smooth Jazz News
Contemporary jazz magazine featuring jazz stories and CD reviews.
Sounds of Timeless Jazz
Webzine featuring interviews, CD and concert reviews, and shopping.
Topix: Jazz
News about jazz, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS]
The Vermont Review
Series of interviews, reviews and articles by prolific writer and webmaster Brian Knight.

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