Musical instruments from the western world of the Baroque, Renaissance, Medieval and earlier periods.

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Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
An extensive and systematic collection of European orchestral woodwind instruments donated to the University of Oxford by Philip Bate.
Contrabass Compendium
A list of bass and contrabass instruments, past and present.
Culturekiosque Klassiknet: Baroque Instruments
A dictionary to provide the music lover with a reasonable amount of information about period instruments.
Curtal, Dulcian, Bajón: A History of the Precursor to the Bassoon
A book by Maggie Kilbey charting the history and development of the instrument and includes a catalogue of extant instruments around the world.
Diabolus in Musica Guide to Early Instruments
Information on as many early instruments as possible.
A description of the Dulcian or Curtal, which is the Renaissance predecessor of the bassoon.
Early Music Vincent Ho
Early music and instruments, sound files of harpsichords and clavichords, and a table with pictures of the author's early music instruments collection, from medieval psalteries to Renaissance recorders.
Joëlle Morton's Historical Bass
The history of bass string instruments such as the viola da gamba, violone, and double bass, along with their performance practices and iconography.
Kenneth Sparr
Information about lute, guitar and early keyboards.
Kim Christensen's Music Museum
Private collection of music instruments with pictures, sound samples, history, and functional description. [English, Danish, German]
Lars' Baroque Flute Corner
Information on the Baroque flute, including instrument care and fingering charts.
Links to History of Musical Instruments
Includes links to museums and collections, historical guides, historical sources and facsimiles, societies, individual instruments, and world instruments.
Lute-Harpsichord: A Forgotten Instrument
Bach sought, and had custom-built, a harpsichord which sounded like a lute. Detailed description of history and construction.
Mary Rasmussen's Horn and Lute Iconography
Iconography of the horn, lute, pipe and tabor, and tambourine in Western-European Art.
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Musica Antiqua's illustrated guide: pictures, descriptions, and history.
National Music Museum
Founded as an academic support unit of The University of South Dakota, this collection includes more than 10,000 American, European, and non-Western instruments from virtually all cultures and historical periods.
Neanderthal Flute
Musicological analysis by Bob Fink of the oldest musical instrument, including its significance to the origin of music.
Rebec Page
Origin and history of the rebec, construction, playing, tuning, bibliography, and many illustrations.
Renaissance Cittern Page
Information on its history, articles, art, music, recordings, players, composers, and builders.
The Saxon Lyre
History, construction, and playing techniques.
Stages in Evolution of Scales, Melody and Harmony
Paper about the stages in the origins of music and its development.
Tapia's Gold - Instruments of the Renaissance
Descriptions of instruments used for dance music during the Renaissance, illustrated with period drawings.
Early music in various manifestations by Mark W Venn, including handmade Renaissance woodwind instruments, Cotswold Early Music Festival (formerly the Cirencester Early Music Festival), and the "Mozart" music software.

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