When Traditional Country was betrothed to Mother Nashville, Popular Country and Western settled into a home where much affection, pampering, and tender-loving care would be showered upon him. But the red-headed stepson, Alternative Country, suffered a childhood of neglect and abuse, left to roam the highways and make ends meet as best as he could. Alternative Country is the name most often used to describe a number of music genres, each exhibiting varying amounts of influence by traditional country and/or bluegrass music. A number of monickers have been used synonymously, including Americana, Insurgent Country, Twangcore, Western Beat, and Y'alternative. Genres closely related to Alt. Country and sometimes included under the umbrella are Country Rock, Roots Rock, Cowpunk, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, and Rig Rock.

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Rootin' Around
A cornpone compendium of the best roots (country, blues, jazz, and hokum) music releases, books and backroads travel destinations still to be found in these here United States of America
Features industry news, record reviews, and a handy radio station guide
Americana Music Association
A young industry association designed to develop and share Americana market research and brand, market, and promote Americana music.
Americana UK
A UK e-zine for Americana and alt-country.
Freight Train Boogie
An Americana / alternative country Web site with CD reviews, releases and artist guides.
The Gumbo Pages
A guide to New Orleans and Acadiana, including resources and information on non-commercial radio and roots music.
Joe Sixpack's Guide To Alt.Country
Alt.country and Americana music reviews, with links to artist profile pages. Part of a larger "hick music" website written by San Francisco Bay Area radio DJ, Joe Sixpack.
Twangin'! Country Music
Features interviews, reviews, and a newsletter focusing on alt.country and Americana.
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