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Classical music has come to refer to a canon, or a body of works accepted over time as worthy of study and performance. Originally, music created for the European aristocracy at court and in church, as opposed to ballads and comic songs performed by minstrels for common folk. By the 18th Century, the style was associated with more or less standardized instrumentation and accepted principles of counterpoint as exemplified by the composers Mozart and Haydn. Classical style includes this so-called Classical Era but also the preceding Baroque period of Bach and Handel and the subsequent Romanticism of Beethoven and Schubert. Other subgenres include 20th century post-Romanticism and 12-tone music, and some writers would also include early music from the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. The style includes vocal music such as opera, lieder and oratorio as well as instrumental music. Although classical music is usually intended to be performed as written, it also includes semi-improvisational experimental, electronic and aleatoric music often associated with universities.

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Classical Net
A collection of information and news: articles, CD reviews, composers and their music, the basic repertoire, recommended compositions and recordings.
"Resources for classical and contemporary musicians": Basil Ramsey programme note library, multi-lingual classical music glossary, musicians' directory, international events list (sorted by country).
Chamber Music 2000
Project initiated by the Schubert Ensemble of London to commission a large number of works for piano and strings from leading composers, suitable for playing by young and amateur musicians.
Chamber Music America
National association of professional chamber music provides links, calendars, email lists, publications, and grants.
Classical Music at
Articles, links, news, chat room.
Classical Music Cube ... The Music Beat
Links: basic repertoire, record companies, music history.
Classical Music Navigator
Brief information on composers, notable works, and forms and styles of music.
Classical Music Thematic Catalogers Index
Catalog of thematic catalogers (of composers' complete works), with links where available online.
Keeping Score
PBS TV and radio series about classical music composers, scores and techniques. Created by Michael Tilson Thomas with the San Francisco Symphony.
Medici TV
Offers free live broadcasting of concerts, operas and ballets along with video on demand from their catalogue of concerts and classical music documentaries.
NPR Topics: Classical Music
News and articles from National Public Radio. [RSS]

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