A category for websites containing original MIDI compositions, not just arrangements or sequences of commercially recorded popular songs. The original MIDI can be in any style: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Dance, Techno, New Age, Grunge, Latin, Solo Instruments, Tribal, Southwest, Swing, Blues, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Ska, Trance, Rave, etc., you name it. It can be one channel compositions up to full orchestrations. It can be done on a 3-octave keyboard, or it can be composed in a 128 track studio. It doesn't matter, just as long as it is of good quality and is ORIGINAL. Of course the website can contain other MIDI sequences, MOD, MP3,RA, etc. Just as long as it also contains some original MIDI. Sign up now !!!This is the place to showcase your MIDI talents !!!!!!
Aaron Walz's MIDI Home
Enjoy original compositions, over 200 Final Fantasy MIDI files, other game music, and theme songs; a MIDI tutorial for beginners; and MIDI and web-authoring links.
Original musics to be downloaded in sizes midi and mp3 for your multimedia applications.
Bob's Mighty MIDI
All styles of original MIDI, along with popular arrangements.
Cadenza MIDI Diary
Original MIDI compositions and improvisations - includes classical or experimental styles - new tune every day since November 1997.
Classical MIDI Music
A collection of original classical and contemporary style MIDI music, loosely categorized under different instruments.
Claude Ciari MIDI Guitar World
Features MIDI, RealAudio, MP3,CD order online.
Composer for Hire
The official website of Jeff Anderson, composer for movies, and games. Includes MIDI music of his works.
Derek's Original MIDI Assortment
Original MIDI files in an assortment of styles!
Fantasy and medieval style original MIDI songs
Compositions based on fantasy, RPG, medieval, nature and serenity styles, written by Bjorn Lynne. One may use these MIDI files for free as background music on own web site.
Frank's AWE Music and Oldies
Original MIDI compositions pages and Oldies sequences page.
Gary W0001's MIDI Sequences
Files created by Gary grouped by style.
Hiromu Hidaka, composer
169 original MIDI "healing piano pieces" in 3 indicated moods, 1 RealAudio file of piano concertos CD.
IO Music Creations
Original MIDI Compositions by Joris Wittenberg that sound not of this world.
Kunst der Fuge | New classical Composers
Over 400 fugues and fugal compositions, included canons, from new and "web" composers as Giorgio Pacchioni, Daniel Simpson, NT Signe, Setrak Setrakian, Alessandro Simonetto. MIDI files and links to the respective web pages. Submissions of new fugal pieces in MIDI format are welcome.
mfiles - original midi files
Original MIDI files, free to download, many also available as MP3 files and in Sheet Music format.
MIDI Mandragora
Dozens of original MIDI files by Daniel Rowe in a variety of styles. Some are collaborations with other composers.
Original compositions by M16
Mooney Records
A page with sound files from artist Jonathan Mooney. Most are MIDI files, but the best are available in MP3 format. Visitors can download and comment on the works.
The Music of Jeremy Robson
Original compositions for film, games and orchestra. Mostly comprised of symphonic style pieces featuring fully orchestral scores in MIDI or MP3 format.
Music of the Black Hole Sun
Original MIDI/MP3 music by Grant H. Joung. "Surrounding the innermost darkness of the eclipse, the brightest of lights shall always prevail."
New Music In Classical Styles
Compositions in midi and MP3 audio format written in classical, baroque or other traditional styles with emphasis on counterpoint.
Ogawa, Sumitaka - Web Concert Hall
Original MIDI music and 3D animation.
Olle Johansson Original Jazz MIDI files
Original Jazz midi compositions
The Original Music of Sean Damon
Listen to new compositions in the classical tradition.
Rubenstein, David
Listen to contemporary original music in a semi-classical style, covering a wide range of moods and emotions.
Scottish Toon Loon Tunes
Lift your spirits with 77 modern Scottish tunes in the traditional style. MIDI files, manuscript and notes on inspiration.
Songs o' Socke
Some original compositions of Socke.Listen to these tracks in RealAudio and MP3 recorded versions.
Spiritual Healing Music from elan michaels
Spiritually inspiring and uplifting music from elan michaels. This official site includes MPEG3 and MIDI samples as well as photographs. Native American, new age, and meditative music from this New England composer's CD "Wind Walker" are included in this site from MusicWorx Publishing.
Standard MIDI Files on the Net
Composers offering MIDI files on the net. Links to sites maintained by professional and amateur composers.
T.J.Moir Original Midi Files
Spookie weird music, Gentle Music, Original short piano compositions.
Offers a collection of Techno MIDI files composed by various people.
Turkish Tango Music
Original MIDIs, MIDI arrangements of Turkish tangos, Turkish tango links. Links to appeals for earthquake aid and relief in Turkey.
Listen to brand new compositions, classic style, never played before, composed on PC only with PC-keyboard-tastatur input on a simple MS-DOS piano-roll-editor. No mouse, MIDI or piano keyboard et al. for composition was used.
Original music by Scott Crothers. Also includes mp3 files and links to other music sites.
Japanese original MIDI with various style of music (techno, rock, classical thing).
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