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Anderson, Astrid
Biography, concert dates, projects of the Denmark-born soloist and teacher living in Germany.
Beisch, Katja
The German recorder soloist performs regularly with music for recorder and orchestra. In addition she offers masterclasses and workshops for recorder and ensemble playing.
Bellugi, David
A performer, recording artist, and teacher from Florence, Italy; includes sound files.
Boeckman, Vicki
A recorder player living in Seattle, who performs with Opus 4 and Wood 'N' Flutes and is the Music Director for the Portland Recorder Society.
Bosgraaf, Erik
Recorder soloist from The Netherlands with a past in a rock band and as an oboe player. Known for his CD recordings of music by Dutch composer Jacob van Eyck.
Bruck, Drora
Israeli recorder player and member of Musica Intavolata; includes concert schedule and CD.
Cantor, Sarah
Biography, concerts, teaching videos, and reviews of the Boston based recorder player. Additionally information about the Newton Baroque ensemble.
Capirci, Paolo
Italian recorder player and member of Ensemble La Mascherata.
Cavasanti, Lorenzo
Italian recorder and Baroque flute player.
D'Avena, Inês
A recorder player from Brazil and the Netherlands.
Frey, Sabrina
Swiss recorder performer. Site shows her portrait, and some audio files.
Grau, Joseph
Short biograpy about the soloist from Paris, France.
Hensel, Antje
Recorder player from Lepzig Germany.
Hettich, Kay
Recorder and piano player from Redding, California.
Holtslag, Peter
Born in Amsterdam, NL he studied recorder and is today a recorder soloist and chamber musician, playing worldwide.
Hufeisen, Hans-Jürgen
Recorder soloist and composer playing mostly his own compositions.
Kemp, Jill
A musician from Yorkshire, England, available as a soloist and for ensemble work
Lacey, Geneveive
Australian recorder virtuoso who performs music spanning nine centuries.
Linsenberg, Judith
A performer from Palo Alto, CA. Biography, her calender and her recordings shown on the page.
Maute, Matthias
German recorder player living in Canada, composer and orchestra leader. Biography, concert calender, and discography.
Maynard, Roselyn
Recorder tutor and performer in Central and North London.
Melville, Alison
Canadian performer of early-music on period instruments; includes biography, discography and concert programs.
Mense, Lucia
She studied recorder and traverse flute in Cologne, Germany. Her repertoire encompasses works from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as the contemporary flute literature.
Moelker, Ronald
Recorder virtuoso based in the Netherlands.
Nallen, Evelyn
Recorder virtuoso based in the UK.
Oberlinger, Dorothee
The soloist from Germany has given solo recitals at festivals all over Europe, in America, and Japan. She introduces her ensembles on the page.
Orton, Chris
Recorder soloist from Birmingham, UK.
Petri, Michala
This Danish performer has been performing since she was five and has toured extensively throughout Europa, North America, Israel, Australia and the Far East.
Roed, Bolette
Recorder soloist from Denmark, her biography, concerts, and ensembles she is playing in.
Sauvé, Benoît
One of the rare recorder players in Jazz. A self taught musician from France.
Schieffer, Eva Maria
A recorder and baroque flute performer in Paris.
Silcocks, Eileen
Recorder and viol player, early music teacher, performer, conductor, composer, and arranger.
Steger, Maurice
Swiss recorder virtuoso focusing on "early music". He leads recorder master classes.
Temmingh, Stefan
The recorder soloist comes from a Dutch-South-African family of musicians living now in Munich, Germany.
Van Hoecke, Jan
Belgian recorder soloist, his biography, concert dates, and some videos from performances.
Verbruggen, Marion
A short biography of the recorder soloist from The Netherlands. She performs with prestigious ensembles around the world.
Volkhardt, Ulrike
Recorder player and professor for recorder and ensemble playing at the Meistersinger Conservatory Nuremberg, Germany.
Vosteen, Gabor
The German recorder player and comedian is presented. Site shows his vita, references and a video.
Young, David
Performs relaxing music on recorder and guitar. The site shows his CDs and DVDs.

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