For companies and individual craft workers making recorder instruments. Sites may promote or illustrate the products of an instrument maker, demonstrate his techniques, or give biographical, historic or other information.
Adrian Brown Recorders
Recorder maker offering a Renaissance recorder data base.
Blockflöjtmakare Ragnar Arvidsson
Handmade recorders by Ragnar Arvidsson from Sweden.
Bodil Diesen, Norway
Maker of Ganassi and Steenbergen style recorders and sjøfløyte Norwegian sea flute.
Craig Carmichael, Maker of SuperRecorder
He is making keyed and Baroque fingered Alto Recorders going down to the Eb. All weaker forked fingerings are replaced.
Ehlert recorders
The recorders Ralf Ehlert, Germany, makes today are replicas or near copies of the original instrument played in the baroque era.
Francesco Li Virghi
Italien recorder maker.
Guido M. Klemisch
Recorder maker and player based in Berlin, Germany.
Heinz Ammann
Swiss recorder maker.
Ilarionov, Eugene
Maker of recorders and other historical woodwinds instruments. Workshop is in the Ukraine.
Jacqueline Sorel Recorders
A recorder maker and a professional recorder player in The Hague, Holland.
Jean-Luc Boudreau Recorder Maker
Maker of Aesthé Renaissance and Baroque recorders. Based in Quebec Canada. Videoclip "How a Recorder is made" can be viewed.
Joël Arpin, Facteur de flûtes à bec
A French maker of boxwood recorders.
Kaus Scheele Blockflötenbau
German maker of recorders, portativ organs and music stands. Offers information about the care of recorders.
Kulossa Blockflötenbau
Maker of historical recorders located in Germany.
Marcelo Gurovich Luthier
Maker of Renaissance and Baroque recorders, and Baroque and Irish flutes.
Martin Praetorius
Recorder maker, workshop for historic woodwind instruments. Beedenbostel (near Celle), Germany.
Martin Wenner Flutes
German maker of Renaissance, Baroque and modern flutes and recorders.
Philippe Bolton, Facteur de flute a bec
Presents his handmade wooden recorders.
Prescott Workshop
Devoted to making copies of historical woodwinds by master-craftsman Thomas M. Prescott.
Rohmer Recorders
Recorder maker Joachim Rohmer, Celle, Germany, presents his workshops and the instruments (with pricelist).
Stephan Blezinger Germany
Handmade recorders following historical originals for professional use [Eisenach, Germany].
Tim Cranmore Recorders
Offering medieval, Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
Ture Bergstrøms Instrumentbyggeri
Historical musical instruments by Ture Bergstrøm, including technical drawings of some instruments.
Vincent Bernolin
French maker of hand-made recorders using the anti-condensation system Allegro. Maker of a resin recorder after Thomas Stanesby.

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