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The Recorder Home Page
Indexes pages concerning the recorder: articles, technique, source material, makers, composers, music, retailers, players, recordings, MIDI files, education, software, and societies.
Aafab, the former Hans Coolsma workshop, offers recorders. Information about the care of a recorder.
Sales, restoration and repair of recorders and other early instruments, with articles, sheet music, advice and links.
Dr. Fred Kersten
Visiting Assistant Professor at the Crane School of Music conducting postdoctoral research in chromostesia and working in music technology.
Eugene Ilarionov
Historical woodwinds, including recorders, bagpipes, tabor pipes and whistles.
Frederick G. Morgan
Obituary about worldknown Australian recorder maker Frederick G.Morgan.
Glen Shannon Music
Composer focusing on music for recorder ensembles.
Küng Blockflöten
Recorder maker and manufacturer from Switzerland presenting his production line.
Makoyan's Classical and Recorder MIDI
MIDI files of recorder, guitar and classical music; Webring.
Malcolm Tattersall
About music for recorders written or arranged by Malcolm Tattersall and published by Cootamundra Music and Orpheus Music. (Townsville, Queensland, Australia)
Mollenhauer Recorders
The manufacturer of recorder presents its production line and gives useful information. Cooperation with such recorder makers as Maarten Helder, Friedrich von Huene, Adriana Breukink, Nik Tarasov, Joachim Paetzold, and Ann Morgan.
Music88 Recorders and Recorder Music
Information about the recorder, including teaching resources, sheet music, and other literature about it.
The Pipers' Guild
Making, playing and decorating bamboo pipes, a simple wind instrument.
The Recorder - by Geoff Walker, UK
Basic information about the recorder and thoughts on why playing the recorder and more like history, fingering, unusual recorders, MIDI files.
The Recorder Player's Page
Information about the instrument, sheet music, MP3 files, and directory of players.
A discussion group for recorder players.
Sheet music for recorder
List of archive libraries on the internet with free sheet music for recorder and flute. Download area with inexpensive recorder music.
Single-handed Recorder
Information about modifying a recorder to play single-handed.
Von Huene Workshop, Inc.
Maker and dealer of historical woodwinds. They also repair instruments and sell music, accessories and instruments by all makers of historical woodwinds, strings and keyboards.
Weald Music Services
Composer Anthony Purnell gives details (and MIDI-files) of his "Festival Series" for recorder players of varied abilities.
Woodhouse Recorder Week
Summer course for young recorder players in the UK. Includes information about the course, tutors, concerts and enrollment.

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