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The Abell Flute Company
Specializes in Boehm system wooden flutes. Pricing, pictures, and product information.
Arista Flutes
Handmade flutes and headjoints in wood, gold and silver.
Burkart-Phelan, Inc.
Handmade flutes made from precious metals. Handmade piccolos made from exotic hardwoods with sterling silver or gold mechanism.
Eva Kingma Flutes
Maker of handmade bassflutes, altoflutes and Contrabassflutes; inventor of a patented quarter-tone and multiphonic system.
Gemeinhardt Online
Flute history, online shopping, factory tour, and product information.
Gibonus- Panflutes & Panpipes
Instrument manufacturer.
Hall Crystal Flutes
Maker of Crystal Flutes
John Lunn Flutes
Information, photographs, biography of the maker, and designs.
Lopatin Flute Company
Handmade flutes and headjoints in precious metals, including the unique square tone hole flute and the classic round hole model.
Miyazawa Flutes
Articles, model information, features, and enhancements. Information on Philip Hammig piccolos, Howel Roberts wood headjoints, and West Music.
Muramatsu America
Distributor of Muramatsu flutes in North America. Instruments, price list, accessories, and ordering information.
Pearl Flutes
Handmade instruments in sterling, 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold and Platinum. Also maker of student and alto flutes.
Robert Bigio-Flute Maker
Flutes and piccolos in wood, silver and gold.
Stephen Wessel Flutes
Handmade silver flutes with stainless steel keywork. Product description, pictures, FAQ, endorsements, prices, and links.
Straubinger Flutes
Handmade flutes and Straubinger pads for flutes, piccolos, and clarinets.
Tom Green Flutes
Custom handmade flutes built to order. Offers price-list with options, FAQs, and contact information.
Tom Lacy Flutes
Handmade instruments. Comments, prices, product information, and contact details.
Verne Q. Powell Flutes
Contact information, technical details, factory tour, catalog, and sound clips.
Williams Flutes Incorporated
Information on the flute and headjoint, jazz audio samples, poetry inspired by the flute.
Wm. S. Haynes Flutes
History, products, news, and endorsements.
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