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Alba Aerophonics
Aluminium and tufnol whistles, flageolets and flutes. Handcrafted in Scotland. Secure online sales.
Busman Whistles
Hand-crafted pennywhistles in a variety of exotic hardwoods and polymers, with fittings of stainless steel and brass.
Clare Tin Whistle
These inexpensive (around US$10) whistles have plastic fipples and brass or nickel tubes, and are available in one-piece and two-piece versions. Clare makes only soprano D whistles.
Colin Goldie Whistles
Fine handmade instruments from an aluminium alloy from high E (Soprano) down to Low G (Bass Baritone), including all flats and sharps, as well as special-fingering models.
Faust, Alban
Builder of whistles and Swedish bagpipes in a variety of exotic hardwoods. Click the UK flag for English.
Official site of the Feadóg Irish Whistle manufactured in Dublin, Ireland.
The Flute Maker
Silver Fipple Irish Flutes,  a  precision hand crafted Simple System Key of “D” 6-hole flute with a clear sweet tone.  
Guido Gonzato's Whistles
Handmade, non-tuneable, whistles made from PVC. They are available in a variety of keys.
Howard Music
Makers of metal body, ABS fipple, low whistles in D, C, C♯, and E♭. Howard also makes Uilleann pipes.
Impempe Whistles
Aluminum whistles in D, C, E, and B♭, hand-made in South Africa, priced from $50-80.
Jubilee Music Instrument Co.
Makers of tin whistles and folk wind instruments. Includes unusual whistles such as keyed chromatic whistles, bass whistles, and ethnic/folk modes.
Kelhorn Corporation
Produces Susato plastic whistles in a huge range of keys and styles, plus whistle stands, cases, and a large number of other contemporary and historical instruments.
Hand-made all-copper whistles in soprano D.
Kerry and Chieftain Irish whistles designed by Phil Hardy. Whistles are hand-made, constructed from either solid aluminum or aluminum with a plastic fipple, and available in a variety of keys in both tuneable and non-tuneable models. Contains many freely downloadable videos of Kerry and other whistles.
Lambe, Ian
Low whistles handmade of polished aluminum in County Clare, Ireland. Instrument details, maintenance, and ordering information.
Laughing Whistles
Low D whistles as well as telescoping D and C whistles by Noah Herbison. Prices and sound samples.
Merlin Music Home Page
Builders of handmade, tuneable, polymer low D whistles and other instruments. Low D whistles and flutes sell for £65.00.
Michael Burke Pennywhistle Co.
Burke's uniquely designed, hand-made whistles are available in 19 different keys and a wide range of materials.
Mk Whistles
Makers of coloured aluminium low whistles, with everything from instruments for beginners to limited edition whistles and one-offs. Available in a range of keys with both tunable and non-tunable models. Online shop and informative blog.
O'Brien Pennywhistles
Copper pennywhistles handmade by David O'Brien of Chilliwack, BC.
Open Whistle
A low whistle with a Quena-style notch.
Handmade whistles of PVC or clear cellulose tubing, in high D, C, and E♭. Includes option for just intonation and three-piece "Walkabout" model.
PG Bleazy Woodwinds
Builds wood whistles from a variety of hardwoods with tapered bore and tuning slide, plus simple-system flutes and recorders.
Reyburn Whistles
Celtic low whistles, featuring precision machined wooden headjoints with brass bodies. Product information, endorsements, prices, and ordering.
S.Z.B.E Whistle Japan
Hand-made low whistles and tin whistles from Japan.
Sassafrass Whistle Rolls
Home of the Sassafrass Whistle Roll, and a variety of beautiful, handmade, carrying cases for all your favorite whistles and flutes.
Shaw Whistles
Hand-made, non-tuneable, conical bore, all-metal whistles in a wide range of keys from low D to high E. Dave Shaw also makes several types of bagpipes.
Silkstone Whistles
Hand-crafted in uPVC, aluminum, and alloy by Paul Hayward in Silkstone Common, Yorkshire, England. Product information, pictures, pricing and ordering details.
Sweetheart Flute Company
Ralph Sweet's whistles, flutes, and fifes, made from a variety of hardwoods. Features the redesigned Sweetheart Professional whistle made of laminated birch, with a new design for consistent response across the scale. Available in high D and C and low D.
Tony Dixon Music
Metal and polymer whistles including "Duo-Head whistle," a single body with two heads: one flute and one whistle. Available in a wide range of keys and materials. Tony Dixon also makes Irish flutes.
TWZ - Whistle Zentrum Deutschland
Wood and brass whistles made in Germany. Site in English and German.
West Coast Whistle Company
Custom-made, high D, C, E♭ and E copper whistles made in Ladysmith, B.C. Canada.
Weston Whistles
Hand-made whistles in chrome, copper, stainless steel, and wood. Keys range from low D to soprano D, although not all keys are available in each material.
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